Gryphon Rider – Flight of the Wind Stone Ch. 2

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Flight of the Wind Stone, chapter 2 by the Gryphon Rider

discaimer: I have loosened up since last time so here goes. The characters of Princess Gwenavere and the Jewel Riders characters belong to Bahbot not me, if you want to use any of the stuff that I made contact me and get my permission. If you don’t I WILL find you for I am psionic: I see all and know nothing( insane laughter)


“Can I go back to my village please?” Davin said looking scared out of his wits, “I guided you to the forest and we’ve already been shot at.”

“Aren’t you going to guide us in the forest?” Tamara said a little confused.

“I just passed the farthest into the forest I’ve ever been.” Davin said looking slightly ashamed at his cowardice, “Please may I go?”

Gwenavere nodded and no sooner was she done then he was off like a shot his legs pumping faster then any of them had seen.

“Suggestions?” Gwenavere asked looking more then slightly exasperated.

“Well we could try and find that hidden burst of Wild Magic that appeared and disappeared without a trace.” Fallon spoke out.

“We also need to find out about this Nehon.” Tamara put in.

“Looks like we have a lot ahead of us.” Gwen said with a smile on her face and a shrug, “Well let’s ride.”


“Great, just great.” Nehon commented lowering the telescope in his hand, “It looks like they’re planning on staying.”

“[Any more ideas?]” Razor Wing asked with what Nehon knew was a smirk.

“Actually yes, I do.” Nehon told his friend very self assuredly “For some reason the Heart Stone Rider doesn’t have her animal friend here, curious. I’ll figure that out later, but first I’ll make a very special note using the magic of the Wind Stone.”

The gryphon looked at the Jewel Rider startled “[That may draw attention we don’t want.]”

“I’ll take that chance.” he said determination in his voice then said with a louder voice “Wind Stone Blow me back a spell…”


“This wood is so wonderful, I’m glad we came to help.” Gwenavere said wistfully, “I didn’t know flowers bloomed that bright a red.”

All of a sudden another arrow came whistling sown in front of the Crystal Carriage with a larger paper wrapped around it this time.

“I wonder why he uses arrows instead of coming out and talking to us.” Fallon said dismounting and grabbing the arrow.

“Maybe he’s shy?” Tamara suggested.

” Well what does it say?” Gwenavere said, getting off of Sunstar.

“To be read by the Heart Stone Rider.” Fallon said handing the roll to Tamara.

“Read it out loud Tamara.” Gwen said while walking over to a patch of amazingly bright flowers.

Tamara nodded and unrolled the papers.

Dear Jewel Riders,

Tamara was right I am shy.

Tamara dropped the paper as if it were a snake and backed away from it

“What did it say?” Fallon said with wide eyes

“That he’s shy like I said” Tamara replied still not quite believing it herself.

“Read some more” Gwenavere said in a mixture of bewilderment and excitement.

Tamara picked the pile of paper back up again and continued to read.

Please don’t drop the papers again it is hard for me to get paper, oh and Sun Stone Rider don’t touch those bright red flowers or any red colored flower in this forest, they burn at the touch you can prove this by throwing a leaf on them but not the pink ones at your feet, they will give you a rash.

“How did he…?” Gwen asked flabbergasted.

Know? I know from living in this forest, but that is not important you must leave there is a great evil here that will hunt down and destroy you, please leave.

The Jewel Riders looked a little uneasily at each other.

Then Gwenavere spoke up, “What is this evil? Is it the Nivrum?”

Oh blood its to late, stop talking and run away from where you are they’re just about–

Tamara stopped reading as a beast twice the size of a Great Wolf came busting out of nowhere. Fallon and Gwenavere leapt to their animal friends while Tamara got into the driver’s seat of the carriage. As one they called on their jewels summoning their armor and rode away from the huge creature hearing behind them, “Run my little ones, there is no escape!”

Fallon turned expertly in her saddle and blasted whatever it was between the eyes. The creature didn’t slow a step, In fact it seemed to speed up a little bit and bellowed, “Give me more cutlet, I hunger”

“Dinner!” another creature said, joining in on the left side of the Jewel Riders while another silently came to their other side.

“It’s like they’re herding us somewhere!” Fallon said turning her blasts to the ground with the other Jewel Riders to trip up their pursuers.

The desperate Riders cleared a hedge of bushes to see they were indeed being herded: into a box canyon.


” You remember how we saved that group of sheep from one of the Nivrum?” Nehon asked his gryphon friend as they flew after the pack of evil nipping at the Unicorns’ heels.

“[ You mean the time when you… oh no your not doing that again. The Nivrum nearly..]”

“It didn’t.” Nehon pointed out.

“[And this time all three of them are there]” The Razor Wing finished as if Nehon had never talked.

“You got any better ideas?” Nehon asked pointedly.

“[Sometimes I think you want to die early].” Razor Wing growled back .

Nehon just smirked and said “Let’s get down there quick. While we can still help.”


The friends were trapped in the canyon while three huge black furred beasts slowly (almost strutting) came at them then ten feet away stopped.

“Well they won’t be as good as Wild Blood would be, but two unicorns and three enchanted jewel bearers, oh and that thing pulling the wagon never seen one of those before, I wonder if it is tender.” one of them said in human tongue.

Fallon heard a whistling sound, but before she could wonder about it she saw one of the creature’s ear tremble and heard a yelp. All eyes swiveled to the direction the whistling came from to see the sight of someone in Green and brown jewel armor with an eagle like helmet and a whirlwind like jewel on its’ belt tossing up a rock and catching it.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,I really thought you had more courage, Abrinore wasn’t it?” Nehon said with an arrogant smile on his face.

“That’s Aligore human.” the one that got nailed said, its every word dripping death.

“Oh, I’m sorry; I can’t tell you ugly curs from each other.” Nehon retorted practically spitting the word ‘curs.’ But seriously you three have always wanted fillet of Wild Blood so I’ll give you a deal you three try and catch me, you win you have your Wild Blood steaks, I win and the forest will again know what complete and total idiots you are that three of couldn’t catch me.” as he finished he took off.

“Get him!” Aligore screeched, following Nehon east. The second they were out of sight a gryphon with light brown coloring and dark red at the tips of his wings came running from the opposite direction.

“[Can you understand me?]” the gryphon said quickly .

They all nodded together.

“[Follow me, I know where there is someplace safe]” he continued.

“What about the person those things are chasing?” Gwenavere said as Sunstar followed as they were asked.

“[ And what is this Wild Blood they want to eat?]” Sunstar asked, keeping pace with the rest.

“[He is Wild Blood and he is leading them away he’ll lead them away then meet us at a rendezvous spot I’m taking you to, the best thing you could do is come with me and wait. Nehon is a big boy he knows what he’s doing he’ll come back]” silently he added to himself, I hope


“[Come on, where are you?]” Razor Wing thought.

“You said he’d be back in two hours and its been four!” Fallon said agitated.

“Sorry.” came a voice from a tree near Fallon, “But I had some trouble with those mutts.”

Nehon dropped down from the tree cradling his left ribs.

“You’re hurt!” Tamara said concern in her voice.

“Nah, my side aches from running so much and so hard.”

“[Running my……]” Razor Wing began but he was interrupted by a low hiss from Nehon.

“Well if you’re not hurt,” Gwenavere said not really believing it, “Where do we go from here?”

“My house.” Nehon said with a slight hint of misery, “It’s in a mountain, it has an elevator system although you’ll have to take the carriage back to the nearest village, it has rooms made for wild horses and unicorns and areas I can convert for people. besides it is the only place that they can’t get at you.”

“Well since that’s taken care of, and you know so much about these things, how do we beat them?” Tamara asked.

“I don’t know, but with help it may be possible.” Nehon said warily, “it may be possible.”


Well what did you think of my story. Be ready for more of the dreaded Nivrum and the surprises of the Lone Jewel Rider: Nehon in the next Chapter of Flight of the Wind Stone



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