Series Episodes

For the Series Episodes, there are three different versions we have in full

Additionally, we have created playlists for various international versions. We don’t maintain these playlists, but we want to share them with the fans!

Starla och Juvelriddarna

“Jewel Riders” aired in Sweden on Canal+, FilmNet and TV 3 (as Starla och juvelriddarna).

Starla und die Kristallretter

“Jewel Riders” aired in Austria and Germany on RTL 2 in 1996 and on ORF 1 (as Starla und die Kristallretter).

Starla e le sette gemme del mistero

Jewel Riders” aired in Italy on Italia 1 (as Starla e le sette gemme del mistero).

Принцесса Старла и повелители камней

Jewel Riders” aired in Russia (as Принцесса Старла и повелители камней).

스탈라의 마법여행

“Jewel Riders” aired in Korean as “스탈라의 마법여행”.

Princeza Starla i Jahači Dragulja

“Jewel Riders” aired in Serbia as “Princeza Starla i Jahači Dragulja”.

La Princesa Starla e as Jóias Encantadas

“Jewel Riders” aired in Spain as Starla y los jinetes de las piedras preciosas (TVE1 in 1996), in Latin America under the title of La Princesa Starla, as Starla i les amazones de les joies (Catalán language TV3 / K3 in 2006), and La Princesa Starla e as Jóias Encantadas in Portugués.