April Update

Screenshot - Trouble in Elf Town

Hey Jewel Fans!

We wanted to thank everyone who participated in our Artist Challenge last month. Tara was well-loved and well represented by fantastic pieces of art. We definitely want to have another Artist Challenge soon, so keep those pencils sharpened and stay tuned!

Screencap - Bat Jewel

This month we’re featuring the script to “Trouble in Elf Town,” the 22nd episode of the series. It follows the (mis)adventures of Troll in the Wall Gang. Chester, Lester, and Binky find three wild jewels: The Storm Stone (Twister), Night Stone (Bat), and Snow Stone (Snowflake). Much of the episode is an homage to westerns, including tumbleweeds, showdowns, shoot-outs, and the town of Glimmer Glen looking suspiciously like a studio backlot town.  Check it out in our Season Two Scripts section and let us know what you think!

Friends Together, Friends Together!

~Chris & Ronnie


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