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Welcome to the Fan Fiction Page!

One of our goals when we started The Jewel Riders Archive was to re-home the fan works that once lived on the Avalon website. But we also wanted a place where Jewel Riders fans are free to post their own new work as well and share it with the community. Keep scrolling to also see Stormy’s complete “Trina” fan fiction, and some early attempts from Chris and Ronnie below.

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In the Fan Fiction Archive, we have spent several years uploading and collating fan fics rescued from the old Avalon website, with the hope that new generations of fans will have the opportunity to read and enjoy them. Many remain unfinished, but we enjoy this window into the kinds of stories that fans were creating as part of the first Jewel Riders online community. New jewels, new generations, new characters, new worlds! Fans took stories in many different directions, and it would have been such a shame for these to be lost to time. We hope you enjoy the stories, along with a few newer ones as well written by Chris, and the entries from our “Brand and Blazer” writing challenge. We also featured a writing challenge where fans created their visions for what a third season would have been.

We are always open to hosting more fan fiction as well! If you’d like to upload a story to the Archive, please send us an email!

Stormy’s Fan Fiction

Separate from the general Fan Fiction archive due to its length, and collected by the author herself in a PDF for easy reading enjoyment. Witness the Jewel Riders fic that started it all!

Starstone, a Jewel Riders FanficFollow the adventures of Trina and Silverwind, the Star Stone riders, through a retelling of the show’s second season!









We also have scans of two (very) early attempts at Fan Fiction by Ronnie & Chris! Clearly written and printed immediately, we only have these scans to share, but it’s fun to look back on such early attempts to tell our own stories in the Jewel Riders universe. Chris has gone on to write thousands of words of Jewel Riders fan fiction over the years, and it all started with these scraps!

Fan Fic - Great Power

Avalon - resized