Hubbabubbagump – Jewel Riders Third Season Concept

Written as part of of the Third Season Synopsis Writing Challenge

Author: Hubbabubbagump

Hubbabubbagump – Jewel Riders Third Season Concept

1 year has passed since the jewel riders defeating Morgana. Things have been peaceful and the girls have been occupied with planning their futures; Tamara has finished studying to become a veterinarian, Fallon and Moondancer are teaching a new generation of potential jewel riders and Gwenevere been busy with her coming coronation as queen. To make things better her little sister Tara comes back to visit after being away at dance-academy.

Things sure are looking up until random portals opens up all over Avalon causing magical havoc. Merlin tells the girls that something is wrong with the wild-magic and they have to travel into it to find the problem, but navigating through the wild magic too long is dangerous so he helps the girls to upgrade their armor to level 3 with include special powers for each one; Tamara has a shield for protection, Fallon gain wings on her boots for super-speed and Gwenevere gets enhanced super-strength.

When the girls and their animal companions hops into the wild magic the gliders appear and tells the girls that someones collecting unstable magic jewels which is tearing the wild magic  between worlds apart. The gliders guide them to Faeryland reuniting them with the faery Wisp. Wisp tells them that there’s another group of jewel riders in the land but they’re evil!

As it turns out these girls Fallon kicked out from her class (for bullying the other students) has now become jewel-riders themselves with their own wicked enchanted jewels:

-Blair, wielder of the thunders-jewel and owner of Darkclaw the black panther.

-Grendel, wielder of the star-jewel and owner of Eclipse the griffin.

-Orchid, wielder of the iris-jewel and owner of Onyx-mist the pegasus.

The “evil-riders” defeat the girls causing more havoc to the faeryland before they leave. The jewel-riders try to stabilize the faeryland with their magic but they’re not strong enough. Lucky Merlin appears using the one-jewel to save the day. After returning to Avalon the girls ponder want they can do to stop the evil-riders plus stopping the wild magic imbalance. They get a message from the Lady of Lakes telling the that if they have to find the source of the wild magic and the magic jewels: The Gem-forest. The forest’s hidden somewhere in the deepest part of the wild magic and the only way to locate it’s to find three pieces of a an ancient spell hidden in 3 different worlds. She open three water-gates telling the group that they have to get the pieces separately as test to prove them worthy.

-Tamara and Shadowsong stumble right into a snowstorm! While trying to find protection from the blizzard they rescue many animals that’s been hurt by the blizzard. Once they’re safe in a cave (and Tamara has nursed them back to health) the animals tells that their owner Frostina the Ice Queen caused the storm because she’s fighting Blair. Tamara and Shadowsong march over to Frostinas palace, manage to calm her down by telling her that her powers have hurt her pets. Together they stop Blair and as a thank you Frostina gives Tamara the first piece of the spell and a new outfit which gives her snow powers.

-Fallon and Moondancer walk right into a fight between a race of flower-nymphs and trolls who are lead by Grendel. After a quick-battle with the trolls withdrawing because of the sun rising, Fallon learns that the trolls and nymphs used to be friends until Grendel came and made the trolls mad at the nymphs. Fallon volunteers to teach the nymphs how to defend themselves. When the night comes the nymphs and Fallon manage to trap the trolls and Grendel. Fallon lectures the trolls about the importance of listening to your friends and not listening to bad rumors. The trolls and nymphs are friends again and as a thanks the trolls gives Fallon the second piece of the spell and the nymphs grants Fallon a new outfit which includes flower powers.

-Gwenevere and Sunstar end up in a world filled with crystal. Upon closer inspection Gwenevere discovers three mirror-shaped crystal which gives her visions of 3 possible futures: the first is her as queen married to Drake and ruling peacefully over Avalon but she has lost the connection to her friends due to being queen The seconds vision is where she never becomes queen but lives a simple life with Ian but has lost contact with her family. In the third she sees a future where they’ve lost with Morgana ruling over Avalon. Orchid then appears using her iris-jewel on Gwenevere to seal her in a crystal filled with her fear and doubts of her future. Thanks to Sunstar encouraging Gwenevere to make her own future fit for her, Gwenevere burst out of the crystal and defeats Orchid. Suddenly the crystals speaks telling Gwenevere and Sunstar has passed the crystals test thus granting them the final piece of the spell and a new armour with crystals-powers.

Together with Merlin and their friends the jewel-riders opens a gate to the Gem-forest, they soon face of Morgana who has proclaimed herself the mighty Jewel-Queen (with a throne made of jewels). She has also kidnapped Tara plus the baby animals and she’ll only release them if the jewel-riders give their jewels to her. They do so to and now Morgana has enough power to make her more powerful than ever. The jewel-riders end up fighting her despite having no jewels. Morgana traps them and starts draining their life away but to her surprise Tara and the baby animals has pulled sun, moon and heart jewels from her throne! The jewel-riders summon their jewels and their new powers triggers a chain-reaction with the other jewels in the gem-forest, combing all the jewels magic into a spell that erases Morgana from existence.

The season ends with the coronation of Gwenevere as Queen of Avalon. surrounded by her friends and family. Everyone’s celebrating everything they’ve accomplished thanks to their friendships and love for each other.

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