Gryphon Rider – True Beginnings Ch. 1

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True Beginings

Greetings oh readers of the fic and true champions of imagination.You know the rules. The charicters from Jewel Riders belong to Bahbot.. the remaining ones are mine. If you try to use them without my permision I will have to send my pack of incredibly annoying green poodles after you.That being said this is a new story of a kid. but not just any kid.. but you will see that. and now I give you the begining of True Beginings

“Get back here you little thief” a palace gaurd yelled

“You just had to do it didn’t you Scamp?” Dav yelled at the ferret in the pack over his shoulder “You just had to steal that money from the princess didn’t you?”

The ferret looked at Dav mournfully.

“Okay,okay shut off the big eyes” Dav said with the gaurd trailing closly and getting closer ” We have gotten out of worse messes and we’ll get out of this one. I just wish I knew how”

Dav’s eyes darted back a forth as he ran down the hall. The Gaurd was getting closer when he saw his salvation a stairway to the roof. Dav threw the door open and pulled himself up the stairs with the guardrail. His lungs were on fire but he couldn’t stop. He shrugged through the pain and pushed himself further step by step. the door to the roof within sight. Dav ducked as he opened the door to avoid the close grasp of the red faced guard and sped outside to a rush of fresh air with a ear piercing scream.

“Get back here with those gold coins you rotten thief” the guard yelled out in aggravation

Dav ignored him and moved close to the edge of the roof and saw the long drop.

The guard’s eyes widened in alarm. slowly foot by foot inch by inch he moved towards Dav “Now don’t do anything foolish. Money isn’t worth dying for”

“If I give up what happens to me?” Dav asked cautiously

The guard edged just a little closer “I can’t let this kid jump” the guard thought “I know…..” “Well kid the worst that would happen would be some work to pay off the community”

“and the best?”

“Well you would be kept overnight for a hearing.. but that’s not bad” the guard replied in his kindest voice coming yet a little closer

Sheer terror appeared in Dav’s eyes ” So at best I will be kept in a room?”

” It won’t be that bad” the guard said trying to soothe Dav “Just a few more steps” the guard thought furiously just a little more

Dav looked over the edge then looked back at the guard then back over the edge. “Well with that knowledge the choice is clear” Dav said turning to the guard

“Good he isn’t going to jump” the guard thought

The guard was wrong

Over the edge Dav went

“No!” the guard yelled. He went over the edge to see the kid’s body. instead he saw the front paw of a gryfalcon coming up to collide with his face.

“I’m glad you heard me Gold Feather” Dav said scratching behind her ear tuft “He was threatening me with a fate worse then death. He was going to take away my freedom. He even said it wouldn’t be that bad”

“Humans can be very strange at times” Gold Feather replied in the Gryphonic language

“Yeah sometimes surprises me I am one” Dav laughed “Well we best be going they’ll probably send out some sort of force after us. Let’s go north and hide out there”

“Okay hang on tight” Gold Feather replied with a Gryph-grin


“He did what?” Gwenavere said angry and incredulous at the same time

“He jumped off the top of the roof onto a real thin looking gryphon type thing that clocked me. I’m sorry highness he got away”

“It’s okay this looks like a job for the jewel riders.” Gwenavere said shaking her head”

“[A thin gryphon looking thing?]” Sunstar wondered aloud “[ What could that be?]”

” You got me Sunstar but maybe some of those flying tricks Razor Wing taught you will come in handy” Gwen said with a smile

“[Yeah, I’ll have to thank him when him and Nehon get back]”

“Sunstar…..” Gwen began

“[I know they’re trapped in the Wild Magic but I have this feeling we haven’t seen the last of them]” Sunstar replied

“I know but…oh well let’s just gather the others to find this thief” Gwenavere told her friend. Then as they were about to leave the room Gwenavere thought of something

” What do you think I should wear to the party next week?”


“I see a cottage ahead little brother” Gold Feather told her passengers

“Let me do the talking. Not many people can understand gryfalcons.” Dav replied with a shrug

“True well I’ll touch down. maybe I should stay out of sight” the gryfalcon said starting to go down

Gold Feather touched down and pulled back into a thicket. She lowered to the ground to let Dav get off. Dav took off the pack that contained his ferret friend

“You stay with my sister Scamp.” Dav said firmly as he got of the gryfalcon’s back

Scamps eyes seem to grow larger then was possible.

“I mean it I don’t want to take the chance that the person who lives here likes ferret stew like that other place” Dav said adamantly

The ferret shivered and quickly hid himself deep in Dav’s pack

The cottage was an oddity as far as Dav could tell. It looked like an average cottage but it had all sorts of odd things sticking out of it. As Dav got nearer he couldn’t shake a strange feeling about this place.

“I suppose I should knock on the door” Dav mumbled to himself

He did so and waited… then did it again… and again… when Dav was about to give up and walk in a voice came “Gwenavere is that you?”

“Gwenevere?” Dav thought “Why does that name sound familiar.”

“No I am a poor traveler from another land… I am lost and I would be grateful for directions.” Dav said trying to place what was so weird about this place and why he was so drawn to it.

The voice came again from inside ” Come in come in… there is a map around here… Sugar must have been playing with them when he was here with Tamara…”

Slowly Dav opened the door inch by inch. The door opened to an owl in a doublet with glasses. “How curious” Dav thought but what he said was “Where am I?”

“In the home of Merlin the wizard of Avalon” The owl replied

“The Merlin? As in THE Merlin?” Dav said sounding impressed and hoping this Merlin person was really someone important “Where is he?”

The owl’s head seemed to lower in a sign of sorrow, “He is lost in the Wild Magic…” then he added ” You must be from a far away land to not know that”

“Trapped in the Wild Magic?” Dav exclaimed allowing just a slight sob sound to enter his voice “He is the reason that I came all this way… My… my…my” at that point Dav broke down in what he hoped was a convincing display.

“There there now… don’t cry… everything will be all right.” The owl hooted softly.

“I hate doing this to him but I need to buy Gold Feather some time to rest.” Dav rationalized to ease his conscious. Dav continued to sob off and on.

“Please don’t cry… I bet the Jewel Riders can help you.” the owl soothed.

In that moment Dav nearly choked… The Jewel Riders? They would try to take away his freedom. They would lock him away from seeing the sky!

“The… The J-Jewel Riders?” Dav managed to get out.

The owl didn’t seem to notice the boy’s change from crying to surprise, or if he did he didn’t mention it. “Yes I am sure that they can help you…. what is your name by the way?”

“I am named Dav.” Dav replied trying to salvage the situation.

“We can go to the palace and ask them for help, Dav I’m sure they will help you.”

Dav knew he had to think quickly. Then inspiration struck.

“If they can help me you can get them here faster then I can fallow you there…. could you please…. please bring them here?”

“That is a good idea.. I will leave you here, but don’t touch anything. This is a wizard’s house after all you may turn yourself into a toad or something.”

“I will be good.” Dav replied with a smile that would melt a glacier.

As the owl flew out of sight Dav let out a sigh and slumped his posture a bit. “That was too close for comfort. I better go tell Goldy she won’t be able to rest as long as she would of liked to.” but as Dav walked over to the door he tripped over a ill kept floor board.

“Stupid loose board.” He muttered grabbing the piece of the offending board that was broken off by his fall to reveal a jewel and a piece of paper, “I really shouldn’t… it might turn me into a toad or worse… I really…. well one little touch won’t hurt.” Dav picked up the jewel shaped like a bag of gold and absent mindedly carried it with him to go talk to Gold Feather. “Gold Feather… we are alone!” he yelled.

“What do you have in your hand?” The gryfalcon inquired as she walked out of her hiding spot.

Scamp’s head quickly came out of the pack.

“Some jewel thing under a floor board and a piece of paper that came with it.” Dav said nonchalantly, ” his is apparently the home of a wizard named Merlan… Merlic.. wait Merlin yeah that’s it Merlin.”

Gold Feather gasped and just stared at Dav.

“What? Is this Merlin guy important?”

“Gee is he important?” Gold Feather asked back in a condescending tone ” He is only the most powerful wizard in all of Avalon!”

“Oh.” Dav replied lamely.

“Was that owl him in an animal form? Do you think that he would teach me about magic?” She added sounding more excited with each word

“Uh.. the owl was just a friend of Merlin that could speak human… he said Merlin is lost in the wild magic.” Dav said coming beside his sister and attempted to soothe her disappointment

At that moment something happened. The jewel began to glow. The light from it became bright then it divided and one went to Gold Feather while another went to Scamp.

Dav dropped the jewel as if it were a snake, “What was that?”

“[You want your sparkly Dav?]” said an unfamiliar voice.

“That isn’t funny Gold Feather and I don’t know what I want to do with this jewel thing!” Dav replied a bit peevishly.

“What are you talking about? I didn’t say anything to you. Wait a minute you don’t think?”

Their gazes traveled over to Scamp.

“[Why are you looking at me like that?]” Scamp asked curiously.

” I can understand you.” Dav said mystified.

” It must be that jewel you grabbed brother. It must be an Enchanted jewel…” Gold Feather exclaimed happily.

“So it won’t turn me into a toad or something like that?”

The gryfalcon sighed and shook her head… two things she learned from watching humans “No it won’t Dav. Could you give me that piece of paper? Why you never learned to read the human language is beyond me… you are a human after all.”

Dav handed her the paper “I was busy with pulling out thorns others couldn’t get to in our eyrie and other such things as you well know… besides I am still only ten years old I have time to learn to read.”

Gold Feather ignored him and began reading with mutterings of pieces.

“So what does it say?”

“[Yes what tell me tell me tell me]”

“Well it says that the information on the jewel is in the Crystal Palace and it says the section that it is in.” she replied.

“Anything else?” Dav asked.

“Only that the jewel is called the Luck Stone, is a bonding stone, and was made by a being of great magic.”

“That helps a beak load.” Dav replied his voice seething with sarcasm.

“[We could go to the Crystal Palace and get the information.]” Scamp suggested.

“And get caught.?” Dav stated as a fact.

“I don’t think we have a choice this jewel is linked to the three of us.. we need to find out about it.” Gold Feather returned.

“Oh……..okay but first do you think you and I can do that thought voice thing with the jewel?” Dav asked.

” I can you can’t… humans can’t do that with the magic.”

“Shorted again by what I was born as.”

Gold Feather gave her brother a comforting nuzzle, “Dry up wet feathers we have some plans to make.”

Dav smiled and they walked.

But what they didn’t know was that when the Luck Stone awakened so did another.


Lord Kain sat up in bed like a bolt. “It’s awake.” his mouth formed slowly. Out of his bed he jumped and was quickly into his clothing . He stepped out his door and with a snap two guards trailed him. In his hand was a wand… but not just any wand… one of the three power wands of an ancient wizard… power enough to crush most opponents.. power that whetted the palate for more. Kain reached his destination… the throne room where he was greeted by the usual slight bow that his guards always gave him… a bow that he ignored for the most part.

Out of the shadows a silky voice spoke “[Greetings Kain… I thought that you were going to be sleeping this night? Is all well?]”

“All is better then well.” Kain replied in his usual cold voice, “The Luck Stone has come alive.”

“[Are you sure? after all this time it came alive?]” the voice from the shadows asked with a smile in it’s tone.

A cold smile spread across Kain’s mouth. “Yes I am. It is in Avalon. The moment that it woke was enough for me to be able to track it that far.” Kain’s expression shifted “You there, bring me Kylon and Loral.”

The guard saluted and was off to fetch the two the Dark Lord had summoned.


“You called M’lord?” Loral asked

“Yes…. I want you to bring me someone with a certain possession.” Kain replied with a face frozen emotionless.

“What does this person look like?” Kylon inquired.

“I do not know, but he holds a jewel that is shaped like a money bag. Bring it and I will give you ten times your usual price.”

“T-Ten times?” Kylon stammered.

“I can afford it… just bring the holder and the jewel…alive.”

Loral swallowed and cleared his throat before he spoke again “Do you know where this person might be?”

Kain’s voice came out clear “Avalon.” Then with a stretch of the wand two dweasels appeared. “These creatures know the scent of the magic that I send you after… let them lead you. When you find the jewel just tell them to get the holder and they will…take care of it.”

“We won’t fail you Lord Kain.” Loral stated and Kylon just nodded his head and with that they walked out the door.

“[Do you really think those two buffoons will find the bearer of the Luck Stone?]” the voice in the shadows purred.

“They are but hounds…easily used and just as easily put in the kennel. They are to flush out the bearer nothing more.. but that doesn’t mean I won’t punish them when they fail. I do have discipline to keep after all.” Kain answered a smile of sheer cruelty forming on his mouth.


“You call that a plan?” Dav declared shaking his head.

“You got anything better?” Gold Feather replied more then a little annoyed.

“Well no.. but that doesn’t make this plan any good.”

“Is too.”

“Is not.”

“What do you think Scamp?” Gold Feather asked.

“[I think I want more sparklies from that lady!]”

“Fine.” Dav said throwing up his hands “We’ll use your plan….but I still say that it is stupid.


“Have I mentioned how much I hate this plan?” Dav muttered angrily as he adjusted his skirt.

“[Actually I think you make a rather cute human female.]” Gold Feather said, having trouble not laughing.

“Go eat a cow.” Dav growled at his sister.

“[My, my such language!]” Gold Feather returned.

“Yeah, yeah.” Dav grumbled, “Now remember Scamp you stay in the pack and no kiping sparklies!”

“[But I like sparklies!]” the ferret whined.

“Yeah and if they catch you taking sparklies they will take away all yours.” Dav returned hoping this would quiet his little friend.

“Even the bright red one?” Scamp whimpered.

“Yes, even the piece of glass.” Dav said firmly.

With a shiver Scamp cowered back into the bag.

“[I don’t see why you are so grumpy Dav.]” Gold Feather chuckled.

“Oh it is all good for you… you just rolled in mud. I on the other hand have to act like a….a human female… do you know how hard that is going to be?” Dav groaned.

“[I have faith in you and I will help coach you… at least when I can. The Jewel Riders can hear me after all.]”

“Boy that is REALLY comforting.” Dav muttered under his breath.


“I don’t know about this we never dealt with magic before.” Loral stated after they were well away from the castle.

“Ten times the gold…. that is all you have to remember… We grab the person give the jewel and we are set.” Kylon replied to his brother clearly annoyed

“I…. just don’t like it…why ten times?”

“Just shut up and get ready to grab whoever has it…. we’ll sort out the particulars later!”

“I just don’t like it.” Loral mumbled under his breath.


“[Now remember to change your voice to sound female and act shy… that should explain why you don’t look at anyone.]” Gold Feather said as they were coming up to the front gate of the castle.

“I know… I just hope I am convincing.” Dav muttered back.

They walked side by side with Dav slouching a bit and looking at his feet.

“What are you doing here little girl?” a guard asked kindly.

“I found this in the woods” Dav said in a feigned voice holding up the Luck Stone ” It glowed then split and attached itself to this gryfalcon that has been following me for a while.” Dav then shuffled his feet and looked down from them, “I… I thought the Jewel Riders might know what happened.”

“Do you think it is another Enchanted Jewel?” One guard said to another.

“Only one way to tell let’s take her to Tamara. She is the only Jewel Rider here. The rest are after that thief.” the other guard replied.

“Thank you.” Dav said meekly.




“[I told you my plan would work!]” Gold Feather gloated.

Dav kept his head down and mouthed what Gold Feather said mockingly.

“Excuse me Tamara.” one of the two guards said once they found her in the palace.

“Yes?” she replied looking up from her flute music.

“This little girls found something that we think is an enchanted jewel… we thought you might want to talk to her…. well we need to get back to our posts good bye there little one.” and with that the guards walked off.

“You have an enchanted jewel?” Tamara asked her eyes wide in surprise.

“I… I don’t know… but it divided and went over to her and attached itself… is that an enchanted jewel?” Dav said letting the words stumble over each other.

“I think it is… may I see it.” Tamara asked gently.

Dav was reluctant to hand it over, but in the end he did.

“Yes it is an enchanted jewel. You are really lucky. There are so few jewels. And you already found your animal friend.”

“Animal Friend?” Dav stammered this time confused for real.

“A special friend that is very close to you. but so much more… it is hard to understand ’till it happens to you.” Tamara explained.

“I..I think I understand. Gold Feather has been with me for a long time now.” Dav said… then he mentally kicked himself for forgetting where he was and using his sister’s name.

Tamara seemed to gloss over that fact as if he hadn’t said anything out of the ordinary.

“What is this?” he said pointing at the piece of paper on the wooden stand. hoping to get her attention away from the jewel.

“A song I am practicing. Do you like music?” Tamara said in a sweet tone.

“I like music… but I can’t see the music on the paper.” Dav said lamely.

Tamara giggled a little bit, “They are just the notes and words to a song, watch.” and with that she sat down and played out a line of the song.

“Oh… I’m afraid I don’t know how to read” Dav said sinking lower this time shame mixed in with the fake shyness.

“[I can read.]” Gold Feather piped up.

“That is good.” Tamara said with a worried smile directed at Dav, ” Do you help her with reading?”

“[Yes, we make a good team… uh where is the library? I would like to see if there are any texts that might explain a few things for us.]” Gold Feather said with a gryphon grin.

” I could show you..” Tamara suggested.

“[No, Da…. Danielle is shy. It would be best if we went alone, but we would appreciate directions.]”

Dav looked down and scuffed his feet along the ground for emphasis.

“Well… I guess so…” Tamara said a little uncertainly, then gave directions to the library.


“I can’t believe this stupid plan is working.” Dav mumbled shaking his head.

“[Of course it is working it is my plan]” Gold Feather told him “[and it isn’t stupid]”

“I’ll argue with you later right now let’s just grab that book and go” Dav said still in his girlish voice as he looked at the books for a picture or for some of the few words he knew.

“[Found it.]” Gold Feather announced “[ It was under a loose floorboard that I accidentally kicked loose]”

“This is getting to be way to many coincidences.”

Dav grabbed the book and stuffed it into his pack…. and just before he turned to leave he felt a gentle but strong hand grip his arm.

“I’m afraid that I can’t let you take that book… hand it over.” came a male voice.

“[Danielle this guy has an enchanted jewel!]” Gold Feather warned.

“Let go of my arm!” Dav said in a no nonsense female voice.

“Give the book and I’ll let go.” the voice returned.

“[It looks like this guy is a member of the Pack… a very elite group that ride Great Wolves.]”

“Go to the woods Gold Feather I’ll be with you in a moment.” Dav said calmly then turned to see the Leader of the Pack, Drake.

A little while after the gryfalcon left the room Dav repeated himself this time with a tone that would freeze fire, “Let go of my arm.”

“You have to give the book back then I will.”

“Let go now!” Dav said shifting back into his normal voice by accident.

Drake got a good look at Dav and enlightenment shone in his eyes “You’re that kid that stole money from Gwen… I’m going to have to….” but his sentence was cut off because at that moment Scamp came out of Dav’s pack like a bolt and scurried all over Drake. After a few well placed swats the ferret retreated back into the pack.

“I give you your last warning let me go NOW!”

Drakes mouth curled up in a smirk ” I’m afraid I can’t do that. You stole money and you are stealing a book. Besides what are you going to do? Kicks me in the shins?”

Dav’s teeth answered the Wolf Rider as they sunk deep into Drake’s arm. Drake let go of Dav as if he were a viper and Dav was quickly across the room.

“You bit me!” Drake declared astonished.

“Boy you are smart.” Dav replied with sarcasm. As Drake started to move after Dav the boy held up his hand in warning “I wouldn’t chase me if I were you it is hard to run with your pants down around your ankles.”

“My pants aren’t around my ankles” Drake returned but as he took one big step both he and his pance fell down.

Dav held up Drakes belt tauntingly “I believe this is yours… Scamp took it for me along with the key to this room bye.” and with that Dav walked out of the room and locked it behind him.

“Good job Scamp I’ll be sure to get you a new shiny or maybe a sparkly for this!”

“[Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!]” the ferret quickly replied.

“We are almost home free.”

But almost wasn’t there because as Dav turned the corner Dav ran right into Tamara.

“Danielle? Did you find what you needed?” Tamara asked in her usual kind voice.

“Uh…..yeah” Dav told her remembering just in time to sound like a girl.

“That is good.” Tamara replied shining a smile at him, “Maybe I could go with you to tell your parents the good news..”

Dav shook his head slowly, “I don’t have any parents.. at least none you would like to meet.”

Tamara was taken aback but it didn’t show on her face, “Sure, I would love to meet your parents.”

Dav didn’t know what to say but he couldn’t see a way to say no… not yet at least “Okay… could you go first please? I don’t like having people right behind me.”


The whole way to Gold Feather Dav tried to figure out how he was going to get rid of this persistent female. “Maybe I could let her know about my real family and escape while she is confused… nah won’t work.” Dav thought.

“So where do you live?” Tamara inquired breaking Dav’s planning.

“In the forest.” he replied noncommittally.

“You mean a small house in the forest?”

“No, in the forest.” Dav replied certainly.

“In the forest? You mean you have no home?”

“Well…um… uh” Dav stammered not knowing what to say… by this time they were nearing Gold Feather and Dav was getting fed up with this act. He pulled off the hat and wig and changed to his normal voice “Look, I am not a human female. Gold Feather talked me into doing this to get into the stupid palace for a stupid book about this jewel because I found it and it separated for me, Scamp and Gold Feather…” Dav threw both wig and hat to the ground still watching Tamara for any move to catch him.

A smile spread across Tamara’s face, “You’re that boy that stole the gold from Gwen aren’t you?”

“If you mean the princess well sort of… Scamp saw something shiney and grabbed it.. but that doesn’t mean I like girls… I know the conspiracy” Dav said slowly backing from the jewel rider.

“Conspiracy? What conspiracy?”

“All human females after they hit a certain age start acting….different…I don’t trust human females. They are only for themselves.

A small smile spread across Tamara’s lips “You don’t understand.”

“NO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND” Dav yelled “I WILL NEVER TRUST A HUMAN FEMALE AGAIN, not after what they did… not after Swift Breeze!”

Before Tamara could ask who Swift Breeze was two guys came out of the brush.

“One of them must have the Luck Stone!”

“But which one?”

“It must be the girl… no little kid would have an Enchanted Jewel… Get her, Dweasels!”

The dweasels leaped upon Tamara before she could call her armor and Turned into a web that not only wrapped around her but shrunk her down.

“Help!” Tamara cried.

“Hey Kylon what about the kid?”

“Let’s bring him too.”

That was all Dav had to hear. He sprinted off towards where he would meet his sister.

“I still think I can catch him, Kylon!”

“Don’t bother.” Kylon said dismisively, “We got what we want.”

The two mercenary’s set off for Lord Kain’s castle not knowing that a pair of young eyes watched them and a pair of ferret eyes watched them and four quick little feet followed them.


Dav came racing along the path to Gold Feather, “We have a problem… some real ugly looking human males caught that female that told us where the library was…. they want the Luck Stone and think she got it!”

“[So you are inadvertently responsible for what happened?]”

Dav looked at his feet and sighed “Yes… which means I have to help her… Scamp is following the two men that took her… we will have to come up with a real good plan for this one…. because there is no getting caught in this one.


“She isn’t the bearer of the Luck Stone… this lady bears the Heart Stone you incompetents!” Kain said in about as close to a tone of rage as was ever heard from him.

“Why have you brought me here?” Tamara demanded.

“I am sorry my dear… these two were supposed to get someone else… but since you know of this place I am afraid you must stay here for a while…Sleep.” with Kain’s last words Tamara’s eyes closed and she was caught by a guard standing near her.

“Take her to the long term guest rooms.” with the words two guards lifted Tamara gently and took her away, “As for you two…..”

“We didn’t know it wasn’t her… we thought the boy couldn’t of been the one.. Great Lord!” Loral whined.

“This is actually part of my plan m’lord” Kylon carefully interjected.

“Plan? explain yourself quickly.” Kain said lounging on his throne of stone.

“Well, I figured that the kid would be off and children are hard to find… and he seemed close to her so I had her taken and left and easy trail… we were followed the whole way here. Doubtless the kid will try something stupid and you will have him in the palm of your hand.” Kylon replied as coolly as he could manage.

“It seems I was wrong… you two actually do have some modicum of intelligence. Very well you have one week. If this child comes and I get the Luck Stone you will get paid. IF he does not come you will be turned into dweasels or something to Night Spinner to feed upon…. Now Go.”

Both brothers scrambled out of the throne room eager to escape the Dark Lord’s gaze.

“[It seems that the hounds have done better then expected.]” came the voice from the shadows.

“Indeed, if the child is lured here I get the stone. If not you get an exquisite meal Night Spinner.” Kain said with what seemed to be a quirk of a smile.

Then out of the shadows it came… a giant spider, “[Our plans are coming together nicely.”]

Through the halls laughter rang out that chilled the guards in the castle to the marrow of their bones.


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