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Song Downloads

The songs featured for download and in the playlist below all originated with a Starla and the Jewel Riders “Free Sing-Along Cassette” that was discovered on Ebay. The Gwenevere version of full opening has been edited together with previous audio sources to create a one-of-a-kind exclusive version!

Click Here to download MP3s of the songs from Season One!

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French Starla Music

Click here to download the French Starla Music!

About the Music of Jewel Riders

The show was pitched with episodes being “Mini-Musicals,” likely an appealing concept for the early 1990s when Disney’s musical animated films were the king of family entertainment. The characters never truly break into song the way those in a true musical might, but the show does feature both Broadway-style musical numbers (sung by Tamara) and background vocal numbers over the action in the show.

Series Music Credits

MusicLouis Fagenson. Notable Credits: Composer for Johnny Bravo, Universal Studios Tram Tour and Theme Park.

Music Supervisor: Ken Kushnick. Lou Fagenson’s Manager. Notable Credits: VP International Operations/Europe for Warner Bros. Records;  Face/OffMuppets From Space

Songs Producer: Jeff Pescetto. Notable Credits: Singer of the DuckTales Theme Song, Wrote songs for Spaceballs, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Sound Designer for Tekken 5.

A note from Lou: ” I wrote the music to an episode a week (except for the songs) and it would air two weeks later.  I don’t have a single copy of any episodes – just a few toys. I wish I had them to play for my daughter. The show brings back a flood of great memories for me. Thanks for keeping the fire alive… After Gwen, I went on to write the music for Johnny Bravo and other animated shows. Recently I arranged an album of Christmas music for Neil Diamond.”


Every Princess Gwenevere /Starla and the Jewel Riders Song Compilation

B*Tween & Avalon: Web of Magic


B*Tween, the Fairy Band in Avalon: Web of Magic

In  the Avalon: Web of Magic books by Rachel Roberts, the Fairy Band B*Tween is loosely based on the Jewel Riders. Their songs (outside of “Supernatural High” and “Golden”) are songs that were originally in PGJR. All of the songs, a video of the “Music Is Magic” book tour/performance, and the audiobook are available on our Avalon Media page.