Lady Kale, Grimm, Dweasels, Dark Stone

Lady Kale

  • Height: 5′ 11 (180 cm)
  • Hair: Jet black, worn long
  • Eyes: Violet
  • Age: “Unknown”
  • Family: Queen Anya (Sister), Princess Gwenevere (Niece), King Jared (Brother-in-law)

Banished from the Crystal Palace for plotting to take the throne away from her sister Anya, Princess Kale has dedicated her life to getting revenge upon Merlin, whom she blames for her not receiving the Sun Stone and becoming Queen.

Now, many years later, Kale is still deeply convinced it should be her ruling Avalon and that it was all just Merlin’s fault. After finding a new magic jewel she called the Dark Stone, in her quest for greater power, Kale has vowed to steal the power of the Crown Jewels that would help her not only make all in Avalon bow down to her, but then reign for all time—if she succeeds and replaces Merlin as the ruler of magic.

Lady Kale is equally ruthless and ravishing – blessed with a keen, cold, and cunning intellect. She is contentious, aggressive, willful, stubborn, hungry for power and physically strong. By the sake token, Kale is also infinitely charming and mysterious. A deadly combination.

When Kale discovered the Dark Stone, her destiny became clear. Using the Dark Stone, she has vowed to control the Wild Magic and rule Avalon forever. From her castle in the Thornwoods, Kale plans outlaw raids on traveling caravans and tails the Jewel Riders, hoping to learn the location of the Crown Jewels and claim their power for herself.

Aiding Kale in her nefarious schemes are her bonded animals – the magic-sniffing dweasels Rufus and Twig,  along with the red dragon Grimm, who transports his mistress in the flying dragon wagon.

“Did You Know?”: In the Show Bible, Kale was originally going to have an army of animals that would eventually storm the Crystal Palace! These would have included Nitemary, a giant blue bat, Slither, a nasty green snake with a taste for owls, and Geezer, a purple singing goblin.


Dark Stone

Originally the jewel of the Wizard Morgana, the Dark Stone was lost over a thousand years ago when Merlin defeated the evil wizards and banished them to the Wild Magic. The jewel’s dark powers allow Kale to communicate with animals, reflect the power of Enchanted Jewels back on their users, twist the form and shapes of objects, turn magical animals into slaves of evil, and mind control!