PGJR and Halloween don’t seem like the most obvious combination at first, do they?  Properties like Skeleton Warriors, Batman, or Monster High all seem like better fits for this spook-tacular holiday, right?

But Jewel Riders does have some history with the holiday!  For instance, did you know that both costume patterns and an official Gwenevere/Starla costume were released?


There were two official costumes made for Gwenevere: Jewel Adventure (casual pink jacket) and Jewel Power (Jewel Armor; also produced in a Starla version).  We sadly don’t have photos of the opened official Jewel Power costume, except for having seen it on Ebay many moons ago.  (If you have any information or pictures to share about this, it almost goes without saying that we would naturally love to hear from you!)

Sewing Patterns

The patterns were marketed by a company called Simplicity Costumes, which still produces patterns for home sewers to make costumes today!


Hair Accessories

And if you wanted to look great and channel your favorite Sun Stone wielding Princess, Jewel Riders made branded children’s tennis shoes and hair accessories! We couldn’t get away with wearing these, but perhaps some of you remember sporting these accessories to class?