Character Guide

Recurring Characters

Princess Gwenevere (Starla)

GwenevereGwenevere, the 16-year-old Princess of Avalon, is intelligent and incredibly beautiful. She often attends royal parties, so her closet is filled with special outfits in her favorite colors – gold, violet, blue, and pink. Gwen is graceful and poised and always looking for adventure. She has certain traits that she has inherited from her famous namesake – courage, a strong will, and impulsiveness. She also has a fiery temper and can sometimes be snobby and pretentious. Happily, she has bonded with a rare and stunning winged unicorn named Sunstar who works with the young Princess to help her realize her potential and develop her inner beauty. Sunstar will teach Gwenevere to make the right decisions, and keep a positive outlook, always. Gwenevere’s (human) best friends, Fallon and Tamara are a great source of happiness for the princess and contribute enormously to her growth as a young woman and future leader of the kingdom. “Make it happen,” she says. Gwenevere and Sunstar share the Sun Stone, the stone of light, handed down by Gwenevere’s mother, Queen Anya. Gwenevere is a true heroine, ready to face the challenges that await her as she rides the wings of her destiny to become the next Queen of the Kingdom.



FallonFallon is a tough yet graceful warrior. She’s extraordinarily resilient and optimistic with unending amounts of energy. Fallon is always involved in one activity or another, whether it’s running and training with the elite band of knight protectors known as The Pack, adventuring with Princess Gwenevere and Tamara or studying science and archeology. Somewhat of a tomboy, Fallon has the attitude that anything boys can do, she can do as well or better. She loves to challenge herself, as well as to encourage her friends to always do their best. Her animal best friend is Moondance, a beautiful silver-blue unicorn. Well paired, they are both graceful, agile and athletic – a pure joy to watch as they bound and leap, racing through the great forests. Fallon is an especially daring rider and few would pit themselves against her in competition. A natural athlete, Fallon is trained in self-defense and survival skills. The nature-loving Fallon knows the forests like the back of her hand. Fallon and Moondance share the Enchanted Jewel known as the Moon Stone, giving them the powers of illusion.



TamaraThe spiritual yet practical Tamara has an adventuresome spirit and a wonderful laugh. Tamara is the owner of the Heart Stone, which has the power to heal gives it’s Jewel Rider the ability to understand animals. Her parents, Doc and Charity, run the Heartland Farm, where they raise future magical animals. Tamara is also responsible for raising and training baby magical animals that will someday join the Jewel Riders; Cleo, Sugar and Spike are always with her. Maternal, helpful and very prudent, Tamara is also a gifted musician and artist (she even makes her own instruments). Tamara loves to sing songs of love and friendship; through her music, she spreads joy and goodwill throughout Avalon.




DrakeRugged and handsome, Drake is the brave leader of the Knights of Avalon (the Pack). He fancies himself as a roguish young Romeo, always looking for a great adventure. Drake possesses a tremendous charisma which is not lost on Princess Gwenevere, although she would never admit feeling anything more than friendship. His magnificent silver-blue wolf, Thunderbolt, is his best friend and ally. Thunderbolt understands Drake better than any human could and he knows that the young man will someday be a great leader. Together, using the Forest Stone, they patrol the great forests that border the capital city of New Camelot. Drake lives by the motto, “Life’s an adventure, let it happen.” Drake loves the forest and is trained in wilderness survival.




JoshJosh, a skilled rider, is will paired with his wolf, Stormrunner. Both love to run fast. Josh is always trying out new rodeo-type riding tricks and redesigning, his riding gear to accommodate different riding styles. When Josh isn’t traveling with the Pack, he studies engineering, archaeology, and astronomy. He also likes to play practical jokes.






MaxMax is a good friend and a protector. Teamed up with Shadow, his maroon wolf, he has a powerful presence, but often doesn’t know the limits of his own strength. His loyalty and gentle nature make Max the type of friends you know will always be there for you. But you don’t want to be around when he gets mad!





Lady Kale

KaleThe dark and mysterious Lady Kale is Queen Anya’s sister. Merlin selected Anya instead of Kale to receive the Sun Stone and become Queen. When Kale tried to take the throne away from her sister, she was banished from the Crystal Palace. Now Kale, who is mean, aggressive and powerful, is out for revenge. Merlin, she believes, is responsible for not granting her the Sun Stone which would have given her the power to become Queen. Instead, he gave that precious jewel to her sister who is now the good Queen Anya. Lady Kale is both ruthless and physically strong. Above all, she is hungry for power and firmly believes that she, not Anya, should be ruling Avalon. When Lady Kale discovered a new Enchanted Jewel called the Dark Stone, her destiny became clear. Using the Dark Stone, and aided by a group of misfit beasts, she has vowed to master the “wild magic” of Avalon and take control of the Kingdom. From her castle in the Thornwoods, she plans outlaw raids on traveling caravans that transport goods and information across the kingdom, stealing knowledge of the whereabouts of the Seven Stones of The Kingdom. Her jewel, the Dark Stone, enables Lady Kale to talk to animals and persuade them to turn to evil.



MerlinMerlin, a great and wise wizard, discovered a wonderfully magical place called Avalon. He discovered seven “Crown Jewels” representing Avalon’s seven different lands. Placing these Jewels in a Jewel Box, he magically bound them together. This holds the kingdom of Avalon together with the power of goodness.






ArchieArchie, the girls’ feathery companion, once sat on Merlin’s shoulder. Now he tries to help the girls learn the magic of their Enchanted Jewels. He also offers friendly reminders: “The Seven Jewels are held in a magical setting. If that magic is broken, the Jewels would turn wild. That means big trouble, Bub.”





King Jared

JaredKing Jared’s warm smile instantly melts his stern appearance. As the Commander in Chief of Avalon, he is respected by all the townspeople. Jared, along with his awesome black wolf, Goliath, aims to keep Avalon in harmony with the power of goodness. As Gwen’s father, he has a hard time keeping up with her.





Queen Anya

AnyaMerlin selected the beautiful Anya to become Queen of the Kingdom because of her compassion for all people and animals. Protective and caring, Queen Anya strives to keep peace and harmony in Avalon. In her spare time, Anya studies ancient lore and legends to learn where other Enchanted Jewels are hidden.






SunstarSunstar is Princess Gwenevere’s best friend, companion and confidant – a beautiful, golden winged unicorn of great rarity. Once an outcast from her family of unicorns, Sunstar has matured into a powerful yet graceful champion Jewel Rider. Her silky, suede-like coat shines like gold and is tended with great care by Gwenevere. The Princess pays particular attention to her mane and tail during grooming, adorning them with colorful silks and sweet fragrant flowers. Sunstar’s singular horn is a pearly seashell swirl that is totally unique. She’s loyal and true, has a sweet disposition and an astute sense of what is right and what is wrong. Sunstar used to be afraid to fly, and was outcast among her fellow unicorns. But Gwen, with love and support, transformed her into a graceful champion.




MoondanceFallon is closely bonded with her mighty unicorn, Moondance. Built for speed, Moondance is a thoroughbred of unicorns and always ready for exploring. The magical unicorn is very gentle, patient, and considerate, and brings out these same qualities in Fallon, who often has a tough exterior.






CleoCleo, one of Tamara’s baby animals, is a regal lavender unicorn. She admires Gwen and hangs on every word. In addition to singing back-up to Tamara’s vocals, Cleo likes to help Tamara in her duties – as long as it doesn’t involve getting dirty. The delicate and soft-spoken Cleo can’t wait to join the Jewel Riders!






SugarTamara’s baby green dragon, Sugar, loves to play all day long. When the fun-loving prankster isn’t fooling around, he likes to sleep and snack on Bubbleberry Chunkies. Like Tamara’s other baby animals, instead of walking, Sugar prefers to ride in the Crystal Coach – a traveling caravan camper designed especially for them.






SpikeTamara’s baby blue panther, Spike, is a loyal companion and bodyguard. He has tangled with Lady Kale’s dangerous Dark Stone magic in order to protect Tamara. Spike likes to think he’s ferocious and hates to be treated like a baby. Along with the other baby animals, Spike likes to dance and sing to Tamara’s music.





Rufus & Twig

DweaselsDid you know that a dweasel is a dino-weasel? Dweasels Rufus and Twig are always up to something. In the Hall of Wizards, Rufus asked the Guardian of Magic to make it rain potato chips! With their ability to sniff out wild magical bits, they keep evil Kale informed of the Jewel Riders’ whereabouts.






GrimmKale’s Dragon Wagon is powered by Grimm, the huge red winged dragon. Sneering and snorting, the dragon creates a dark, evil presence in the sky. Grimm transports Lady Kale to and from her castle in the Thornwoods. Unfortunately, Kale is always hot on the Jewel Riders’ trail, thanks to Grimm’s amazing speed and agility.




Season One Characters


sorrelAn elvish instrument-maker who gives Tamara a harp made with pieces of the broken Rainbow Jewel. Appears in the episode “Song of the Rainbow.”






Guardian of the Magic

guardianA magic genie who lives inside of Wizard’s Peak and guards the Hall of Wizards. Appears in the episode “Wizard’s Peak,” and later in the S2 episode “Morgana.”







dweaseletteA female Dweasel conjured by the Guardian for Rufus and Twig. Appears in the episode “Wizard’s Peak.”






Murray the Troll

murrayA young nobleman who changes into a Troll and creates mischief in the Misty Moors when he discovers the Misty Rose Crown Jewel. Appears in the episode “For Whom the Bell Trolls.”





Lord Delphonse

delphonseThe lord of Castle Rivermist, and brother to Murray. Tries to steal the Misty Rose Crown Jewel and give it to Kale. Appears in the episode “For Whom the Bell Trolls.”





Faery Wisp

wispPrincess of Faeryland. She follows her father’s missing sheep across the Rainbow Bridge after they eat the Desert Star Crown Jewel and ends up in the Burning Desert. She leads the Jewel Riders back to Faeryland, where they face Kale for control of the jewel and the land itself. Appears in the episode “The Faery Princess.”




King Odeon

odeonThe King of Faeryland, father of Faery Wisp, and the owner of a magnificent flock of sheep. He originally does not want contact with Avalon, but agrees to reopen the Rainbow Bridge and sign a treaty with Queen Anya after the Jewel Riders help him rid Faeryland of Kale. Appears in the episode “The Faery Princess.”






windyA Dragonette, sheepherder, and friend to Faery Wisp. When Faery Wisp leaves after the sheep, she stays behind to keep King Odeon calm. Appears in the episode “The Faery Princess.”






Biker Sheep

sheepFluffy, Stuffy, Muffy, Puffy, Larry, Harry, Barry, Tim, Slim. King Odeon’s prize sheep who are transformed by the powers of the Desert Star Crown Jewel. Appear in the episode “The Faery Princess.”





Professor Hill

professor-hillTamara’s music teacher in New Camelot. Does not appear to be fond of birds interrupting his lessons. Appears in the episode “The Faery Princess.”







winervaCraft Master, Fallon’s Mother. She wanted to attend Fallon’s Circle of Friendship ceremony, but was forbidden to by Alfred, Fallon’s father. She has heard Tamara perform at Craft Fairs before. Appears in the episode “Badlands.”







alfredCraft Master, Fallon’s Father. Did not approve of Fallon leaving her craft work behind to become a Jewel Rider. He only comes around to the idea after seeing Fallon and Moondance in action, working together to save the caravan from Kale and Civello’s bandits. Appears in the episode “Badlands.”






dennanWagon master who takes wagon trains through the Badlands, specifically through Wizard’s Pass, a treacherous ravine. Appears in the episode “Badlands.”






Lord Batton

batonBatton is a snobby young lord who fancies Gwenevere, but mostly himself.  He escorts Gwenevere to the Harvest Party in “Dreamfields.”






Lady Robbins

lady-robbinsA friend to Queen Anya. Gwenevere and  the other Jewel Riders are asked to represent the Queen during a Naming Ceremony for Lady Robbins’ girl. Appears in the episode “Badlands.”






civelloA dangerous outlaw who occasionally teams up with Kale. His bandits raid Dennan’s wagon train while they go through Wizard’s Pass. Appears in the episode “Badlands,” and later in the S2 episode “The Prince of the Forest.”






banditsCivello’s gang of Bandits. Appear in the episode “Badlands.”







charityTamara’s Mother, an animal caretaker who runs the Heartland Farm with her husband, Doc. Bakes great Bubbleberry Pie. Appears in the episode “Home Sweet Heart Stone.”






docTamara’s Father who runs Heartland Farm with his wife, Charity. Appears in the episode “Home Sweet Heart Stone.”






Kit, a baby Prism Fox

kitKit gets stranded near the Heart Land Farms when she is separated from her parents while riding the Wild Magic. Since Prism Foxes communicate with song, Tamara uses her music to help Kit reconnect with her parents. Appears in the episodes “Home Sweet Heart Stone” and “Full Circle.”





Indigo and Spirit

indigo-and-spiritKit’s parents, adult Prism Foxes who can ride the Wild Magic. Appear in the episode “Home Sweet Heart Stone.”







carnieA sly carnival barker who does a magic trick with the Sword of Garmandell, sticking it into the knot of a tree and seeing if anyone can pull it out. Appears in the episode “Love Struck.”





Magic Sword

magic-swordThe Sword of Garmandell. A feisty, irascible talking sword who wants to steal the magic of the Enchanted Jewels. He gets Drake to propose marriage to each of the three girls, and tries to use to ceremony to absorb the jewels’ magic. Appears in the episode “Love Struck.”





morganaAn ancient wizard who’s lair floats through the Wild Magic. 1,000 years ago, she and the other Wizards plotted to destroy Merlin and take the magic of Avalon for themselves. The Jewel Riders find the Jewel of the Jungle in her lair after it passes through an ancient portal. First appears in the episode “Revenge of the Dark Stone.”