August Update

Full Circle VHS

Hey Jewel Fans!

As summer heat scorches us, we hope you’re finding ways to stay cool!  Can you believe this is our twelfth update to the Archive, and next month marks our One Year Anniversary!  It’s hard to believe that milestone is approaching, and we wanted to say thank you again to everyone who has supported this endeavor.  We could not have done any of this without your support. 🙂

We have another great update for all of you this month!

Fallon Olympics

Are you watching the 2016 Olympics in Rio?  If you’re looking for daring feats of physical prowess, look no further than our favorite Moon Stone Rider: Fallon!  She could have definitely held a slot on the New Camelot women’s gymnastics team!

We recently updated the Character Guide, adding Season One specific characters at the bottom of the page.  Season Two character write-ups will follow in time.

Be sure to keep an eye on our YouTube channel, where we’re featuring some great U.S., UK, and French advertising videos, and a special edition of John Beach’s “Revenge of the Dark Stone” and “Full Circle” videos that Ronnie has painstakingly edited to match up with the episode or the scripts!  They’re even more of a treat to watch!

The advertising videos are also really fun to watch, especially for all the fun animation that was done just for them!

It has an almost anime-esque quality to it.  It would be neat to see what the series would have looked like if this had been the animation style!  Below are some non-animation screengrabs from the commercials. (If only to be able to gaze at the luscious doll hair!  That perfect Jewel Power Tamara curl!)

For our featured script this month, we’re looking at the last episode of Season One: Full Circle!  This episode wraps up our Season One scripts, so look forward to “Morgana” – the first episode of Season Two – appearing next month!

Full Circle sees the Jewel Riders recharge their Enchanted Jewels in the Circle of Friendship ceremony.  Things to look out for: the return of Kit the Prism Fox, the (unfortunate?) introduction of the Wild Magic Gliders (named Baubles & Cuddles here, different names from the Second Season).  Look also for some cut lines of dialogue between Kale, the Dweasels, and Merlin, as well as a cut scene of Kale searching for Merlin from the Jewel Keep!

070 - watermarked

Thank you again for all your support – look forward to Season Two scripts starting next month, in addition to the debut of Season One episodes with the Princess Gwenevere audio!

Friends Together, Friends Forever!

~Chris & Ronnie

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