Asacat – The Start of Something Big, Amurlate Ch. 1

Summary: The adventures of Merlin’s apprentice Amurlate and his magical panther Long Claw.

Archival Note from The Jewel Riders Archive: This story is presented as it was originally published on Stormy’s “Avalon” fan site in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is presented for archival purposes and for the enjoyment of the Jewel Riders fandom. If you are the author of this story and wish to have it removed from the Jewel Riders Archive (or wish to share more!) please email us at Happy Reading!

The Start of Something Big.

Part one.

An Amurlate Adventure


Late in the evening Kale and Morgana are sitting in the throne room of Castle Thornwood. Upset that another plan has fallen. They stare at each other.

Morgana to Kale, in her monotone voice. “The Jewel Riders are becoming to powerful Kale!”

Kale. “What do you want me to do about it, Morgana. All of them will just defeat us, again.”

Morgana, now getting up. “But what if we attack something that’s important to them?”

Kale. “We can’t just enter the Palace and just take something, the Palace magic is to powerful for us to enter without notice of the Jewel Riders.”

Morgana. “Not the Palace you fool. The Jewel Riders must have families outside of the protective magic layer that Merlin placed around them. If we can hold a ransom, we can force a Jewel Rider to surrender their Jewel.”

Kale, jumping out of her seat. “I’ve got it! The Heart Stone girls’ parents.”

Morgana. “What!”

Kale. “The Heartstone girls’ parents. They live on a farm called Heartland Farms in the Great Plains district.”

Morgana. “I’ll send you to Heartland Farms. Capture them and bring them to me. Now hurry.”

Morgana vanishes from Kale’s sight. Kale gives a sigh of relief.


Unknown to the Jewel Riders of Morgana and Kale’s’ evil plans. They are in the Crystal Palace. King Jarad and Queen Anya throw a party in their honor, for their recent accomplishments in defending the kingdom. It’s starting to get late and the party was at it close, only a few of the guests remain. Tamara feels a magic surge.

Tamara walks over to Princess Gwenevere. “Gwen, I feel a strange sensation.”

Gwen Laughing. “To much cake and punch?”

Tamara. “Seriously Gwen. Something bad is about to happen. But I can’t tell what it is.”

Seconds later Kale appears from nowhere. “Greetings Jewel Riders, sorry I’m late for the party, my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.

Queen Anya. “What is the meaning of this Kale?”

Gwen, Tamara, and Fallon all look at each other. They ready the jewels for power-up.

Kale looks at the Jewel Riders, with sarcasm. “Oh please, put you dumb little jewels down for a

second!” Now looks at Anya. “I’ll tell you my meaning, sweet sister. I’m here to take the jewels off the Jewel brats hands.”

Fallon. “You will never get any of our jewels.” Gwen and Tamara nod in agreement.

Kale. “Pity you always want to do things the hard way.”

Anya. “Kale, you know the jewels are bound to them, and taking them would be useless to you, what are you really after?”

Kale. “The jewels will be of use, when the Jewel Riders give them to me.”

Tamara. “Why would we give you are jewels?”

Kale now faces Tamara squarely. “I think you especially will. I have entrapped your parents at my castle. You can have them back, providing you give me your jewel. I’ll give you till morning to get to my castle and part with your jewel.”

Kale laughing leaves in a cloud of smoke and red colored lightning. This scatters the remaining

party dwellers. Archie the owl flies in to see what noise is all about. The King, Queen, Gwen, and Fallon look at each other with a perplexed look. Tamara sits at the table with he head down sobbing.

Fallon whispers to Gwen. “What are we going to do?”

Suddenly a magic portal opens and Shadowsong appears from it, and walks over to Tamara. “[I felt you crying with my Heartstone, Tamara. Why are you so sad?”]

Tamara looks up at Shadowsong. “Thanks for coming, but I’m afraid all’s lost

Kale want my jewel for the exchange of my parents.”

Fallon. “Don’t worry we’ll thing of something.”

Archie. “What happed here.”

Gwen. “Kale has Tamaras’ parents in her castle. She is holding then for ransom for the Heartstone. We are thinking of ways to free them, without giving up the Heartstone to Kale.”

Fallon, happy that the party was now over. “Why don’t we head up to the Jewel Keep to make up a plan.”

Gwen, Fallon, and Archie go running off to the keep. In a trance like state Tamara stands up, and mounts Shadow. Wiping the tears from her eyes. “Shadow, time to meet Kale, one on one.”

Shadow. [“Without the others?”]

Tamara, in a monotone voice. “I must do this, are you with me or not Shadowsong!”

Shadow humbly.[“of course”]


Back in the Jewel Keep: Gwen, Fallon, and Archie try to think a plan out.

Gwen. “We just have to out smart Kale.”

Fallon. “I could go to Thornwoods invisible and free Tamaras’ parents.”

Gwen. “Much to risky, remember what happened in the Northwoods”

Archie, looking around. “Where did Tamara go?”

Gwen “I thought she was with us.”

Sunstar calls to Gwen.[“Gwen, Moondance and I saw Shadow and Tamara leaving the Palace in a hurry. Is everything all right?]”

Gwen. “Oh no, Sunstar ask Tamara where she’s going to?”

After a short delay, Sunstar. [“Tamara says to her destiny. Please don’t worry and tell the babies I’ll miss them.”]

Gwen. “Sunstar, call the Wolf Pack and tell them to meet us at the Friendship Ring in ten minutes.”

Fallon, eyes’ the Wishing Jewel on a stand. “Let’s try using the Wishing Jewel to wish Tamara back.”

Archie. “No, no, no. Using the Wishing Jewel maybe dangerous without help from an expert.”

Gwen. “What do you suggest?”

Archie, scratching his head. “We may have an answer in the Hall of Wizards.”

Gwen. “Archie you’re a genius.”

Archie. “Well, I am after all an owl…”

Gwen cuts off Archies’ rambling. “Let’s get to the friendship ring, and tell the guys our plan, and we can sort it out there.”

Gwen grabs the Wishing Jewel off the stand it was placed on. The girls then run to the friendship ring with Archie flying behind them. Drake, Josh, and Max are mounted on their wolves.

Drake. “What’s up Gwen?”

Gwen. “Tamara’s Parents are imprisoned by Kale. Fallon, Archie, and I are going to Wizards Peak for answers on the Wishing Jewel. You guys need to follow and protect Tamara. She is in some kind to trance. Also, someone is going to have to watch over the babies. Any suggestions?”

Drake. “We can have Wintermane watch the babies, we may need all our jewel power for Kale. I would think she would be watching for interference.”

Gwen. “All settled then, Lets Ride.”

All of them hold up their jewels. “Jewel power.”

Drake, Josh, and Max follow the trail of Tamara. They follow her, but not to close for fear of being noticed by Kale. The girls call their unicorn friends to the friendship ring.

Gwen “By the magic of the Sunstone”

Fallon. “By the magic of the Moonstone.”

Their Jewel armor appears.

Gwen and Fallon hold up their jewel to create a wild magic portal, they call to the gliders. The three magic gliders appear from the portal, and rush to the girls’ side.

The one Glider, Muffin. “Where do you need to go, at this time of night?”

Gwen. “Wizards Peak, please.”

Gliders. “Follow us in.”

The Gliders open a hole into the wild magic. Gwen and the others all jump through and head to Wizards Peak.


Kale is walking around Tamaras’ parents with a large smirk on her face. Tamaras’ parents are in a magic bubble and can not move. The Dwezzles are across the room eating. Grim is outside sleeping.

Kale to Tamara’ parents. “Are we comfy in your little cell?”

Tamaras’ father Doc speaks out. “What do you want of us, Princess Kale?”

Kale with a laugh. “You daughter’s Heartstone.”

Tamara’s mother Charity. “She’ll come for us.”

Kale with a sly smile. “I’m counting on it. For you see, you are my bait for the trap.”

Doc and Charity look at each other sadly.

Kale. “Ruffus, Twigg. Watch over these two while I’m gone.”

Ruffus. [“Oh yes Queeny thing, we can do that.”]

Twigg. [“Yes,oh yes that is no problem at all, great leader.”]

The dwezzles’ tongues hang out, and heads bobbing up and down, as Kale gives them a sharp look and walks out the room.


Amurlate and Long-Claw his magical panther are trapped in a wild magic by Morgana from long ago. Both wishing they could be some place else. But without his jewel they would remain there, forever.


Tamaras’ babies now getting restless. Spike, Cleo, and Sugar are all prancing around while Wintermane, the Queen’s animal friend, watches over them.

Wintermane softly. [“Time for bed, my children, its midnight.”]

Spike. [“Where Tamara?”]

Sugar. [“She promised a story before bed time.”]

Cleo. [“She was going to comb my mane!”]

Wintermane. [“Tamara has to leave with Shadowsong on a important task, she will be gone for A while. When you wake in the morning…{pause}she’ll be home. Now lights out and sweet dreams.”]

Cleo and Sugar go to sleep as the lights go dim. Spike stays awake sensing something’s not right. He gets up, leaps through the open window to the outside. He decides to look for Tamara.


Gwen, Sunstar, Fallon, Moondance, and Archie arrive at Wizards Peak, and are dropped in the Hall of Wizards. The Hall is a large room filled with all kinds of magical artifacts. The bookcase to the left has the secret opening to the library. They power their armor down.

Gwen smiles and waves as the gliders disappear. “Thanks Gliders”

Fallon. “Here’s the opening to the library.”

The Bookcase slides open and they walk through.

Gwen. “Start looking for any book that has to do about wishing jewels.”

Gwen, Sunstar, Fallon, Moondance, and Archie all start looking for books about wishing jewels. The library is huge and not in order. Gwen knows that this may take a while.


Amurlate to Long-Claw. “Did you feel that?”

Long-Claw. [What?”]

Amurlate. “A magical surge.”

Long-Claw. [“Must be a flux in the magic”]

Amurlate. “No, it was something else.”


Kale is watching Tamaras’ progress through her Dark Stone. Fortune has it; she does not see the Wolf pack, for they are several yards back. For they know Kale has her under a trance and is probably watching her.

Spike also has now caught up to Tamara. His panther senses tell him to stay hidden from view.


After a long search in the library Fallon finds a scroll about a Wishing Stone. Fallon slides down the ladder and hands the scroll to Gwen. Gwen unrolls it.

Gwen. “Archie, look at this.”

Archie. “It looks like a old style code.”

Gwen. “Can you read it?”

Archie. “I think so.”

Fallon, Impatient. “What does it say?”

Archie. “The Wishing Jewel is a Jewel of great magic, only to be used by the wizard Merlin or his apprentice Amurlate. This is the only time the jewel will truly behave itself. Use by others, may cause Wild Magic fluxes.

Gwen. “Merlin never said anything about the Wishing Jewel.”

Fallon. “Or about any apprentice.”

Gwen. “Let’s try the jewel anyway, we may be able to call him, at this point we don’t have much to lose.”

Archie. “Let’s just be careful.”

Gwen. “By the magic of the Sunstone.”

Fallon. “By the magic of the Moonstone.”

Jewel armor appears on Gwen, Sunstar, Fallon, and Moondance.

Gwen. “Form a jewel circle and create a portal. I’ll then add the Wishing Jewel to the mix. That should bring him to us.”

Fallon. “Ready Gwen.”



***End of part one. My first Fan-fic, Please tell me what you think.

Thanks Asacat, your host.


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