Princess Starla & the Jewel Riders

One of the most frequent questions we receive here at the JRA is why Gwen was called Starla outside of the US, so we asked Greg Autore, Art Director for the show!

GA: Two reasons for the question: 1) international names often have to have minor spelling changes or conjunction changes so a simple less specific name translates better (too many ways to translate “princess”). 2) Guenevere was probably being used legally in a country they wanted to release it in.

Ride the Wild Magic with Starla and the Jewel Riders!

The 7 Jewels of the Kingdom of Avalon have been scattered throughout the country, unleashing powerful magic that Starla, Tamara and Fallon must tame. Using the magic of the enchanted jewels to speak with fantastic animal friends, these adventurous heroines team up with daring, wolf-riding boys to outwit the evil Lady Kale and reclaim the jewels that can save the Avalon Kingdom.

The doll line consisted of three sections, “Action Figure Assortment,” “Celebration Assortment” and “Deluxe Animal Assortment.”

First was the “Action Figure Assortment” line. These were the basic dolls that included one cloth piece, several snap-on jewel armor pieces, a comb/shield, a hidden jewel in the package, and a mask that moved up and down to reveal a light-piping feature to make the jewels on the dolls glow. The line included the three Jewel Riders, Drake, and Kale. Of note “Sun Power” Gwenevere from the American release was not included in the Starla doll assortment

Princess Starla

“Princess Starla is dressed and ready for adventure! Lower mask, expose top of head to a light and the jewel glows as shown.”


“Fallon is dressed and ready for adventure! Lower mask, expose top of head to a light and the jewel glows as shown.”


“Tamara is dressed and ready for adventure! Lower mask, expose top of head to a light and the jewel glows as shown.”


“Drake is dressed and ready for adventure! Lower mask, expose top of head to a light and the jewel glows as shown.”

Lady Kale

“Lady Kale is dressed and ready for adventure! Turn helmet to position shown, expose top of head to a light and her eyes glow.”



Group Photos


The second line was called “Celebration Assortment.” These were deluxe dolls of Starla, Fallon, and Tamara that included cloth dresses, snap-on armor pieces, fully rooted hair, and accessories that worked with the magnets hidden in the girls’ jewels or arms. Starla included the Jewel Box, Fallon included the little dragon Windy from “The Faery Princess,” and Tamara included Spike. Each of them also included a comb that doubled as a stand, and another hidden jewel in the packaging.

Celebration Starla

“Princess Starla wears her beautiful party dress. Help Princess Starla wave the Jewel in her hand over the front corner of the open jewel box…and the Crown Jewels will flip to magically reveal the wizard.”

Celebration Fallon

“Fallon can be dressed in this dynamic outfit. Her pet dragon’s wings will magically flip up as it ‘lands’ on her left arm.”

Celebration Tamara

“Tamara can be dressed in her lovely gown. Help Tamara touch her magical jewel to the top of her panther’s head…lifting his head, opening his eyes, and healing him.”

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The third line was called “Deluxe Animal Assortment” This line included the unicorns Sunstar and Moondance. Each came with a flag comb and a rooted hair tail. Both featured the light-piping glowing jewel feature of the “Jewel Power” dolls. Sunstar came with a saddle that had her wings attached, and Moondance came with a saddle, flags, and mask. Both unicorns had variants based on the color of the plastic surrounding their jewels. In one edition, the plastic was metallic gold (for Sunstar) and metallic silver (for Moondance). In the other edition the plastic was pink (Sunstar) and purple (Moondance). The metallic edition seems to be the more rare edition. Each of the unicorns shares a mold with one of the horses in Kenner’s “Fashion Star Fillies” line. Of note, the Starla versions come in window boxes that let you see the toy, as opposed to the closed box of the American release.




Group Photos



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