Gryphon Rider – Flight of the Wind Stone Ch. 4

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Flight of the Wind Stone Chapter 4 by Gryphon Rider,

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Nehon deactivated his Jewel Armor to reveal that he had a cloak under it with a high hood covering his face. Nehon quickly bowed to Gwenavere and said “If that will be all I will go get breakfast for you” then ran up the stairs and called “Razor Wing we need to go now”

“He knew it all the time” Gwenavere said slightly amused “He is just saying that he has to do anything that I say”

“I don’t know Gwen” Tamara said with a skeptical voice ” he sounded like he was scared out of his wits”

“When he comes back we can talk about that,but until then look at the all the enchanted jewels” Fallon said getting down to business


“How will I get Gwenavere to not tell me to show me her face?” Nehon thought to himself as glanced over his shoulder at the three ladies talking to each other.” I’ve got it” he answered inside cracking an egg into a bowl.

“Nehon…..” Gwen started trying to get his attention

“Do you want to have an omelet m’lady?” Nehon said before she could finish going beyond his name.

“Sure” She replied with a shrug then continued with “Nehon…..”

Nehon again interrupted again to say “would you like coffee or juice?”

“Juice….”Gwenavere replied getting slightly annoyed

“Orange or Apple”


“Toast or muffins”


“Butter or Margarine”

“Nehon be quiet” Gwenaver finally said aggravated

Nehon stopped as soon as she said these words and had a look of despair in his eyes

“Do you really have to do what Gwen says” Tamara said seeing the look in his eyes

Nehon nodded with a like the weight of the world was on his shoulders

“You can say yes and no” Gwenavere told Nehon still feeling a little miffed at him

“Yes” Nehon replied with a voice devoid of hope

“Why do you have to do this?” Fallon asked sounding confused

“Yes, yes, yes and yes” Nehon said then looked as if he had swallowed a frog

“What?!!” the three ladies said together

“Yes, yes, yes” Nehon said pointing to Gwenavere emphatically then pointed to himself, pantomimed talking and yelled “No, no, no”

“I think you need to tell him he can talk again Gwen” Tamara mused with her shoulders shaking from a contained laugh.

“Yes!” Nehon yelled bobbing his head up and down emphatically

“You can talk” Gwen said a little confused

“blue, red, green…. Ah much better” Nehon said with a sigh then threw himself to where Gwenavere was sitting and grabbed her hand and wailed out “I beg you highness don’t make me show my face to you and your companions!”

“Why are you so scared to show your face” Tamara asked slowly with a look of pity on her face

” Underneath this mask I am a monster. Being able to where this mask is the only way that I can even pretend to be human.” Nehon lamented

“It can’t be that bad” Fallon said skeptically

“People that liked me before the accident chased me with pitch forks afterwards” Nehon said briefly looking at Fallon then turned to Gwenavere with eyes welling up with tears ” I beg you Gwenavere if you have any mercy in your heart promise that you won’t command me to reveal my face to you and your friends.”

“Okay I promise” Gwenavere declared solemnly feeling sorry for Nehon’s pain

“Thank you” Nehon said with relief written on the features they could see. He released the princess’s hand and stepped back from her, turned and walked to the stove. ” Watch very closely I will show you the secret of my cooking” He said with a mischievous smile across his lips. Hundreds of hands seemed to sprout out of him as he was taking on several cooking chores at once. He was juggling five eggs, juicing an orange, slicing a ham and several other things that were no sooner started then they were done.

Gwenavere’s eyes went wide as she asked with a voice slightly squeaking from surprise “How are you doing that?”

“I am quick highness” He replied with a shrug through all the whirling about. Then almost as quickly as it started his arms seemed to join back to two with a platter that held three cups full of fresh squeezed orange juice and another platter that held a plate with a ham and cheese omelet and another plate holding toast with both margarine and butter beside the slices ” The Wild Magic in my blood makes me extremely quick along with a few other abilities, a wizard called Merlin that has been in the Great King Arthur’s court taught me a little about my abilities”

Fallon nearly choked on the toast that she was eating as she blurted out ” You knew Merlin?, he taught us about our jewels”.

“We’ve met” Nehon replied with something that could qualify as contempt but his cough after he said it masked Nehon’s meaning in his voice ” I better be getting to your friend’s food they are just waking up.”

“How do you know that?” Gwenavere asked with a little tilt of her head

“I have a special link to animals” Nehon said already moving in the direction of the caves that he had given the two unicorns “I am the Voice of the Forest” he exclaimed with a bow that mocked himself then added ” Besides the furry wonder has been down there ever since you started yelling and I had my ahem outburst”.

Nehon moved down the hall before any other statements could be made


“You sure you don’t want any more apples or fresh grass” came Nehon’s voice from down the hall he disappeared to a while before.

“[ NO!!!!!!]” the two unicorns chorused together

“[ Oh I feel stuffed]” Sunstar added in as she and Moondance entered the room with Nehon and Razor Wing trailing behind them

” You are my guests it is my job to make it so no one can live with you when you get home” Nehon said with a lopsided grin.

“Thanks” Fallon said with a slight taste of sarcasm.

“It was a great meal but we have a few questions” Tamara said trying to be forceful yet polite

“Like why you have to do everything that Gwenavere says even if you don’t want to.” Fallon asked

“And why you have this speed ability.” Gwen said

“And what are the Nivrum?” Tamara wondered aloud

“Okay, okay” Nehon said with hands up as if fending off blows and a smile on his face ” It is a long story so you best get comfortable.” Nehon waited till everyone was around him listening before he began with a voice that made what he said seem a grand epic ” The story begins long ago in the days the good king Arthur Pendragon ruled Camalot with the queen Guenavear at his side. In that time there was a thief named Navaten. Navaten was the best of the thieves of that day. He was called the Phantom Scourge and was never caught or even seen at the scene of a crime. Now one day Navaten was quite bored and that is when he got an idea “I think I’ll steal the crown jewels of Camalot after all he there is a wizard there and they are always good game.

“He what” Gwenavere said with her mouth hanging open

“Wait till I’m done please highness” Nehon replied then turned his voice back to its story telling mode ” Navaten was of course speaking of Arthur’s jewels and the wizard was Merlin. Two weeks from when Navaten decided to take these jewels early in the morning the great king Arthur came into the area that the crown jewels were held and found in their stead a piece of paper. On it was a note in rich calligraphy (for Navaten was a thief with culture and style) saying this:

Dear Arthur King of Camelot

I have been wondering what your crown jewels would look like on my mantle. I am finding out right now. I will be returning your property in three days. Good luck on catching me.


the Phantom Scourge

P.S. You should tell that wizard Merlin that he should consider a different cut of beard it looks silly on him

All present besides Nehon and Razor Wing gasped at the thought of someone doing what Nehon said this man do.

Nehon smiled as he continued “Three days passed slowly for Arthur. He was waiting for this Phantom in where he had stolen the jewels the first time. To say that he was angry would be to say that a hurricane would wet you a bit. He was furious. The great king waited near the pedestal tapping Excaliber against the ground with one hand and clenching the insulting note. Without warning a small item was dropped in the window that turned into a cloud of ebony black smoke. When the smoke cleared there was a note on the pedestal; it said:

Dear Arthur King of Camelot

I decided to send you on a merry chase for the jewels. The first clue is to go to the defense of your kingdom that is all wet.


the Phantom Scourge

P.S. I see that Merlin has not trimmed his beard I still think he looks silly

The notes led Arthur and his men all over the city until he finally he came to his own bedroom and found the jewels under his pillow. There was also a note that read

Dear Arthur King of Camelot

It has been a merry chase hasn’t it. I would like to meet you face to face. Come alone to talk with me. If you bring anyone else I will not be there at the bottom of this letter is a map to where we will meet. I will come at an hour prior to sunset.

Arthur had his knights check the area out before he went then he came alone. Navaten walked up to Arthur unarmed. He sat in front of the king on a rock and offered Arthur a bit of wine. Arthur thought the thief was mocking him and tried to punch the Phantom with his metal gloved hand. Navaten dodged and asked if the king preferred brandy. It carried on like this for several hours. The great king of Camelot got all the anger out of his system as he began to tire. Navaten ( when the king was tired enough to sit and listen) said “I am sorry about the problem with the jewels but I do highly respect you”. As I recall Arthur’s reply was “You have a bloody interesting way of showing it!” They conversed over small talk until the sun was rising until Navaten said ” I want to thief-proof your castle”. “Oh and how much will this cost me” was Arthur’s reply because Arthur was a wise king and knew what looked like a con when he saw one. “Two gold coins and the ability to talk to you from time to time for my payment.” After the construction of that system Camelot lost no more then seven gold coins in the years of Arthur’s kingship. Arthur became friends with Navaten and the thieve became the secret defender of the crown. Along with this position came what At that time was called the Thief Sword (on account of it’s size and it had little weight). It is the sister sword to the powerful sword that Arthur wielded called Excalibur. It also bonds people to others as protectors to the true blood of Arthur. When Morgana came she stole the secrets of a wizard named Nel’ dorin to make creatures of beauty and twisted them to make the Nivrum. Arthur told the people with him that someone needed to stay behind in this forest and keep the Nivrum from ravaging other lands. Navaten volunteered and everyone laughed when he did because other then a small number all thought that he was merely a jester. The warrior woman Lindra stayed also to help Navaten and Merlin used his sorcery to make a base for the two of them that they made a home. The two became in love and they are the first of my clan. The first Aramats.

“So your family has lived in this mountain since Arthur?” Gwen asked in awe

“The oath Navaten gave was as long as the Nivrum live that there would be one of his line in the forest” Nehon said solemnly

“How did you get your abilities?” Fallon asked “Is it part of the Aramat Blade’s power?”

“No there was a Wild Magic accident that hit me and Razor Rump over there” Nehon said with ever so slight of a smile

” [Yeah and Knee high caught the worst of it]” the Gryphon retorted

“[Why can’t humans hear you when you do that mind voice]” Moondance said slightly accusingly

“[ I will tell you later]” Nehon said to the minds of Sunstar and Moondance but out loud he said with a shrug ” How should I know?” then he sat down and said to them ” One last thing that I need to tell you is that when you asked how to get rid of the Nivrum and I said that I don’t know, well there is a way.

“How?” The Jewel Riders chorused together

“[ I told you that we aren’t the only ones that say things together]” Razor Wing said with a gryph-smile

“Yeah, yeah I know” Nehon said dismissing it with a gesture ” Years ago my mother and Flufff face’s parents were sick. My mother called me to her side and told me that she knew the secret to defeating the Nivrum and then she said this rhyme:


Something sharp and something sweet

But not to prick and not to eat

A sour face full of ill grace changes from an open hand’s treat

Stone to blood, blood to stone

Three prepare two fight alone


She was doing a prophesy from the Wind Stone and that means it will happen we just need to figure out the answer”

“Well if she was sick couldn’t she be hallucinating” Gwenavere said gently only noticing to late that Razor Wing was shaking his head emphatically

Nehon’s lips curled back in a snarl revealing fangs instead of normal teeth as he got right up to Gwenavere’s face and yelled ” My mother was using the prophesy which cannot be controlled to when or where it will happen but Merlin said that what is said by one doing it is more reliable then his own magic” Nehon then stopped and a look as if he had been hit across the face with a baseball bat came upon his face his face looked down and he said with a voice that seemed to be trembling at the edge of tears ” I’m…I’m sorry my princess, those words are very special to me, but that doesn’t excuse my behavior. I have to take care of some things in the training room take care of anything else that they need to know Razor Wing ” with that he hurried out of the room

” What was wrong with him?” Gwenavere asked still shocked by the outburst

“[The Rhyme that is supposed to defeat the Nivrum were almost the last words Aunt Lyla……. I mean Nehon’s mother said]” Razor Wing said holding his head a little lower in memory

“[ So that sickness……..]” Sunstar began

“[ Yes… It did and to my parents too]” Razor Wing said his mind voice mixing with his own quiet eagle call under his breath “[ The worst part was that a week later we found out that we could have saved them and Nehon blames himself]”

“Is there anything we can do?” Tamara said putting her hand on the gryphon’s shoulder

Razor Wing nodded and said “[Don’t pity us and don’t mention their deaths we prefer to think of their lives.]” He then started to walk and said “[ Count to ten then fallow me I know how to cheer up our nivrum masher]”

They watched as the gryphon slowly and carefully slinked down the hall. They counted to ten and followed. They were almost to the door of the training room when they heard something big hit something else. As they entered the room they saw Razor Wing trying to smack Nehon while the youth was dodging and starting to laugh. Nehon looked like he was having a good time until he noticed that them enter through the door.

Nehon’s face became totally businesslike “Okay” He said pacing back and forth after he ducked one last blow ” We are going to be fighting the Nivrum. They are a nasty relentless enemy so I will teach a few things that will help you survive them. Razor Wing will take care of the training of Moondance and Sunstar”

A malicious smile formed over Nehon’s lips and deep in her heart Gwenavere knew she was not going to enjoy this



“Oooh my aching everything” Tamara groaned as she lumbered to the door of Nehon’s bedroom

“If I hear Nehon tell me to go just a little more one more time I swear I’ll tell him to jump off the cliff” Gwenavere responded going over to Razor Wing’s room in like fashion to Tamara

“Be careful what you say highness” Came Nehon’s voice as he stepped out of the shadows “You may accidentally make me do something we would both regret. Any way you both did excellent for your first time. If you have any questions, cursing of my name like I did to my mother when she was doing this to me or such go ahead”

“One question” Tamara said using the door for support, “Why did you work Fallon twice as hard as us?”

“If I told you that you would only get angry with me.” Nehon said shaking his head

“Is it because you don’t like her or something?” Gwenavere said accusingly

“Okay,okay I’ll tell you why I push her harder then you” Nehon said throwing up his hands in resignation “It is because she is to good to do a beginner work out I have her at a intermediate level of training”

“Are you saying that you are treating us like we are beginners” Gwenavere said feeling her face grow warm as her anger climbed “We have saved Avalon countless times”.

” You know you’re right I should work you two just as hard as I do Fallon after all we don’t have that much time” Nehon said with a slight smile

Gwen’s face went from one of anger to one of horror. Tamara held up her hands and said, “Give us a night to think on it.” then went into Nehon’s room and flopped on the bed. On the other side of the bed was what looked like a flute case carved out of a oak wood. She opened it to reveal a beautiful shepherd’s flute with a dragon carved around it. The flute was made out of wood and had not yet been painted other then red eyes on the serpent like dragon. Tamara put it up to her lips and gently blew a high E that came out quite clear.

” I’ll have to ask Nehon about this in the morning” Tamara mused to herself then put the flute on the ground curled up into bed and pulled the covers up to her chin



Tamara continued to toss and turn in bed until she resolved her mind. She got out of bed and walked over to the cliff where Nehon was supposed to be sleeping with the flute case in her hand. He wasn’t there. Tamara quickly quelled the panic that she was feeling when she remembered the net that was around the top (She saw it on the way up) would catch Nehon if he fell. She looked over the side and nothing was there. “He must be reading a book or something” Tamara said out loud to no one in particular. She walked down the hall towards the library when she saw that the light was on in the training room. Inside there was Nehon (or at least she thought that it was Nehon) doing some weird kind of dance in a black suit with a hood over his head with no eye holes . He went from a flip to a roll to his feet then kicked the air in front of him. His hands moved like water to an unheard rhythm as he did a weird combination of dancing and acrobatics. After a few minutes of flipping around coupled with flying kicks and punches he landed with a slab of rock in front of him. He pulled off his hood to with his back to Tamara revealing ebony black hair done in a pony tail. When he took off the tie instead of the hair falling down it went up into black pikes all over his head

“Ah’ll ned total consuntrashun for thas” He said with a strange accent running his hand back and forth along the stone.

He then raised his hand slowly. When his hand got to his ear Tamara’s curiosity got the best of her and she asked ” What are you doing”

Nehon’s hand came down on the slab like a lightening bolt after which he yelled ” Ahhhhhhhh Muh hand!!!!!” in agony

“Are you okay Nehon?” Tamara asked feeling sorry for what she had caused

” Nu Ah’m nut bloody O.K. Ah maya busted me hand” He said turning around to face her as only a person in great pain can turn

Tamara looked at his face that he had been so scared to reveal before. His ears reminded her of a picture of an elf she had seen and his eyes were a blue so bright that they almost looked like they glowed (which was strange because they were a gray color when he had his jewel armor on) He had a hooked nose almost like a hawk beak and bushy eyebrows . but the one thing that truly distracted her (Besides how truly bright his eyes were) was that except for above his lips and around his eyes his skin was stark white.

Nehon saw how she was staring at him and realized through his pain that he didn’t have a mask on his face. ” Ah………. you………….. Ah….. I…… uuuuugh” He stuttered out then ran out the door at high speed

“Nehon wait” Tamara said running after him

She sprinted as fast as she could to try and talk to the embarrassed Wind Stone holder. She rounded the corner and ran into something solid. She fell down backwards and landed with a “oof”

“[ Sorry, about that I didn’t notice you coming there]” Razor Wing said looking down at Tamara “[ What are you doing up anyway]”

” I couldn’t sleep” Tamara said picking the flute case back up

“[ You got any idea why Nehon ran past me like that?]” Razor Wing asked with a tilt of his head

” I kind of saw his face without him wearing a mask” Tamara admitted

“[ That’ll do it]” Razor Wing said shaking his head then sighed and added “[ Come on I think I know where he is]”

Tamara quickly explained what happened and concluded with ” I didn’t mean for him to break his hand.”

“[Don’t worry he’s broken his hand on that more times then he’s broken his ribs]” Razor Wing said stopping in the middle of the hall. “[ Here we are]”

” We are in the middle of a hallway” Tamara said skeptically to the gryphon

“[Sometimes human eyes are so blind]” He replied poking an area of the wall.

A door slid open in the wall.

“[Stay here]” Razor Wing said firmly and walked inside

The door didn’t shut so Tamara heard the conversation going on

“No I won’t go out there and you can’t make me”

“[ Pardon, I can’t make you. Which one of us carries the other places]”

“I’ll just get away with my speed and………”

“[Get knocked down by me because you have no room to maneuver in here]”

“She probably thinks I’m a monster”

“[ If you just shut up and think for a moment instead of being a little whining cry baby you would figure out that you might be able to make a deal with her as to not telling anyone else about your face]”

Silence stood for what seemed to be an eternity then Nehon’s voice spoke again

“You’re right feather head. I need to think…….”

“[ ……For once]”

Nehon stepped out of the room in his jewel armor with Razor Wing trailing behind then gave a short bow to Tamara and shook his head as he said ” I am sorry about running off like that I wasn’t thinking straight”

“No harm done. Is your hand okay?” Tamara asked hoping that it was

” My hand? Oh yeah. I heal quick. I guess I should thank you for taking my mind off the pain” Nehon replied laughing a little weakly, “Tamara, I was wondering. Where is your animal friend?”

“I have three and they were left at the Crystal Palace because they are too young.” Tamara said with a sigh.

“You really miss them don’t you?” Nehon said his manner softening

Tamara nodded feeling kind of sheepish

“Razor Wing and me might be able to get you to them.” Nehon said nonchalantly.

Razor Wing’s head swung around and he coughed like he was choking on a chicken bone

“How? It is several days flight from here.” Tamara wondered aloud.

“There is a way” Nehon said seeming to examine his hand and not really caring about the conversation

“[Nehon I know what you’re talking about and the answer is no, nix nuh uh, negatory, forget it]”

“Razor Wing can…….”

“[Don’t say it.]” Razor Wing warned

“….. travel through the Wild Magic” Nehon finished

“[Oh great now you said it. Now they’ll want pony rides through the Wild Magic or something]” the gryphon said sarcastically.

“Razor Wing can take us home through the Wild Magic?” Tamara said with a smile forming on her lips

“[ I think you have a little hearing problem I said NO]” Razor Wing told them

“Yeah he can take you nearly anywhere you just have to form a picture of the place in your mind. You don’t tell about my face and we take you home briefly” Nehon ambled on ignoring the gryphon’s whining

“Okay.” Tamara said

“[What part of NO do you not understand]” Razor Wing said raising his voice and starting to get a little angry.

“Come on feather head do it for me” Nehon said with an endearing voice.

“[ For you…….. NO]” Razor Wing said seemingly weakening.

” Oh come on how can you look at this face and still say no/” Nehon said motioning to Tamara

The gryphon thought on the subject for a minute then said “[ Like this: noooo]” dragging out the no slowly for emphasis.

“What about Heat….”

“[You gave your word not to talk about that without permission]” Razar Wing said quickly.

“Okay, I’ll do your chores for a week” Nehon said dismally

The gryphon’s head perked up at that and said “[ Two months]”

“Two weeks”

“[Month and a half]”

“Three weeks”

“[ A month final offer]”

“Deal” Nehon said shaking his head in acceptance of fate.


Nehon came in to the room wearing a heavy brown coat over his jewel armor that reached down to his feet and offered a light green one to Tamara.

“It is cold in the Wild Stream.” he said buttoning up his coat.

“Wild Stream?” Tamara said curiously

“That’s what me and his royal whininess over there call the corridor that we ride the Wild Magic through and put on your armor it is going to be a bumpy ride” Nehon smile a rougish smile with the last few words and moved to talk to Razor Wing

Tamara grabbed his arm and said, “Before we go I would like you to know something”

“Don’t worry Razor Wing hasn’t dropped me once” Nehon said trying to calm what he thought was fear but as he tried to leave she didn’t let go

“I wasn’t talking about that” She said shaking her head ever so slightly ” I wanted to tell you that your face isn’t as terrible as you thought. In fact with a little make up to hide the white of your skin and you wouldn’t have to worry at all”

“White……? Oh that. My skin isn’t white from the accident, it is white from me barely taking off my armor ever. If that sickens you more then my other features I’ll fix it before we leave.” He took the Wind Stone off his belt with his free hand then said: ” Wind Stone tan the skin to sight, this very moment this very night.” He replaced the Wind Stone at his belt then said with smile that said that he found something funny and quietly said ” Is there anything else you need or can I have my arm back?”

Tamara turned away from him to hide her embarrassment at holding his arm while he “fixed his face”. With her back to him she said ” I found the flute that I was holding a few moments ago in your room and I was wondering where it came from”

“A member of my family made it. I believe his name meant Brave and Bold of Spirit” Nehon rattled off ” “Now can we go?”

Tamara nodded and said “By the magic of the Heart Stone” and put on the coat over her armor

They both got on Razor Wing’s back.

“[Think of a wide open place that we won’t be immediately spotted at please]” Razor Wing said to Tamara with a Gryphon grin “[ And hold on tight I don’t give gentle rides through the Wild Magic]”

The gryphon took his front talons (which had turned a weird glowing blue color) and raked through the air and seemingly cut into the Wild Magic

“[ Yes, hold on tight it is a difficult ride in the Wild Magic]” came a voice that sounded like a boy unicorn

before Tamara could say anything about the voice they went in


It took them half a minute to reach the Crystal Palace but to Tamara it seemed like a year

“That was fun wasn’t it” Nehon said sarcastically

Tamara just looked at Nehon and pried her fingers out of Razor Wing’s fur, “Yeah, fun” she said trying to look calm.

Nehon got off Razor Wing first and politely offered a hand to Tamara which she accepted after that insane ride.

“I can see why Razor Wing hates traveling though that it’s almost suicide in there.” Tamara said her eyes still wide.

“[ I love flying in the Wild Stream]” Razor Wing said sounding utterly exhausted “[ I hate that I am so tired afterwards. Ripping a hole into the Wild Magic and keeping it open while flying the Stream is very tiring and I am really sore from it not to mention tired and hungry]”

“I might be able to heal your soreness with my Heart Stone” Tamara suggested

“[ Any help you can give I would enjoy]” Razor Wing said lying on the ground with his legs stretched out

Tamara held up the Heart Stone and said ” Tightened muscles painful have grown. Heal my friend Heart Stone!”

Razor Wing shook his head as if to clear it then got up and shook it some more

“Are you okay?” Tamara said thinking that she had made it worse

“[Fine just I had this weird stinging sensation. Gone now thanks I feel much better and I’m not so tired too]” Razor Wing replied with his Gryph-smile shining brightly

“Now direct us to where your friends are” Nehon said with a smile of what looked like anticipation on Nehon’s face but Tamara felt that she had to be mistaken


In the halls leading to Tamara’s room Nehon stopped her and said ” I’ll announce you when we get there if you don’t mind” as if it were the most common place thing in the world.

“You’re gonna what?” Tamara replied

“Announce you” He said again calmly “You are a Jewel Rider as you and her highness keep reminding me and thus you should be announced”

“Nehon I’m coming home to my friends……” Tamara began but was interrupted by Nehon looking at her with big mournful eyes. ” You know you look pitiful when you do that” Tamara said trying to get him to stop but he just kept on doing it until Tamara finally said “okay” and he stopped. ” Where did you learn to beg like that” She asked shaking her head

“From one of the village dogs, he was the best scrap beggar I ever saw. Still gets stuff from me and I know his secrets” Nehon said chuckling

As he tried to leave Tamara stopped him and said “Are there any unicorns near your home besides Moondance and Suntar?”

“No, why” he replied

“Because I heard a boy unicorn’s voice.” Tamara said confused

“[That was me]” the voice came again with Nehon pointing at himself “[You are hearing the Voice of the Forest]”

“I thought that people couldn’t hear the voice” Tamara said getting more confused by the minute

“No, it only works for those I trust” Nehon said emphasizing the last word and beginning to walk over to where the babies were again.

“So do you trust Gwen and Fallon?” Tamara asked feeling hopeful

“The Princess, yes. Fallon………. well……….. she scares me”

“Why?” Tamara said

“Razor Wing you haven’t been talking much, why not?” Nehon asked trying to change the subject

Razor Wing let out a few squeaks and whistles and Nehon glared at him as if the gryphon had just desecrated his mother’s grave.

“What did he say?” Tamara asked seeing that Nehon was upset.

“I fear Fallon because she is a warrior and because of painful reasons.” Nehon said changing the subject back

Tamara shook her head. It was obvious that she was not going to get a clear answer out of him. “We’re here” Tamara whispered ” There is someone taking care of them in the next room so be quiet and also be careful they are a handful .

He deactivated his jewel armor to reveal that his skin indeed had an even tan, looked her straight in the eye and said with a smile ” My mother said the same thing about me. We should get along great.”


“[Shhhh. I hear someone coming]” Spike said to his two playmates

All three of the animals leaped into their beds. Spike was trying his best to pretend that he was asleep and hoped that no one would catch him

“You need to breathe slower to make it look real.” Whispered a voice that Spike had never heard before.

Spike opened his eyes and saw someone about Drake’s age with weird hair. Before he could yell for help the person put his fingers up to his lips then said quietly ” I only want to talk to you and your friends, if you don’t accept what I say then I’ll be on my way. Deal?”

Spike looked into the stranger’s eyes then nodded and roused his comrades in mischief. They soon came awake and were looking at the strange faced person.

“[Go away]” Cleo said right away

“I am only a humble merchant bringing my wares” was his reply ” I have brought something sweeter then sugar with me.”

“[Tamara said that we can’t take anything from strangers]” Cleo snapped back.

“I don’t think that she’ll mind considering she is what I brought, come on out Tamara” he said with a smile on his face of enjoyment.

Tamara stepped into the doorway and was nearly tackled to the ground by the over enthusiastic babies.

“Shhh” he said hushing them “Don’t want to wake everybody up, anyway my name is Nehon. And since I am not a stranger anymore you can have this.

Out of his pockets he fished handfuls of candy and treats, The babies hesitated looking at Tamara but dove in when she nodded.

“[Thank you Nehon]” Cleo said seeming to warm up to the him

“You’re welcome” he said with a short bow

“[You kinda look funny]” Spike said cocking his head a little while chewing

“Spike…..” Tamara said embarrassed by what her friend had said

“If my face is so funny then laugh. Laughter is a wonderful medicine young pounce” Nehon said chuckling under his breath “Oh by the way you have my name what are yours”

“[I’m Spike]”

“[I’m Sugar]”

“[I’m Cleo]”

“Well a panther, a dragon and a unicorn all together and getting into mischief.” Nehon said ruefully shaking his head “Sounds a lot like me and Razor Wing”

“[Who’s Razor Wing]” Sugar asked finally tired of candy

“He’s my special friend. You may not have notified but I have an Enchanted Jewel also” He said taking out the Wind Stone. Then he left the room and came back in with his gryphon friend Razor Wing.

“[ Pleased to meet you]” Razor Wing said with a bow of his head towards them “I’m ready to go when you are thanks to Tamara helping me out like she did and the little fridge raid I did while you were walking to the room]”

Nehon looked down in embarrassment for his friend’s rudeness

“[Don’t go yet, Please]” The three animals chorused together.

“Well there is a way that we could take them with us” Nehon mused

“How they don’t have jewel armor like us?” Tamara asked ready to say no

“Well I have been working with my jewel and found that I can stretch the protection of my armor over others” Nehon said with a shrug

“Won’t that leave you unprotected?” Tamara asked a little concerned

“Nah” Nehon said with a half smile then added to himself, “At least not much.”

“What about the Nivrum?”

“They can’t get in”

“Who will take care of them when we are taking care of the Nivrum”

“Fun room”

“Fun room?”

“It’ll be fine”


“[Yay]” the three chimed together until Nehon calmly hushed them

Nehon raised the Wind Stone and said “By the magic of the Wind Stone” after his armor came on he pointed it at the babies and said “Wind Stone give your protection in a different direction” Blue-white magic came out of the Enchanted Jewel and put mini armor like Nehon’s on the three animals. Nehon’s armor turned solid blue . “Now for the finishing touches” Nehon said holding up his jewel. A beam came out and enveloped the three new armored younglings in a bubble with a string connected to the Wind Stone.

“[ Well….]” Razor Wing said impatiently “[ People will be getting up soon]”

“Let’s go Fuzzy” Nehon replied swinging on to the gryphon.

Tamara swung on behind him before he could offer any help.

“I guess I don’t have to tell you to hold on this time” Nehon said with a smirk

Tamara smiled back and said quickly “No”

Razor Wing’s talons glowed a blue color as he again tore open a hole into the Wild Magic

“[ Here we go again]” The Gryphon yelled as they plunged in to the Wild Stream


When they got back Gwenavere was up and at the door with the note in her hand

“[You had visitors while you were away]” Sunstar said

“Really, I don’t get that much company.” Nehon mused “Was it Velvet and Kya?”

“Yeah and a guy with a black leopard” Fallon said with a shrug

“He didn’t say anything until he left and then he only said ‘Bloody Nobles'” Gwenavere said a little confused.

“Ah….I see” Nehon with a mysterious smile on his face ” Sounds like someone familiar. Anyway we have some more visitors” After he said this he motioned with his hand and the armor disappeared from the three and his armor turned back to its regular green and light tan colors.

“Spike, Cleo, Sugar what are you doing here?” Gwen asked the three travelers.

before they could speak Nehon interjected “Never mind that we are going to have breakfast then we have a day of training to look forward to

All three of the Jewel Riders groaned and Nehon said ” I knew you’d like it now let’s get down to breakfast


“Ahhhhhh that was a good workout” Nehon said sliding into his sleeping bag. ” They really went after me when I offered to cut the training short if they could each nail me three times with those sticks. Come to think of it maybe that wasn’t the best idea for me to do. They are coming along nicely all I need to do now is figure out that rhyme. Oh well. That Spike is a real character, and Sugar is going to be hard to keep out of trouble with his ability to fly, I should be able to appeal to the way Cleo tries to act like a lady and always wants to be right.”

Nehon stretched and muttered to himself ” Something sharp and something sweet, Something sharp and something………… Hey wait a minute.” Nehon struggled out of the sleeping bag nearly throwing himself off the cliff. He went in and banged on all the doors, waking everyone up.

When everyone was finally together Gwenavere said ” This better not be more training”

“No” he replied his face like the light of a thousand stars ” I figured out the rhyme ”

This woke them all up and got them to start asking what it was that would get rid of the Nivrum

Nehon pointed at Tamara and the babies and said “Them”


Well hope you enjoyed chapter 4 be prepared for the final battle against the dread Nivrum in Flight of the Wind Stone chapter 5


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