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Play-a-Sound Book

Power up for an amazing adventure! Come ride the Wild Magic of Avalon with Princess Gwenevere and her friends. Hear the action as the Jewel Riders protect the kingdom’s Crown Jewels from the evil Lady Kale. The thrills and excitement of an enchanted land are yours at the touch of a button!

Click here to download a PDF of the Play-a-Sound book!

Click here to download a PDF of just the text from the book.

For a French Translation, click here.

Watch this video to hear demonstrations of the sound effects!

We’ve also created Read-Along style audio productions of the book in both English and French. Also, if you’re interested in hearing futher discussion about the printed materials, including the Play-a-Sound book, check out this episode of the podcast.


Coloring Book

Download all sheets ready to color!

Foam Forms


Long John Silver’s Toys

Sleeping Bag


Knee Pads

The person who showed us these also mentioned that there was a PGJR bike, but we have no photos of it.

Jewel Riders Swimming Pool

One of the most recent discoveries of merchandise from the show that fandom has uncovered is a quick cameo from the film “Home Alone 3.” A Jewel Riders swimming pool is used as the top of an igloo! Did anyone ever have this as a child? We’ve never seen one in the wild, and would love further photos!