Jewel Guide

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Enchanted Jewels

Did you know that originally each of the Enchanted Jewels was going to have three different power levels?  Back when a main feature of the show was the fact that the jewels split in half between a Jewel Rider and their magical animal friend, each level of power roughly corresponded to how many pieces were present.  Level One powers could be performed with half a jewel (by either rider or animal), Level Two powers could be used when the two halves of the jewel were put together, and Level Three powers were found when different Enchanted Jewels were used together.

Check out the Show Bible for more information!

sun-stoneSun Stone

Gwen and Sunstar share the Sun Stone - the Jewel of Light.  The Sun Stone is most powerful under the bright mid-day sun, and emits a sparkling rainbow beam.  Gwen can use different colors of this rainbow to create different effects.  Yellow is the "beauty energy" that turns ordinary things into objects of beauty.

In the beginning, the Sun Stone was sometimes called the “rainbow jewel,” which emitted a rainbow-colored beam, and where different colors of the light spectrum could cause different magical effects!  Level One was Green/Yellow/Gold, which was “beauty energy” that could help things grown, Level Two was Blue, which was for force fields and power blasts, and Level Three was white, for telekinesis and the ability to move objects, as well as the ability to bend light and hide objects!  The Sun Stone is noted to be most powerful under the midday sun.
moon-stoneMoon Stone

Fallon and Moondance share the Moon Stone - a powerful Jewel enhanced by the bright moon at night.  When Fallon activates the Moon Stone, the Jewel emits rays of sparkling diamond moondust.  The Jewel Riders rely on the Moon Stone to reveal hidden and to create wonderful illusions.

The Moon Stone, called the Stone of Illusion, has some very interesting powers.  Level One is for creating simple illusions, revealing hidden things, or helping the wearer find their way when lost;  Level Two is for creating more complex illusions, invisibility, and the ability to penetrate traps and hidden doors; Level Three gives the wearer the ability to create mass illusions and control the tides!  An interesting tidbit is that the Sun and Moon Stones work best together at the “magic hours” which are dawn and dusk!
heart-stoneHeart Stone

The healing Heart Stone sends out ruby red waves of light that Tamara uses to communicate with and heal animals.  When the Heart Stone is combined with another Enchanted Jewel, Tamara can call on all of the animals in the forest to help her.  The Heart Stone is a "Wild Stone" which means it's unpredictable.

The Heart Stone’s Level One power was telepathy and empathy with animals, and also the ability to heal (hence the name: The Stone of Healing); Level Two was the ability to communicate with many different animals over a large area at one time, and Level Three was mass emotional effects.  The Heart Stone was also noted to have the ability to strengthen the effects of other Enchanted Jewels, which is why most people who wear the Heart Stone have strong musical abilities.  Strong music makes strong magic!
forest-stoneForest Stone

The members of the Pack use the Forest Stone.  It shines with bright green beams of light when it's being used.  Like trees in a forest, the Forest Stone creates a sense of teamwork and improves the Pack's communication and coordination.  The Pack can also use the Forest Stone to communicate with trees about past events.

In the original series bible, there were six Forest Stones!  The Level One power included improved strength, teamwork, and sharing the perceptions of wolves; the Level Two power was the ability to communicate with trees about past events and history, and the Level Three powers were the ability to control forest growth and help the forest come to life.


Crown Jewels

The Crown Jewel of the Northwoods

It is the jewel of the Great Forests, featured in the episode "Travel Trees Can't Dance". During a race for the first jewel, both Gwenevere and Kale become lost in the wild magic outbreak of a pink mist transforming the land and bringing in strange but friendly creatures. It glows blue normally, and red when used for evil as Kale uses it to turn the Northwoods into monster trees.
The Rainbow Jewel

It is the jewel of the Riverdells, featured in the episode "Song of the Rainbow". Tamara falls under influence of a magical harp that leads her to a hidden location which they must reach before Kale so Tamara may fix it. It is the only time a Crown Jewel appears as a sentient entity and communicates with the heroes. It's effects while out of control are also limited just to crystallizing a waterfall area outside.

Merlin's message: "When your hearts are brave and true, the power of the Enchanted Jewels can be wondrous indeed. Remember, my students, believe in yourselves and trust in your friends."
burning-iceThe Crown Jewel of Burning Ice

It is the jewel of the Crystal Cliffs, featured in the episode "Wizard's Peak". After a chase by Kale through a wild magic outbreak, Gwen and Drake enter a mysterious cave to find the jewel before the entire land becomes uninhabitable after being crystallized.

Merlin's message: "Remember my students, it's not the path you choose, it's how you walk that path. (warm laugh) And never be shy about asking for directions."
misty-roseThe Misty Rose Jewel

It is the jewel of the Misty Moors, featured in the episode "For Whom the Bell Trolls". When the Wolf Pack boys are captured by a strange troll, it is up to girls to find the jewels and rescue them. Its out-of-control effects turn people and animals into creatures and monsters.

Merlin's message: "Things are not always as they look. Sometimes it is hard to see through the mist that hide the truth. Always seek to know the real person before you judge them so quickly."
desert-star-1The Desert Star Jewel

It is the jewel of the Burning Desert, featured in the episode "The Faery Princess" where it goes to the Faeryland. After the way to this hidden realm is revealed, the Jewel Riders must beat Lady Kale for the control of the stone and the Faeryland itself.

Merlin's message: "It doesn't matter what kind of magic you use, as long as it comes from a good heart."
The Jewel of the Dreamfields

It is the jewel of the Great Plains, featured in the episode "Dreamfields". To claim the jewel, Gwenevere and her friends must face off against Kale in a battle of dreams as they all fall under its magic.

Merlin's message: "The Jewel of the Dreamfields is a very special Crown Jewel. It represents the magic of love, something so fragile yet as strong as all time. My children, if you have love in your hearts, you have the power to accomplish your dreams."
jungle-jewelThe Jewel of the Jungle

It is the jewel of the Jungle, featured in the episode "Revenge of the Dark Stone". The Jungle Crown Jewel is an emerald green stone that controls the Jungle. It was taken over by the evil Morgana many years ago and she made the jungle grow out of control. Now, looking for the jewel, the girls need to find Morgana's lair hidden ever since within the Wild Magic.
wishing-jewelThe Wishing Jewel

In the episode "The Wishing Jewel", Princess Gwenevere and Drake also find the long-lost eighth Crown Jewel of the Eighth Land—the titular Wishing Jewel that belonged to the Wishing Tree. After a hole is knocked in the border mist between Avalon and the Eighth Land, the jewel gets lost. When Drake and Gwen find it, they use the magic of the Crown Jewels to fix the broken Wishing Jewel, and bring it to the Jewel Keep after officially making the new land into the eighth province of Avalon.


Wizard Jewels

merlins-staffMerlin's Staff

Merlin's Jewel is special magic jewel that normally is placed atop Merlin's staff and can be transformed to a magical key to the Jewel Box that holds the Crown Jewels of Avalon. Before he was blasted into the Wild Magic by Kale, Merlin entrusted the jewel to a falcon, who in turn entrusted it to Sunstar to bring to the Jewel Keep.

When the Jewel Riders find a Crown Jewel, they touch the key to the jewel, and the Jewel Box appears to place the Crown Jewel back into the magical setting that keeps them stable and the land in harmony.
dark-stoneThe Dark Stone

The Dark Stone was created and first owned by Morgana, who had originally named it the Dark Jewel and specifically tuned it to dispose of the lone good wizard Merlin. It is an extremely powerful wizard jewel but also unpredictable and erratic.

Unlike the other Wizard Jewels, the Dark Stone is inherently evil. Through most of the series, it is owned and wielded by Lady Kale after she finds and tunes it. At the beginning of the second season, Morgana reunites with her jewel, but discovers she can not use it to return to Avalon because it is now bonded to Kale.

Eventually, after Kale is finally defeated by Princess Gwenevere and Ian, the still dangerous Dark Stone is taken by Ian for safekeeping. In the end, it is annihilated by Gwen when its power is completely absorbed by the Sun Stone to be used against Morgana.
The Garden Stone

The Garden Stone, the Wizard Jewel of Gardenia, long ago belonged to the wizard Mallory. It is featured in the episode "Wizard of Gardenia", where it is found hidden in the center of the Wizard's Playground, a magical maze within the realm of Gardenia. The girls must reach it before Lady Kale and Morgana.

The original script described it as a "diamond wizard jewel".
The Unicorn Jewel

The Unicorn Jewel is featured in the episode "Vale of the Unicorns". It is located in the titular Vale of the Unicorns, within the very dangerous Magic Path grotto of trials. The unicorns believe the Jewel protects itself from those not fit to rule the unicorns with a one-way trip into the wild magic, not knowing of its history. After Morgana attacks Queen Sierra to get it, Moondance and her friends must go though the Path to find the jewel.

The Unicorn Jewel also appears in Avalon: Web of Magic as Kara's magic stone.
The Jewel of Arden

The Jewel of Arden is featured in the episode "Prince of the Forest" in possession of Ian in the Forests of Arden, allowing him to take a human form. Now Princess Gwenevere and her friends must save both him and the jewel from Kale and her Outlaws.
jewel-of-the-seaThe Jewel of the Sea

The Jewel of the Sea is featured in the episode "Jewel of the Sea". It fell into the Magic Lagoon in the waters outside Avalon. The Jewel Riders go on a mermaid adventure but find it guarded by a mysterious sea monster.

It was translated as the Joyau du lagon (Lagoon Jewel) in French.
The Time Stone

The Time Stone is featured in the episode "Mystery Island". It previously belonged to the wizard Ronan, whose lair used to be in the Jungle. The Jewel Riders go to search after it, while Kale follows them.

It was translated as the Joyau du temps qui passe (Jewel of Time Passing) in French.
fortune-jewelThe Fortune Jewel

The Fortune Jewel originally belonged to the wizard Derek, who was notably much corrupted than the others. It is featured in the episode "The Fortune Jewel" in possession of Madam Esmeralda and her strange cat, having allowed Esmeralda's family to worked as famous magical fortune tellers for generations. Now the Jewel Riders must not let Kale and Morgana take the jewel.

It was translated as the Joyau de la bonne aventure (Jewel of the Good Adventure) in French.
one-jewelThe One Jewel

The One Jewel is a magical item of superbly immense power, able to channel all of the Wizard Jewels' magic. It is featured in the show's last episode, "The One Jewel" (aka "The Last Dance"), when it is created by combining the Staff of Avalon and six Wizard Jewels plus the Sun Stone infused with the power of the Dark Stone during the showdown of Merlin and the Jewel Riders against Morgana and the returning evil wizards.

Using the Staff of Avalon, the Wizard Jewels can be fused in a special magic forge in the Center of the Wild Magic to create the ultimate Wizard Jewel to rule all the magic. To make it, Princess Gwenevere absorbs the magic of the Dark Stone to re-power her own Sun Stone. Upon the creation of the One Jewel, Morgana attempts to seize it but Gwen snatches it for Merlin, who uses it to wipe out with his dark magic wizard rivals and turn all the magic to goodness forever.


Wild Jewels

lightning-crystalThe Lightning Crystal

The episode "Revenge of the Dark Stone" shows the jewels that the script identifies as the Lightning Crystal (blue, lighting shaped, effects the weather) and the Fire Stone (an orange-red flame-shaped crystal, increases strength and energy), among the others.
fire-stoneThe Fire Stone

The episode "Revenge of the Dark Stone" shows the jewels that the script identifies as the Lightning Crystal (blue, lighting shaped, effects the weather) and the Fire Stone (an orange-red flame-shaped crystal, increases strength and energy), among the others.
mermaid-pearlMermaid Pearl

In the episode "Jewel of the Sea," the merman Gilly uses this magic jewel, and when he and Tamara accidentally exchange Jewels, the Mermaid Pearl gives Tamara the ability to transform into a mermaid. Later, Gilly uses it to give all the Jewel Riders and their mounts the ability to turn into mermaids and sea unicorns.
The Snowflake Jewel

In the episode "Trouble in Elf Town," the Troll in the Wall Gang uses this jewel to freeze things and create a giant snowman.
twister-jewelThe Twister Jewel

In the episode "Trouble in Elf Town," the Troll in the Wall Gang uses this jewel to create whirlwinds.
bat-jewelThe Bat Jewel

In the episode "Trouble in Elf Town," the Troll in the Wall Gang uses this jewel to send swirling magic blasts.