Gryphon Rider – Flight of the Wind Stone Ch. 3

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Flight of the Wind Stone chapter 3 by Gryphon Rider,

disclaimer: You know the drill. all characters of Princess Gwenavere and the Jewel Riders belong to Bohbot. All the rest belong to me. If you want to use one of my characters ask me or I will find you and give you an email of 100 bottles of pop on the wall down to 0(and I have a lot of time on my hands so don’t think I’m bluffing). that taken care of lets get to the story


The group of unicorns, people and a gryphon broke from the dense forest into a clearing. The green grass stretched for seemingly a mile ending at the foot of a mountain with a peak scraping the clouds. The top portion of the mountain looked like an eagle looking no where and yet at the same time looking into the very depths of your soul.

“Welcome to my home” Nehon said motioning towards the mountain “Welcome to Eagle Peak”




At the foot of Eagle Peak the Jewel Riders looked up in awe of the great mountain

“Ok” Nehon said methodically as he dismounted from Razor Wing and moved over to Moondance” Heart Stone rider, Moon Stone rider you two get on Razor Wing, he’ll take you up to the cave entrance, Sunstone rider your friend has wings so the two of you can follow Razor Wing.” he then patted Moondance and said” That leaves me taking you up in the elevator”

“[ I would like Fallon to come with us]” Moondance said calmly

a frown appeared and disappeared so fast on Nehon’s face that Moondance wasn’t sure she had seen it at all. he then nodded and walked to an area of the mountain motioning to follow.

Razor Wing laid on his stomach and waited for Tamara to get on

“Well, well” Tamara said with a smile and light sarcasm” Aren’t we the gallant one” then got on to his back and situated herself so she wouldn’t impede his wings

“[We aim to please ma’am]”Razor Wing shot back,”[Hold on tight I don’t take off gently]”

Tamara gripped the gryphon’s furry back with white knuckled fists as Razor Wing powered into the air. She loosened her grip as the turbulence she had expected

“That wasn’t that bad” Tamara said seeing the cave come at them closer and closer.

“[ I didn’t know if you were a good rider or not so I was bing cautious, you kinda have to be when you’re more then a hundred feet off the ground]”Razor Wing told her calmly”[ Didn’t mean to scare you like that, sorry]”

“Don’t worry, it’s okay” Tamara replied

“[How you two doing down there]” Razor Wing said to Sunstar as he was nearly to the opening

“[ We’re fine]” Sunstar replied

“I wonder how Fallon and Moondance are doing with Nehon” Tamara mused aloud

“[Good I hope, Nehon hasn’t had much chance to use the manners his mother taught him]” Razor Wing thought to himself “[and neither have I]”


“So where is the elevator?” Fallon asked looking at the stone wall Nehon was staring at

“Right here somewhere” Nehon replied distractedly” I always have trouble finding the… oh here it is.” He put his jewel up against the wall and ten feet away there was a scraping sound as ever so slowly a section of the mountain face opened itself. Nehon casually walked over to the opening and said ” After you”

The elevator was ivory white with plush red seats and enough room for Fallon, Moondance, Nehon and at least two unicorns besides. Nehon pushed a blood red button on a gold looking panel. Seconds later the wall began to replace itself a door shut itself and the elevator ascended.

“There is something I need to know” Nehon said as soon as the door closed “Did any of you use your Jewel magic”

“I did, why”? Fallon asked with confusion on her face.

“Oh no reason other then they have a taste for you now” Nehon replied accentuating the last few words.

“They what?” Fallon and Moondance said together

“They have a taste for you, they will be able to track you like hounds that have been given a piece of clothing for scent, It also means they will be more hungry for you two then your friends” Nehon replied casually as if he were talking about the weather.” That is one of the reasons they took off after me so quickly they had a taste of the Wind Stone”.

“[If that was the case why did you throw a rock at one of them, it only made them angry]” Moondance asked

“Moondance said…” Fallon started but Nehon held up his hand and shook his head

“I heard her” he brusquely said then looked Moondance in the eye and said ” I threw the rock to make them mad, They are cunning when they have a clear head and that would be bad so I make them so mad they don’t think what they’re doing. Anyway I’m a little tired after running from the Nivrum so I hope you don’t mind if I take a little nap”

“Just one question first” Fallon said with a voice that said she was worried about something

“I’ll answer it if I can” Nehon replied with a yawn

“How did you get away from the Nivrum on foot?” she asked clearly perplexed

“Speed and tricks, speed and tricks” he yawned out as his head lowered to the cushions of the seat and he fell asleep.

“Well that explains a lot” Fallon retorted indignantly ” I guess I’ll have to ask him about that Wild Magic that hid so well, you have any ideas Moondance?”

Moondance shook her head and replied “[ Your guess is as good as mine]”

“[ Moondance….]” a male animal voice whispered

“[What?]” she replied confused

“Something wrong” Fallon asked her friend with worry brushing her voice.

“[I thought I heard something]” Moondance replied feeling a little embarrassed at jumping at shadows

“[ You did hear something….. me]” the quiet voice said calmly

“[ I heard it again it said told me it was it I was hearing]” Moondance said feeling the foolishness drain away into wariness

“[She can’t hear me]” The voice said, this time with more force then the first two times “[ those of hoof and horn and feathered wing like that of any birds. Or frogs that croak or wolves who sing can hope to hear my words]”

“What is it saying now” Fallon asked getting more edgy herself seeing a far away look on Moondance’s face

“[ Something about hooves and wolves singing being the only ones who can hear him]” the unicorn told her friend

“Ask it what it means” Fallon remarked politly

“[What do you……..]” Moondance began.

“[ You don’t need to translate for me, I can hear her, What it means is human can’t hear me]” The voice said with a friendly chuckle ” I seem to be upsetting you and your friend I will leave, and talk to you later good bye ]”

“[It’s gone]” Moondance said with more then a little relief “[ But it said it would be back]”

Fallon saw that the lights above the door signifying floors (she thought ) were almost at the end so she reached out to shake Nehon. Before her hand came within two inches of his arm he sat up bolt straight causing Fallon to jump back.

“Sorry, I’m a light sleeper.” Nehon said seeing Fallon’s face

“It’s okay” Fallon said calming herself from the brief fright ” I was wondering have you ever heard of a voice that people can’t hear?”

“So you heard the Voice of the Forest, did you Miss Unicorn…..” Nehnon said with just a slight smile on his face

“[My name is Moondance]” Moondance said correcting Nehon

” What is this Voice of the Forest?” Fallon asked trying to change the subject

“No one really knows for sure, all I know is it lives somewhere in these woods, it don’t like the Nivrum and it is Wild Magic all over” Nehon said with a shrug

The door opened and with a flourish and a bow Nehon said ” Ladies first”



“[Good you’re here]” Razor Wing said relieved that he would no longer have to “entertain” the guests

” Razor Wing said that he can’t answer any questions until you got here” Tamara said looking impatient.

“Neither of us like repeating ourselves” Nehon replied with a shrug ” Since we are all here we I can formally introduce myself”

“[Noooooooooooo]” the gryphon screamed.

” What’s wrong” Tamara asked after she regained her composure

“[ He said formally introduce, formally]” The gryphon said with a shudder “[if he introduces himself formally he’ll go all the way back to the beginning of his clan with names that will all bleed together, please you’re his guests if you say just first names (possibly last) we will be able to get to lunch before we’re all old and gray]”

“Okay” Gwenavere said with a chuckle ” We’ll just do first names”

“[Thank you very much]”Razor Wing said doing what could only be interpreted as a gryphon like bow.

“Well I am Gwenavere this is Fallon, Tamara, Sunstar, and Moondance” Gwenavere said pointing to each of her friends as she named them off. ” We’re the…….”

“[No titles that will just get him started]” Razor Wing said with a nod towards Nehon “[ I am Razor Wing (on account of some of my feathers on my wing are sharp) and that wall flower leaning like that is Nehon of the Aramat clan]”

Nehon rolled his eyes and walked over to Gwenavere then said “Gwenavere eh nice name. An old and respected one too. Well anyway I figured out how none of you will have to sleep on cots. There is one room that neither Razor wing nor I use……”

“[You’re going to make them sleep in the library]” The Gryphon interjected quickly

Nehon just stood there for a moment dumbfounded then laughed out loud ” No, not the library” then in a calm cool voice he said ” I was thinking of using the room that we haven’t opened in a couple of years”

“[ The room that we haven’t used…..]” Razor Wing pondered until he caught his friends eyes and seemed to read something that the Jewel Riders couldn’t see “[You mean the one a floor down]”? The gryphon inquired

Nehon just nodded

“[ Is there something we’re missing here]”? Moondance asked

If Nehon heard her he paid no attention to the remark he walked around and said “Well it is time for the tour of Casa de Aramat”

“[That’s the house of Aramat if you don’t know Spanish]” Razor Wing added

“Thanks” Gwenavere replied

” The room we’re in is used as a room for talking, dining etc” Nehon said as if he were an actual tour guide at a museum ” to the north we have the kitchen, breakfast won’t be served until at least an hour after sunrise so I encourage you to sleep in.”

“What is that door over there” Fallon said pointing to a large oak door to the west with a strange metal lock on it.

“That is the only part of the house that is forbidden to guests” Nehon said in a voice of finality ” and don’t try to use your jewels to get in Merlin put a special spell on the lock of that door.”

“You knew Merlin”? Tamara asked

Nehon’s mouth curled up in a smirk that was almost a sneer and said “We met” then turned his voice back to that of a tour guide ” Let’s go to the rooms where you will be staying I’ll bet you’re tired”

“Well, actually yes” Gwen admitted

Nehon directed them down a long smoothed stone hallway. Nehon’s home had a rustic beauty. A beauty that said Yeah I’m out in the middle of no where but I’ve got style. Nehon stopped between two wooden doors.

“These will be two of the rooms you can stay in” Nehon said ”

He opened the door to the left and walked in he gasped in surprise and was across the room and kicked something under the bed before anyone could tell what it was he kicked.

“I wasn’t expecting visitors” he said quickly ” This is my room”

The room had a high ceiling and a single round window. up against the wall near the window was a large bed with a copper frame and navy blue blankets. The mattresses were nice and thick. by the bed there were a few wood shavings lying on the ground. On the bed there was a short bladed knife. In the corner across from the bed there was a dresser

“Tamara you can stay in my room tonight” Nehon shrugged ” If you don’t like it you can trade tomorrow night. Next Razor Wing’s room.

The next room that they went into was painted blue from floor to ceiling with what looked like puffy clouds. In the corner near a window just like the previous room was a pile of crimson pillows and in the opposite corner there was a large bone that looked like a leg bone.

” The paint looks so much like the sky” Tamara said

“Yeah fuzzy here may be a great flier and an excellent hunter but all gryphons have a sort of claustrophobia. It’s the eagle in him ” Nehon said patting his friend “So I painted this room like the sky he loves so much

“[It doesn’t have designer curtains or a grand bath….]” Razor Wing said like he was complaining

“Since when did you take baths” Nehon joked

The gryphon ignored his pal and continued “[… but the view is great and I can eat in bed without worrying abut crumbs]”

“Is that a cow bone over there” Falon asked slightly suspicious

“[Do I look like a fat cow eater]” Razor Wing snorted “[I hunt for my food]”

“I’m sorry we were asked here because something is eating their cattle and there is a monster roaming the woods” Fallon said

“Cool down feather head” Nehon said with a soothing pat on Razor Wing’s shoulder “She didn’t know that being called a cow hunter is a major gryphon insult.” He turned to Fallon and said ” The Nivrum are the ones that kill the cattle, they are lazy and cows are easy to catch. They only openly hunt for magic. As for the monster they are so afraid of, that is me”.

“You’re what” Gwenavere said

“I was severely deformed as a child, they see me as a evil monster.” Nehon said with his muscles like tensed steel wire.

“Maybe we could help you” Tamara suggested slowly

“No, it is okay I live with it.” Nehon said holding up his hands Well anyway Gwenavere you get Razor Wings room” then he turned aside to Razor Wing and said in a quiet voice ” I’ll take care of the room and the stalls. You take them around to the other areas they can go and take care of stalling.

“[Nehon is needs see if the room that Fallon is staying in and the place that you two…… nice ladies will be staying]” Razor Wing said indicating Fallon, Sunstar and Moondance.

“[We don’t want to be any trouble]” Sunstar said politely

“Yeah you’re already being kind just letting us stay here” Fallon agreed

Razor Wing waved off what they said with his front talons and said “[ You are willing to go up against the Nivrum you deserve to have a good place to sleep]” Then he muttered to himself “[ Even if you did call me a cow eater]”

As they walked back down the hall to the main room Razor Wing said “[ The house is made up of three floors, the top floor has the kitchen, the bathroom and the rooms that you have seen. The Middle floor has the training room, the library, another bathroom and Nehon’s mom’s….. I mean the room that Fallon is supposed to stay in.]”

“I’m going to stay in Nehon’s mother’s room? Where is she?” Fallon asked

“[Yes and she died of an illness a long time ago, along with my mother and father]” Razor Wing said with a grim voice that he quickly lightened “[Don’t worry Nehon and me found the cure a month after they died]”

“I’m sorry Razor Wing ” Tamara said soothingly

“[ That’s okay I forgive you]” Razor Wing said with a chuckle

“What?” All the Jewel Riders said out of unison

“[I forgive you for being all solemn and not having a sense of humor]” Razor Wing said as if he were trying to explain 1+1=2 to them. “[ I say things funny and you are so worried about being polite or hurting our feelings you don’t laugh. Just don’t talk about Nehon’s mother, don’t get buddy-buddy with the Nivrum and lighten up and you ought to be fine]”

“[Thanks for the advice]” Moondance said sarcastically

“[You’re welcome]” Razor Wing said with what looked like a grin but it was hard to tell on a bird face

“One question what is the Voice of the Forest” Fallon asked

“[ You heard of the voice? Well in the village there are things that happen miraculously. Entire fields harvested overnight and the same with orchards. This is what humans see the Voice as. Something that helps them out when some of their goods are stolen. In the forest the Voice is a thing of Wild Magic that helps with protecting against the Nivrum. They hate it as much as they hate Nehon.]” Razor Wing said with a bard’s skill of telling stories.

” You forgot that people can’t hear it and that it was made of Wild Magic” Fallon added

“[So Nehon already told you about it]” the gryphon said with the same gryphon grin he had used before

“Why can’t humans hear the voice?” Gwenavere

“[I think it doesn’t trust humans]” Razor Wing replied with a shrug then said “[Anyways the bottom floor has the recovery center the medical equipment and supplies]”

“[We’re going to be sleeping in the recovery center right?]” Sunstar asked curiously

The new tour guide nodded then said “[ Don’t worry you two won’t have any neighbors if you’re worried]”

“[Not worried just curious]” she told him with a brief shake of her left wing

“[Well anyway I think Nehon is ready and if he’s not then I’ll help get him ready]” Razor Wing said again with that grin for some strange reason.



Nehon stepped out of his mother’s room remembering good times and times he wished he could forget and headed down to prepare the stables for the unicorns.

“I hope Razor Wing found a good story to tell them” Nehon thought “One about someone other then me”

He quickly went down the stairs and into the recovery center where he surveyed the stalls and shook his head. There were three horse stalls on one side and one on the other along side Velvets special bed when she stayed at his humble abode with gold piled in there instead of pillows ( he got sick of her lighting the pillows on fire so he had her bring in some of her hoard.

“Wood stalls for average horses that will not do” he mumbled ” Razor Wing will be able to give me three more minutes tops. Oh well I guess I have to start from scratch.”




“[Nehon are you in there]” the gryphon asked. after hearing no answer he entered with the Jewel Riders trailing behind him.

The room was a little larger then the other two bedrooms. On the east wall there was a shelf full of leather bound books. On the west wall there was an ancient coat of arms with a long sword under it the other two walls were plastered with maps of the forest and pictures of the anatomy of the Nivrum

“[Nehon’s mother’s name was Anora]” Razor Wing explained “[ She had fought the Nivrum all her life as her ancestors had ever since the Nivrum appeared 2000 years ago.]”

“So she was dedicated to being a warrior all her life?” Fallon asked

“[ Well, she also raised Nehon and helped raise me, she played a good shepherds’ flute and boy could she laugh]” Razor Wing said with a chuckle “[ but she could not cook to save her life, we used the cookies she tried to make for charcoal once. Nehon has all the skill in that area of skill.]”

“[Well I guess we should see these stalls that Nehon set up for us]” Moondance said

“[ I’m sure they’ll be good]” Razor Wing said then added silently “[ I just hope he didn’t overdo it]”





Nehon leaned up against the wall with sweat dripping down into his eyes. “Not bad, not bad at all” he thought to himself ” and not a minute to soon”

“By the Magic of the Wind Stone” He said holding the jewel high

Seconds after his jewel armor appeared the whole fair came in.

“I hope the arrangements are acceptable” Nehon said humbly

They walked over to the openings of two caves and walked in. Ten steps in the scenery seemed to change from that of a cave to a meadow with real green growing grass and a blue sky that was obviously paint but good paint.

” Careful the paint is still wet” Nehon said calmly

“[Wow]” Sunstar managed to say Moondance just stared looking around

“I would have done better but the Wind Stone can’t make illusions like the Moon Stone” Nehon said like he was really apologizing for a bad job

“How do you know about the Moon Stone’s powers?” Fallon asked Nehon

“There is a book in the library about all three of your stones” Nehon said with a voice that said that he thought that they already knew that ” Let’s go get some rest. Tomorrow we can ask questions and plan. Remember the soonest breakfast will be is an hour after sunrise so get a good night sleep”

“Where are you going to sleep” Tamara said with a little concern

” Where an Aramat always sleeps when there are guests at Eagle Peak. At the mouth of the cave in here” he said with a shrug

“What if it rains” Gwenavere said a little put out that he was going to do this

“I would get wet” he replied “It is the way of my family. The customs we have are like laws to us would you have me break the only laws I have ever known?”

“No…… well where is Razor Wing going to sleep on top of the mountain?”

” Usually he sleeps in here when someone takes over his room but……..” Nehon said hesitantly

“[Then he can stay in her tonight]” Moondance said matter of factly

Nehon’s jaw hung open for a little while. When he recovered himself he said ” You are willing to have a gryphon sleep in the same room as you”

“[Why not he’s funny]” Sunstar said

“Usually unicorns are edgy around gryphons at best” Nehon said with a shrug

“[ Who told you that]” Moondance said with contempt in her voice

” A unicorn named Dawn Feather” Nehon replied looking her in the eye

“[ Why would a unicorn be scared of a gryphon]” Sunstar asked

“Well a Gryphon wouldn’t eat a unicorn……” Nehon said

“[ Of course not, it wouldn’t be right]” Razor Wing interjected

Nehon looked at his friend and continued “But horse is considered a delicacy among gryphons”

“[Some gryphons eat horse but I don’t like the taste]” Razor Wing said reassuringly “[ but that unicorn wouldn’t listen trust me enough to be in the same floor as her]”

“[We trust you]” Sunstar said

“Well with that taken care of do you have any other short questions to ask before we turn in” Nehon asked kneading his temples.

“Yes I have a question” Gwenavere said then changed her voice so it said not to mess with her ” Were you really hurt by the Nivrum when you led them away”

Nehon smiled and said ” I really…… did get hurt right there” his face turned from a look of confidence to one of total confusion ” What I mean is…… I believe I broke two ribs and bruised a third…… I’m fine now. Yeah that’s it I’m fine now.

“You sure” Tamara asked

“I just need a little sleep” Nehon said kneading his temples “Good night

They all bade him good night and he left the room to set up his bed


The next morning Nehon was in his jewel armor doing hand stand pushups. Sunrise was still a good hour off. Nehon was just starting his second set when Tamara walked into the room

” You’re up early (1)the sun won’t be up for an hour (2)”Nehon said continuing his counting

“What are you doing?” Tamara asked

“(5)pushups(6),what does it look like I’m doing(7)” Nehon replied

“What I mean is why are you doing it?” Tamara said slightly miffed

“(9)I need to keep in shape to (10) fight the Nivrum” he said. After he finished number ten he curled up and rolled to his feet

“Don’t make any sudden moves” Tamara said in a hushed voice “but a dragon just landed and is walking into the cave behind you”

“I hope its not a purple dragon with a really big mouth” He said sarcastically ” Those are the worst kind”

“[ I should light you on fire right now]” a female voice returned sarcastically

“Velvet” Nehon said with a excited voice as he turned around and ran over and gave the gryphon sized dragon a big hug. ” What has it been, a month?”

“[Something like that]” Velvet said back. “[ I met this girl in a village who wasn’t afraid of me and ……… who’s your friend over there]”

“Allow me to formally introduce…..”

“[Oh no you don’t I don’t want have you adding her shoe size to our introductions]” Velvet said then seeing Tamara smirk she asked “[ Can you hear me?]”

Tamara nodded and said “Is he really that bad?”

“[Let me put it this way when going over names and titles and stuff his record amount of time that it took to get him to shut up is two hours]” Velvet said with an obvious smile on her dragon face.

“The record was two and a half hours” Nehon corrected “I met someone while you were gone”

“[He wonders why I only come by once a month]” The dragon said with a laugh “[ I’m Velvet what is your name?]”

“I’m Tamara” the Jewel Rider responded stifling a laugh

“[Well now we’re introduced.]” Velvet declared as she spread out her batlike wings “[ So where is the old fuzzball anyway?]”

“Down in the recovery center and there are some other guests down there so be quiet please” Nehon said putting a finger up to his mouth

” The old fuzzball?” Tamara said with a smile

“She never calls Razor Wing by his real name it is a thing they have going” Nehon said “By the way where is this person that wasn’t afraid of you”.

“[ In the village near here, her name is Kya]” the dragon said excitedly “[she has slightly tanned skin, brown eyes and she didn’t scream or run away]”

“If I waited out in the forest could you bring her to me without others noticing?” Nehon asked

“[For some reason no one really pays attention to her the problem is them not seeing me.]” the dragon said finishing her wing stretch and folded them against her body.

” I know how sneaky you can be. You’ll think of something” Nehon said with confidence “Just excuse me for a moment”

Tamara saw as he ran to the forbidden door. It opened for him then closed behind him. fifteen seconds later he came out with a small brown leather bag.

“I would like to come too” Tamara said having an idea of what might be about to happen.

“You think you can handle two people Velvy?” Nehon said teasingly

“[I’m not fur for brains I could handle three people and a cat.]” the dragon said with a sniff

“Okay get on” he said motioning to Tamara

Tamara got onto Velvet’s back and Nehon followed suit. As soon as they were situated Velvet ran and jumped off the cliff. They plummeted for a few seconds until a strong upward rush of wind caught the dragon’s wings causing her to glide.

“[ This is your captain speaking we are about to hit a thermal. Hold on tight it’s gonna be bumpy for a few seconds. ]” the dragon said calmly

There was a violent heave as a major updraft hit the delicate looking wings then as quickly as the turbulence started it stopped

“How does that door work?” Tamara asked conversationally

“It will only open for an Aramat, An animal bound to an Aramat, Merlin, or the true blood of the Great King” Nehon said calmly

“Who is the Great King” Tamara asked

“He was the greatest ruler ever” he said then wouldn’t say any more

“Land here” Nehon said “We’ll meet you at the outlook spot”

Without a verbal response the dragon wheeled around and landed crushing some foliage as she went down. Nehon leaped off the dragon’s back and offered a hand to help Tamara down which she took (although she didn’t need it)

“We’ll be walking a quarter of a mile that way till we come to……….. did you here something?” Nehon said feeling cautious

“No… wait it sounded like a rustling in the bushes over there.” Tamara said ” Do you think it’s a Nivrum”

“No they would have attacked by now so it has to be……..” Nehon said slowly

“[Hello there]” a blue dweasel said “[ Do you have any sweets for me?]”

“Not today Larry” Nehon said with just a hint of being annoyed

“[How about we play tag Oh great…..]”the dweasel began

“I have to meet someone Larry but Tamara might want to play after we get to this one place” He said looking at Tamara with eyes that said please save me.

“Okay” Tamara said “But not until we get to the place that place Nehon is talking about”

“[Oh yes wearer of the wonderful smelling magic jewel I will wait we are there. Where is there? Is it over there?]”

“Larry count to 100 then by then we will be there” Nehon said patiently ” and make sure to tell us if any Nivrum are coming close, say within 4 miles.”

“[Will do Oh great…]”the dweasel started

“Thanks Larry I knew I could count on you” Nehon said quickly


“Yes Larry we are here” Nehon said exasperated

“[So will the great Jewel holder play tag now?]” Larry asked hopefully

Tamara nodded and as she went to chase the silly little dweasel Nehon said in a quiet voice “Be careful he’s a sneaky little guy”

“Okay, I will” Tamara promised

After they were out of sight he deactivated the Jewel Armor and put on a hooded cloak over his clothes

Ten minutes after the two players of tag left Velvet returned with a girl a head shorter then himself walking over to him with one hand on the dragon’s purple back.

“What is your name” Nehon said in his best kind voice

Kya looked down for a little while then raised her head and patted her throat.

“You can’t talk?” Nehon asked

she shook her head sadly

“Can you sign?” he asked in the same tone.

She nodded

“Good because I do too” Nehon said keeping his voice as far away from pity he could without sounding cruel

<I am Kya> she signed to him

“Do you know who I am Kya?” He asked keeping the tone that he had been

she shook her head

“I am two things that you know” Nehon told her ” First I am the Voice of the Forest second I am the monster that people are afraid of.

“< How can that be the two are opposite?>” she asked

” I am thought a monster because my face is strange. and since people will not take my money in the market place on account of my being a monster I take a bushel of apples and harvest a hundred bushels as payment” Nehon said neither condemning the people nor himself.

“<Why do you want me?>” she asked him looking a little worried

“Do you know this dragon’s name” Nehon asked

“<Velvet>” she signed without a hint of uncertainty

“Do you know how you know?” He asked inquisitively

“<I…. just know>” she replied

“I have a gift for the two of you” he said pulling out a blue jewel that looked like a brain. ” Go ahead and take it. It is now yours”

As her hand closed around it the jewel turned into two jewels one flew to Velvet and one fastened itself to Kya’s belt.

“To activate it’s power think by the magic of the Mind Stone. One plus to the Mind Stone is that you can talk by thinking to someone, go ahead and try it.” Nehon said with a big dopey smile she couldn’t see

“[Can you hear me]” Kya asked

“Loud and clear, Kya loud and clear” Nehon said almost breaking his voice seeing the tears of joy welling up in her eyes. “Now listen you need to know this. You have one of the three binding stones I have another. No matter where we are you will be able to find to me and I will be able to find you. Now you need to tell you that the Voice of the Forest has given you something great, but you have to leave. You can live with Velvet. There are creatures that are evil that will want the power you have. If you are in trouble you can always find me. Now the two of you better be going off.

“<You have given me words to speak and a friend thank you>” she said with signs that were exaggerated highly

“You don’t have to yell” Nehon said “Just use the power always for good and never for evil”

She hugged him then got on Velvet’s back and the two friends told Nehon goodbye from the air.


“Shouldn’t we get back?” Tamara said regretting that she had volunteered for tag.

“[I will know when we should be getting…… ok we go back now]” the dweasel said amending himself in midsentence.

“Why did you change in the middle like that?” Tamara asked feeling a little weird

“[The Great Voiced One said to come back now]” Larry said

“The Great Voiced………. You mean the Voice of the Forest?” Tamara asked

“Yes the one you were with” the dweasel said pulling her along

“Made of Wild Magic eh” Tamara said feeling very irritated at that moment “I think Nehon has a lot of explaining to do”



Just as Tamara got back to Nehon she saw him in his armor and Razor Wing talking she walked in just to hear “remember when you were called…..”

“Nehon where is Velvet and that girl Kya?” Tamara asked

“They left” Nehon said plainly then continued to say “and we should too”.

“Okay” Tamara thought “I’ll tell him when we get back to the mountain”

The trip back was one of uncomfortable silence. When they landed

Tamara got off and said “How did Razor Wing get there? Did you call him with your Voice?”

Nehon mouthed the words your voice then it came together “I love Larry like a brother but he’s the biggest blabber mouth in the forest. I’m sorry that you had to hear from a dweasel but I am also sorry that you heard at all.”

“What?” Tamara said feeling pretty angry at this point

“I didn’t want to have my blood turned into Wild Magic, but it happened and even Merlin couldn’t reverse it so I’m stuck” he replied with more emotion then she had seen him use

“What?” Tamara said again but this time her anger is replaced with pity.

“I’m sorry….. I’ll talk to you later.” he said then ran over to the door waited for it to open then rushed in with the door slamming behind him

“I can’t believe it” Fallon said ” You were up before me”

“Fallon we need to wake up Gwen” Tamara said quickly

Fallon was already with Tamara walking to Gwenavere’s room. Tamara walked in and gently shook her friend awake

“What is it Tamara” Gwenavere asked still a little groggy with sleep

“That’s what I would like to know” Fallon said

“It all started with me seeing Nehon doing handstand push ups…….” Tamara said starting in on the morning’s goings on


“…….And then he locked himself in there” Tamara finished “maybe we should try a jewel circle”

“If Merlin made this door then a Jewel circle won’t work” Fallon said

“Maybe this will work” Gwen said she stood in front of the door and said “Open sesame”

Suddenly without warning the door swung open

“It worked” Gwen said laughing

“Let’s go in” Tamara said

They walked quickly down the winding staircase. when they came to the end they saw shelves full of magic jewels and Nehon sitting in front of a jewel almost as big as he was that was light blue with his head down . and above it was a short sword that was beginning to glow a deep red color.

Nehon looked up and all his attention was fixed on that sword.

“It can’t be” he said in awe “The true blood has returned”

He turned to run up the stairs and saw the three girls staring at him

“One of you is the one” Nehon said with a smile the size of Manhattan on his face ” One of you is the true blood of King Arthur Pendragon”

Gwenavere stepped up and said ” I am Princess Gwenaver of Avalon, Arthur was my ancestor.”

“That explains why I told you my ribs were broken, when you told me to tell you.” Nehon said out loud then he took Gwenavere’s hand and put his forehead to it and said ” m’lady anything that you tell me to do I am bound by the magic of the Aramat sword to do. I am sorry that I have hidden so many things from you.

“You have to do anything I say” Gwenavere said skeptically

“Yes even if I would rather die then do it” Nehon said completely sure of the fact.

“I don’t believe that someone so kind could be a monster. Nehon I want you to deactivate you Jewel Armor” Gwenavere said with a voice that said she thought he was joking

“Very well m’lady” Nehon said and dactivated his armor


I love cliffhangers don’t you. That is how I first got into Jewel Riders. What does Nehon Look like? I guess you’ll just have to wait for chapter four

buh bye


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