Doll Line

Our Doll Line Section is divided into two subcategories.

  • You can check out information and images about the North American “Princess Gwenevere” branded doll line.
  • Or check out information and images about the International “Princess Starla” branded version.

To check out our YouTube playlist for any and all things related to the dolls, click here.

To view Princess Gwenevere doll advertisements for the toys, check out the video below!

To view the French Starla doll advertisements, check out the video below!

And to see reviews of the dolls by Chris and Ronnie as part of our “Archive Showcase” series, check out the playlist below!


About Kenner

Kenner was a toy company founded in 1947 in Cincinnati, Ohio, by the Steiner brothers.  They have an amazing product development history, including such prominent brands as Play-Doh, the Easy-Bake Oven, and Spirograph. But their toy-making coup d’etat came in 1977 when they made the action figures for the original Star Wars film.Star Wars toys were a boom for Kenner, even if the first wave of figures weren’t out by Christmas.  They had the ingenious marketing ploy of selling a cardboard cutout that parents could put under the tree for the kids, with the promise of delivery soon afterward – and it worked!In the eighties, Kenner got into some great licensing opportunities.  They were the first to produce dolls for the adorable Strawberry Shortcake franchise, as well as producing the wonderful DC Super Powers figures.In 1991, Kenner was acquired by fellow toy company Hasbro, best known today for their Transformers, My Little Pony, and Jem and the Holograms Toys.