Morning Glory – Jewel Riders Two Ch. 1

Summary: Gwenevere’s daughter Allura must lead a new generation of Jewel Riders.

Archival Note from The Jewel Riders Archive: This story is presented as it was originally published on Stormy’s “Avalon” fan site in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is presented for archival purposes and for the enjoyment of the Jewel Riders fandom. If you are the author of this story and wish to have it removed from the Jewel Riders Archive (or wish to share more!) please email us at Happy Reading!

Jewel Riders II





The Jewel Riders returned from their final battle with Morgana in the wild

magic to create the one magical jewel that would sit upon the Staff of Avalon

and serve as the new wizard jewel of Merlin.  It was quite a trip, because now

it was time for the prophesy of the Spirit of Avalon to come true… Gwenevere

would finally become Queen of Avalon.

Carriages drawn by unicorns, and many royal guests and rich travelers all

gathered at the beautiful Crystal Palace for the greatest event of the era of

Queen Anya’s reign:  the coronation and marriage of the princess.

Trumpets played a royal fanfare as Gwenevere walked slowly up the isle of

the throne room.  As she neared the two thrones, she saw Kind Jared and Queen

Anya, her parents, waiting for her on one side, and on the other was the bride

groom, no one other than Drake, the leader of the knight protectors of the


Following her was her bridesmaids, Tamara and Fallon, both in elegant

dresses, and both carrying the flowered train of her veil and dress.

Gwenevere approached her mother and father and stepped up onto the

platform that held the thrones.  She smiled to the crowd watching her, for this

was the greatest day of her life, and of the old era.

Drake took her by the hand and slipped a diamond ring onto her finger, and

then they exchanged vows.

“Do you take this bride, the princess of Avalon, as your wife?” asked the

royal clergyman.

“I do.” answered Drake, which completed the ceremony.

“Now son, you may kiss your bride.”

Drake lifted Gwenevere’s veil to see the blushing princess smiling beneath

her floral tiara and flowing hair… and then he lifted her chin and kissed her.

As he let her go, the two sat down at the thrones, and Jared and Anya

performed the coronation.

Anya lifted her jeweled crown from her head and she carefully handed it to

Jared.  The king then proudly crowned his daughter Queen of Avalon… and soon

after he lifted his own crown and he crowned Drake as king.




Gwenevere sat up one night, while the rest of the palace was asleep, and

she wrapped a robe around her nightgown, and she left her bedroom.  She walked

up to the very top of the palace, to the Jewel Keep.

She had been having a reoccurring dream which consisted of three young

girls, one being the Princess of Avalon wearing the Sun Stone, and the second

being a daughter of a Lord and Lady, who were close friends to the royal family,

wearing the Heart Stone, and the last was a young elf girl, wearing the Moon


The Queen opened the door to the Jewel Keep and quietly walked in.  She

saw in the middle of the keep was the ruby crystal which could be activated by

one of the Enchanted Jewels which had been tuned by Merlin… and below it, on

the three panels, lay the Sun Stone, the Moon Stone, and the Heart Stone.

Gwenevere picked up the Sun Stone and vague memories of her first time

meeting Sunstar began to flutter in her mind.  She also picked up the Heart

Stone and the Moon Stone and held the three Enchanted Jewels, the three keys to

the magic of Avalon, in her hands.

Would there ever be a day that the Jewel Riders would be needed again?

Jewel Riders II


Chapter 1: Heritage of the Sun Stone



Standing in the hallway of the Crystal Palace, the fifteen-year- old

Princess of Avalon twirled around as her ballroom dress swept the floor.  She

had fixed her blonde hair in beautiful curls and had it twisted atop her head.

As she entered the ballroom, many of the young men were happy to see such

a beautiful face.

But the Princess briskly twirled through the line of young gentlemen

wanting to take her hand to dance.  She danced into the center of the crowd of

guests where here friends were dancing.

Maidens were twirling, and people were laughing and smiling, and all of

this was  quickly shattered when suddenly a huge black dragon burst through the

glass ceiling of the Crystal Palace’s ballroom, sending sharp pieces of glass

raining down on everyone.

The people looked up in horror as the dragon swung it’s huge tail and

began smashing the walls, which instantly split and began breaking and


The Queen looked up and saw the great huge beast that had in seconds

almost destroyed the whole ballroom, and she held out her hand.

The great Sun Stone appeared in her hand as she clenched it together as if

she were holding it.

“QUEEN GWENEVERE!” a voice as loud as thunder crackled out from the

storming winds, “Your reign will soon be over, BEWARE the Black Dragon and his


The giant creature swooped in to get closer to the Queen.

Gwenevere’s long blonde hair whipped in the wind as it blew into the

ballroom and her ears heard the cries of the injured and panicking people… and

then she cried out:


The Queen’s voice echoed as she called out those ancient words. and the

Sun Stone lit up with an awesome glow which emitted a giant blast of magic,

knocking the black dragon backwards into the remaining wall which instantly


The wind then began to pick up more and more by each second as the Queen

fell to the ground from controlling such a powerful blast.

The guests were all laying on the floor covering their heads from

protection of the flying glass.

The Princess looked up… she knew only one person could make that kind of

magical blast.


There was no answer that she could hear, she quickly jumped to her feet

and called again:


The Queen heard a cry for her that time, and she struggled to answer.


The Princess heard her name and quickly rushed to her weak mother’s side.

“Mother!  Are you hurt?” the Princess asked quickly.

“No Allura, I am alright, it was just a great deal of power to handle to

blast that beast away.”

Princess Allura helped her mother to her feet.

The Queen looked sadly into the darkness of the night, and she saw what

had to be done, she had to reactivate the Jewel Riders.




Gwenevere, Fallon, and Tamara all gathered together in the Jewel Keep.

Each had since become what their dreams and fortunes said that they would.

“We are called here,” Queen Gwenevere announced, “to reactivate the Jewel

Riders, because there is a new threat to our kingdom:  the Black Dragon.  He has

recently attacked the Crystal Palace, completely destroying our ballroom.”

“Are you sure Majesty?” questioned Tamara, “that we can not take care of

this monster by ourselves?”

“The Circle must turn!” said a familiar voice.

The three women looked at each other and then moved into a circle and held

hands.                  A familiar wizard appeared above them.

“Merlin!” they chorused.

“Yes.” Merlin answered, “I see that each of you have gone your separate

ways to chase your dreams…”

“Yes Merlin, but we have a big problem on our hands right now,” Gwenevere


“There is a giant black dragon threatening the peace of Avalon!” Fallon


“We may need to reactivate the Jewel Riders,” Tamara concluded.

“I see…” Merlin said as he nodded his head and then his eyebrows lowered

in deep thought.

Gwen, Fallon, and Tamara watched the wizard and waited silently.

“I believe you are correct.” Merlin answered.

“Then who can we get?” Fallon asked.

” You must find who the Jewels want,” Merlin said as he thought again, ”

Tamara, take the Heart Stone, and Fallon, take the Moon Stone and see who they

lead you to.  Gwenevere, the Sun Stone shall be held by your daughter, to

continue the royal bloodline of Avalonian princesses who have held it in the

ages before.”

“Right,” the Queen, the musician, and the adventurer agreed.

Merlin smiled and then vanished as quickly as he had come.

Fallon held her hand up.

“By the magic of the Moon Stone!” she shouted, and the Moon Stone appeared

in her hand.

“By the magic of the Heart Stone!” Tamara also shouted and held her hand

up, to have the Heart Stone appear in her hand.

The group of the three past Jewel Riders looked at each other and smiled.

“It’s all for the best.” Gwen said as she opened her hands and the Sun

Stone appeared in them.




Princess Allura was sitting in her bedroom listening to the royal band’s

medley below her balcony.

Queen Gwenevere walked up to the Princess’ door and held the Sun Stone in

her hand… she remembered how great it was to be a Jewel Rider, and then she

remembered the sacrifices she had to make to be the Jewel Rider.  She had to

donate her free time to take care of wild magic problems and there were life

threatening decisions that lurked in front of her in every step of her path.

“I must be doing the right thing though…” she thought, “there aren’t any

more Wild Magic outbreaks to take care of, and she will have to become one to

complete the circle, and it was also required by the ancient Avalonian law for

the heir to the throne of Avalon to become a Jewel Rider before accepting the


Gwen knocked on her daughter’s door.. and the Princess came to the door.

“Mother…” Allura half stated and asked.

“I have come to talk with you about something very urgent,” Queen

Gwenevere said to her.

She walked over and sat on Allura’s bed… and she held out the Sun Stone.

” Allura… the time has come… for you to become a Jewel Rider.”

Allura stepped back, because she was not sure what she was hearing was


“Now wait a second, you mean it’s time for me to become a Jewel Rider??”

“Yes.  There is a new evil in the kingdom, and a new generation of Jewel

Riders is needed to keep the balance of the Circle of Friendship.”

“WOW! Of course I’ll do it!” Allura jumped up and down… she had always

heard how great the Jewel Riders were to protect the magic of Avalon, and to get

to talk to cool magical animals, and learn all kinds of magical spells.

“Good,” Gwen answered… “I will consult Merlin to see when we shall have

the Circle of Friendship Ceremony.”

Gwenevere walked briskly out of the room, and Allura jumped onto her bed

and threw her covers up into the air.

“A Jewel Rider! YEAH!” She giggled.

“What’s that noise?” a quiet voice asked.

Allura stopped her rejoicing and looked around as the covers fell on her


A white unicorn with a pair of wings and a golden mane peeked into her


“Oh Sunstar, you scared me there for a second.” Allura said as she lifted

the covers from in front of her face.

“Did I?  I’m sorry” the unicorn giggled.

Sunstar, like all the rest of the last generation of Jewel Riders had

matured and found a family also…

“How are the twins?” Allura asked.

“Oh they are growing strong and grand… one of them is pure white with

wings, he’s quite an adventurous colt.”

“He sounds beautiful… do you mind if I see them?”

“Not at all… they are in the forest right now, the other unicorns are

watching them.”

Allura smiled and she climbed onto Sunstar’s back, and the flying unicorn

leaped out the window and soared towards the great forests near the crystal


The two neared the quiet area where some other unicorns were standing and


In the middle of all of them were two tiny baby unicorns, both with white coats,

and one with a white mane and tail and a pair of wings, and the other with a

blue mane and tail.

“They are beautiful Sunstar!” Allura said as she knelt down to see them.

The small white winged baby opened his eyes and glared at Allura, but

something in him told her that somehow she was special… in some way he

couldn’t understand yet.

Allura just smiled.

“That is Helios,” Sunstar told her, “and the girl is Selene.”

Sunstar’s ears then perked up… she heard something very strange.

Allura saw her look strangely at the sky.

“Sunstar what is it?” the Princess asked.

“There is something strange in the air…” Sunstar began… when suddenly,

the huge Black Dragon which had attacked the Crystal Palace earlier had struck

again, it seemed to know where the royal family was all the time.

“Look out!” Allura screamed as the giant dragon swooped down and brushed

the trees, sending tree limbs and whole trees crashing to the ground.

The other unicorns which had been standing around suddenly galloped away,

but Sunstar stayed to protect her babies.  She trotted by their side with her

wing covering both of them.

Sunstar looked back to see Allura making sure that there weren’t any other

unicorns in the path of danger as the dragon swooped overhead again.

“ALLURA!” Sunstar gasped as more debris flew down from the attacking

dragon.  She turned to her children. “You stay under this tree until I return.”

The twins nodded, and Sunstar soared up and over broken trees.

Allura saw the tree falling and tried to get out of the way, but as she

turned to run, another branch caught her foot and she fell.

“Sunstar!” Allura screamed as she reached her hand out.

Sunstar leaped over the last tree and landed by Allura’s side.  She looked

up as the huge tree fell overhead…

“We don’t have much time!” Sunstar said as she laid down to help Allura

onto her back.

The Princess pulled and finally broke free from the branch’s grasp, and as

soon as she swung one leg over Sunstar’s back, the flying unicorn leaped out

from under the shadow of the falling tree which crashed seconds afterward.

“We’re all right!” Sunstar said with a breath of relief.

“And it wasn’t a moment too soon,” replied Allura.




Traveling along the countryside, in search for the next Heart Stone rider,

Tamara held the Heart Stone out, as she rode atop of Shadowsong.

“It seems like we have been searching for her for hours,” Shadowsong said


“I know Shadow, but she has to be around here somewhere…” Tamara


Just as she mentioned these few words, the Heart Stone began to glow…

and an image of a young girl about the same size and age of Allura appeared in

the Heart Stone.

The young girl had blue hair, blue eyes, and lightly tanned skin.

“That’s her!” Tamara exclaimed.

“At last…” Shadow said.

The Heart Stone seemed to show them the way by shining brighter as they

moved on, closer to a group of stone castle towers, nothing extravagant, but it

was fancier than the commonfolk cottages.

“This is where Lord and Lady Thesus live.” Tamara told her companion.

“Do you suppose one of them would be…”

“No I think they have a daughter…”


Tamara giggled.  “Her name is Haliae if I remember correctly…”

Shadow smiled and Tamara dismounted when they approached the drawbridge.

Haliae was walking along the walkway on the castle walls when the former

Heart Stone rider arrived.

“Hello…” Haliae said.

Tamara looked up.

“Oh hello, Lady Haliae.  Do you mind if I have a word with you?”

“Not at all…” Haliae answered… “I will be right down.”

Soon, the Lady came down and lowered the small drawbridge.

“Oh, Lady Tamara!  I could not tell it was you at first.”

Tamara smiled, “I have great news for you Haliae.  The Heart Stone has

chosen you to be the new Heart Stone Jewel Rider.”

Haliae stepped back a moment, a Jewel Rider was the most popular and

sought after line of knights in the whole kingdom.  After she realized it, it

was not a dream, because this is what many young ladies of Avalon dream of


“Wow Tamara, I accept…” was all that she could say.

“Good,” Tamara said with a smile, “The Circle of Friendship Ceremony is

set for the evening of the first full moon.”

Haliae thought, “Which is about a week from now.”

“Once again thank you.” Tamara said as she remounted Shadowsong, and the

two moved out over the countryside.




Fallon was standing in front of a tree, talking to an unknown party.

“You are the one that is chosen by the Moon Stone.”

A bodiless voice answered her, going in circles, like it had gone ever

since Fallon had started talking.

“Very well so…” it answered again, after Fallon had told it that quite a

few times.

” You are needed to save Avalon from the new threats that are soon going

to plague the kingdom!  You must believe me!”

“I believe you, I just don’t know if I trust you or not, I have lived long

and I have grown wise to beggars and robbers.”

“But I am not a robber nor am I a beggar of money of treasures, I am a

beggar for help, your help.”

“Very well so.” the voice said again.

Fallon became aggravated and let out a long sigh.

“Now wait a second…” the voice said.  “Don’t get cross with me!  I was

only teasing you,

it is my nature.”

Fallon perked up a little bit.

She saw limbs move up in the tree, and she looked upward, to see an

elfgirl appear in front of her.

“You’re an elf?” she asked.

” I prefer to be called a Tree Nymph, but what the hey, I guess I am… I

have the ears.” she said and she grinned.

“I’m Fallon, former wearer of the Moon Stone.”

“Hello, I am Theia.” the Tree Nymph greeted.

“Please accompany me to the Crystal Palace,” Fallon stated.

“Sure thing,” Theia answered, and the two mounted Fallon’s unicorn,





Later that day, Sunstar had returned Princess Allura safely back to the

Crystal Palace before the Queen would get worried.

“I don’t want your mother getting mad at me…” the winged unicorn said

with a smile and a wink.

Allura giggled.

“I think I had better get back to the twins…” Sunstar told the Princess.

Allura nodded.

“Goodbye.” the unicorn said and jumped out the window to soar back to the


Allura smiled… and said a faint goodbye.

Ever since she met little Helios, she felt different, like she was missing

something from her life, could the little unicorn colt be her Jewel Rider best





Theia was enjoying the ride on Moondance as they neared the edge of the

forest.  The unicorn was so soft and warm, and beautiful.

The Tree Nymph hear a faint and distant cry in the forest behind her.

She was started and she jumped back, almost losing her balance and falling

off of the unicorn.

Fallon quickly caught her before she fell.

“What’s wrong?” Fallon was quick to ask.

“Something just cried, really loud…” Theia answered.

“I didn’t hear anything…” Fallon replied.

“But I did though,” the Tree Nymph kept saying, “My ears are more

sensitive than human ears, and also I have a sense of what is going on with the


Theia heard the cry again and jumped off Moondance this time.

“Where are you going?” asked Fallon suddenly.

“Fallon, I have to find out what that is!” Theia answered as she ran back

into the forest.

The Moon Stone began to flash again, as it did when Fallon had first

approached the Tree Nymph.

Fallon looked up and saw that Theia was gone, already deep into the

forest… and because she was slightly more than human, she could move so fast

that she did not make tracks.

“We’ll never be able to find her, Moondance!”

“She will come back… she is half immortal, she can’t be hurt to easily,

Fallon.” the unicorn replied, “besides, it will take us days to get back where

she is now.”



Tamara arrived back at the Crystal Palace, and the Queen greeted them at

the front gate.

“Did you find her?” Gwen asked.

“Yes we did… it’s Lord Thesus’ daughter.”

“Well done…” Gwen replied.

The queen went to the window and looked out toward the forest where her

best friend, Sunstar was now living most of her life now.

“Tamara…” she started.

“Yes your majesty?”

“Ack, you don’t have to call me that… at least not now…”

“Oh alright,” Tamara grinned.

“Can a magical animal be bonded to two generations of Jewel Riders, by the

same jewel?”

Tamara thought on that question.

“I dunno, why?”

“Because Allura seems to spend a lot of time with Sunstar… and it would

be nice to keep Sunstar in the family… kinda like a heirloom…”

Tamara was puzzled, she didn’t understand quite what the Queen meant.

“Well, it is probably possible Gwen, but I don’t think you should treat

Sunstar like an heirloom… although unicorns are immortal, and when they peak

at their most beautiful stage of youth, they usually remain like that for the

rest of eternity.”

“I see… but it would be nice to keep Sunstar in the Royal Family, she

could be the heritage of the Sun Stone or something like that.”

“Heritage of the Sun Stone… I like that Gwen!”




Later on in the week, the young girl chosen by the Heart Stone was looking

out at the forest from her castle tower.  Lady  Haliae let her hair down and

brushed through it with a brush.  She usually wore her hair either in a pony

tail, or in a braid.

She sat back and looked out her window.  She noticed something blue spin

across the tree tops.

She sat up and looked again, and she could see it traveling from branch to


“What is that?” she said aloud, for the sake of hearing herself.

She slipped on some boots and left her hair down.  She raced down the

tower stairs and out the front gate of the small castle.

“Hello??” she shouted as she chased after the blue creature jumping from

the trees.

The creature, who was not to far ahead stopped and slid up into the tree

top, hiding within the leaves.

Haliae stopped when she could no longer see it… but she caught glimpse

of a blue tail which was among the leaves.

“Ah ha…” the Lady said to herself.

She stumbled over to the tree and began to climb up.  As she neared the

highest branch where she saw more of the blue creature, she saw a small, horse

face peek out.

“Hello…” Haliae said and about lost her grip on the tree trunk.

The little horse threw down her tail, which was way longer than any normal

horse’s and Haliae caught it… and she climbed up.

“This reminds me of Repunzel.” Haliae said to herself as she climbed up

to the branch that the little horse was standing on.

The creature gave her a curious look, and her bright blue eyes sparkled.

“Uhh… hi, I’m Haliae…” Haliae reluctantly introduced.

She looked closer and saw that the creature was actually a small unicorn.

The unicorn looked into Haliae’s eyes and nickered a soft sparkling sound.

Haliae was confused for a moment, and she didn’t understand what that was.

She was ready to leave, but she looked down and when she saw how high she had

climbed, it frightened her.

The unicorn again nickered a soft sparkling sound to Haliae, and she

turned around as it pawed the branch, making the branch sway.

Haliae quickly held onto the unicorn as the branch swung back and fourth.

“AHHHH!!!  What are you doing!!!???” Haliae cried.

She looked up and saw that the unicorn was trying to talk to her, but all

that she could hear were the sparkling sounds.

“You want me to get on your back?” she asked, half wishing that the

unicorn would take her out of the tree.

The unicorn nodded.

“Um, alright then.”

The Lady  slowly mounted the unicorn, and suddenly, it reared and flew

straight down the tree, as they began to near the ground, the little creature

did not slow down at all.

“AHHH!” Haliae shrieked and closed her eyes tightly.

The little unicorn swooped straight up just a few inches from the ground.

She broke through the leafy tree tops and finally leveled out and slowed down

when she met the high wind currents above the trees.

Haliae heard her sparkling voice again and she reluctantly opened her

eyes.  She looked around and saw that they were still alive and she tried to

enjoy the rest of the ride, where ever it was leading her.




Theia ran with great speed through the forest, cutting along paths and

making new ones.

“Help me, great spirit of the forest,  HELP ME.” a voice echoed in her


“I am here!” Theia sent a telepathic message through the forest.

The Tree Nymph ran towards where the cries were the loudest, naturally.

She soon came to a dark part of the forest… and it wasn’t dark because of the

trees hiding the sunlight, it was dark because there was something else covering

the sun.  Theia looked up.

The huge Black Dragon flew around in circles, occasionally snapping at a

little gray unicorn.

Theia stood tall and shouted out:

“HEY!” her scream echoed through the forest, and it was heard by every


The dragon suddenly whipped his head around and growled at the Tree Nymph.

“Pick on someone else, bully!”

The dragon roared ferociously, and blew fire around Theia, so that it

surrounded her in a circle.

“You think I’m afraid of some little flames?”

Theia clapped her hands, and some birds from a nearby forest stream flew

over and swooped down, shaking water out of their feathers, and in no time, the

fire ring was quenched.

“YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE!” a loud voice bellowed, followed by the brewing of a

giant storm.

“Now let’s see… where were we?” Theia thought out loud.

She raised her hand up and circled it around in the air for a moment.  The

wind caught her hair as lightning began to flash behind her.

“This thing has great power…” she thought to herself, “but I have to

find a way to defeat it.”

Theia closed her eyes and circled her hand around again to regain her

concentration.  A gust of wind swirled around her like a tornado, and she

brought her hand down and put both in front of her.

The gust of wind swirled through the trees and picked up thousands of

green leaves.  The wind then swirled back around Theia and she pointed to the

Black Dragon.

“By the power of the forest and the trees… BE GONE!!”

As soon as she chanted these words, the whirlwind of leaves darted at the

dragon.  The leaves were like knives against it’s skin, and it began to acquire

cuts and wounds, but it was no serious damage, like it usually was for Theia’s


Theia blinked.

“It didn’t work?” she questioned herself, as if she never knew it not to.

The dragon flew around and tried picking the leaves out of his skin.

As Theia saw that he was preoccupied at the moment, she ran down to the

little unicorn.

“Are you alright?” she asked.

“Yes, I am fine, just scared.” the baby unicorn answered her.

“That’s good.” Theia replied  She felt strangely about this unicorn,

somewhat like she knew her from somewhere.

“Quickly, I know a way out of here, now that the dragon isn’t trying to

keep me trapped.”

Theia nodded, and the little unicorn galloped out and began weaving in and

out of trees.

“It would be quicker if you didn’t weave in and out of the trees so much!”

“I know,” the unicorn said, “but when I do, the dragon can’t see me.”

Theia was amazed… she could see her perfectly.  She looked up again and

saw that the dragon was once again searching for the unicorn.  Why would it be

so interested in it?  There was something special about the little unicorn, and

Theia knew that both she and the dragon could feel it.

As the dragon swooped over the treetops, knocking pieces of debris from

them to the ground, he could not find the baby.

Suddenly, a booming voice thundered at it, only  this one was female.


The dragon halted and left his unaccomplished mission to return to his

master.  As he did, Theia watched with wide eyes, and wondered where all these

booming voices were coming from.

“Did you see that?” the baby unicorn asked her, amazed.

“Yeah… I did.”

The little unicorn looked up at the Tree Nymph.

“Yes, I heard it… Selene.”

Theia suddenly realized what she had said.

“Is that your name?” she asked awkwardly.

“Yeah it is,” the unicorn nodded.

“How did I…???”

Selene only shrugged.

Theia brushed it off.

“Let’s get you to your parents,” she said.




Meanwhile, the black dragon was sitting in front of a misty quartz crystal

ball.  He could not show expressions, but he seemed to be worried about


Soon, a dark skinned, black-clad woman walked out of her quarters, in

front of the dragon.  She encased the crystal ball in her hands and watched a

recap of how he had failed to destroy the little unicorn.

“Don’t you see what you are doing?” said the same booming female voice.

The dragon towered over her, yet he managed to be afraid of the woman.

“You are failing miserably!  Can’t you see we have no time left!  The next

full moon is approaching rapidly, yet you cannot seem to destroy the new Jewel


The dragon found his voice.

“Your highness, it is very complicated to kill a Jewel Rider.” his voice


“But they aren’t Jewel Riders yet!” she screamed.

“But Merlin protects those who the Enchanted Jewels choose.”

The woman raised her hand, and the dragon suddenly got silent.

“Do you want to become human again or not.”

“Vesta, of course I do,” the dragon implied.

“Then we must acquire the three Enchanted Jewels of Avalon’s Spirit:  the

Sun Stone, the Moon Stone, and the Heart Stone.  With them can we break the

spell on you.”

“Yes Vesta.  I will try again.”

The Black Dragon flew away as Vesta turned and gave a sly  evil smirk.




Allura sat in the dining hall with her mother and father and Tamara and

Fallon, the castle guests.  She didn’t seem hungry, because she only picked at

the food on her plate.

Her mother looked up.

“Allura dear, what’s wrong?” the Gwen asked.

Allura looked up from her daze.

“Oh nothing really, I’m just not hungry.”

The Queen and the King exchanged glances.

Allura looked up and saw them, and knew that they were thinking something

was terribly wrong.

“I just don’t feel good, okay?!” she said in a rather annoyed voice.

With that, she quickly got up and left the dining hall.

“Allura, wait!” Gwenevere said as she watched her go.

“Gwen, let her go.” Tamara said as she put her hand on the Queen’s


Gwenevere turned back around.  She had a worried look on her face.

“What’s wrong?” Fallon asked.

“It’s Allura, ever since I told her about the Circle of Friendship

ceremony, she has seemed to be upset.”

“I’ll go and talk to her,” Drake answered.

Gwen motioned to wait, but the King had already started for the door.




Allura sat on her bed and began to sob.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” she thought, “I feel like I am torn

between two things, but I can’t decide what.”

“Allura?” a male voice called from outside the Princess’s bedroom.

“GO AWAY DADDY!!  I don’t feel like talking!”

“Allura calm down.  I just wanted to make sure you’re alright.  Can I come


Allura sat in silence, debating in her mind whether to talk to her dear

old dad or to make him go away.

“Come in.”

Drake opened the door and shut it behind him.  He found Allura sitting on

her bed with tears streaming down her face.

“Sweetheart what’s wrong all of a sudden?”

“I don’t know!” Allura said and wrapped her arms around him.

“It’s all right,” the King reassured and hugged her back.

“I am torn,” Allura finally came out to say.

“Torn?” her father asked.

“I feel funny about my animal friend.  It’s like there are two, but I

can’t decide which one it is going to be.”

Drake pondered on those words for a moment.

“Your mother was quite in the same situation you were.  She was afraid

that she couldn’t be a Jewel Rider… but when she met Sunstar and found that

she was her special friend…”

“OH SUNSTAR!  That’s just it!” Allura cried and buried her head in her


“What about Sunstar…?”

“Nothing,” was all that Drake could hear of Allura’s muffled voice.

“Allura…” Drake began.

Allura didn’t answer, she just motioned to go away.

Not wanting to upset the Princess more, Drake quietly headed for the door

and closed it.

Allura brought her head back up.

“Why am I crying so much?!  I don’t understand this.” she thought as she

wiped some tears away from her face.

“Everything will be okay… the Sun Stone will just choose my  animal

friend for me, so I will just make due with it’s choice.”




The sun began to set when the little unicorn with wings on it’s feet

carried Haliae to the Crystal Palace.

“How did she know that I had to be here for the Friendship ceremony in a

few days?” Haliae began to wonder… but she was grateful that she could finally

get off of the unicorn’s back.

Haliae spun around a little from dizziness and then sat on the ground.

She looked at her unicorn friend and tried to make out what each sparkling noise


“What is your name?” was all that Haliae could think to ask.

The unicorn replied with a sparking tone.

Haliae thought she heard something in that noise.

“Cytherea?” she thought.




The Queen looked onto the courtyard and saw two visitors.  She called for

Fallon and Tamara.

“Who is that?” she asked them.

“That’s Haliae,” Tamara answered, “she was chosen by the Heart Stone.”

The Queen shook her head in agreement.

“And the unicorn?”

Tamara shook her head.

“I don’t know who that is.”

“They came here in time for the Friendship Ceremony though.” Fallon


“Yes, they came just in time to get fitted for their dresses.” Gwen


Fallon and Tamara smiled at each other, they remembered how much Gwen

liked clothes back when they were the Jewel Riders.



Theia arrived at a shady forest clearing and began to question what part

of the woods she was in.  Her silver hair caught on the gentle night breeze and

the moon reflected off her face.

Two white unicorns trotted up to her, one she comprehended to be the

mother, and the other a younger one, the same age as the unicorn she had


The mother then spoke to Allura.

“Thank you for saving Selene.  I am Sunstar, her mother, and the Queen of

Avalon’s unicorn.”

Theia stepped back… then she realized what unicorn this was.  Sunstar

was the great winged unicorn, the symbol of Avalon.

“You are a chosen one, aren’t you?” Sunstar asked kindly.

“Huh… oh yeah.  Yes, Fallon said I was chosen by the Moon Stone.”

“No wonder the moon is so radiant on your face then.  You should be

heading to the Crystal Palace.  The Friendship Ceremony is in a few days.”

“Oh thank you… is it very far?”

“No, it’s not far at all, I am headed there also, perhaps you can come

with me.”

“Really, are you sure?” Theia asked.

“Yes, quite,” Sunstar answered.

Theia stood there for a second.

“Oh, we are going now…” Selene, the little unicorn informed.

“Oh!” Theia said.

She carefully mounted Sunstar and they traveled to the Crystal Palace.




They arrived at the Crystal Palace shortly… and there was one light on,

in a small window.

Sunstar saw that it was a small candle light.

“It looks like Allura is up at odd hours of the night.”

Theia looked to the upper window.

“Can you fly up there?” she knew that it was a dumb question, but she had

to ask it since it was lingering on her mind.

Sunstar giggled.

“Yes I can.” she smiled and ruffled her wing feathers.

Theia smiled, and held on tight, and Sunstar flew up to Allura’s bedroom


“Allura?” the unicorn said quietly.

A beautiful, blonde haired girl turned to see her visitors.

“Hello Sunstar, who is this?”

“I am Theia, I’m from the woods,” the Tree Nymph said with a grin.

Allura smiled.

“I am Allura, Princess of Avalon.”

“May we come in Princess?” Sunstar asked.

Allura motioned to come in quietly, and Sunstar gently flew in the window

and touched to the floor with light feet.

“What’s keeping you up so late?” she asked again.

“I can’t sleep, with the Circle of Friendship Ceremony, I am afraid that I

will have to choose between you and the friend that the Sun Stone will choose

for me.  I already have an animal best friend… you.”

With that, the Princess gave the winged unicorn a warm hug.

Theia felt touched… she never realized that royalty was so kind and

loving, she thought that all they thought about were the taxes and that they got

to wear the best clothes and the crown.

Sunstar calmed her friend.

“It’s alright Allura… ever since you came into the royal family I

promised your mother that I would watch over you.  But now you are getting

older, and I may have to pass that responsibility on to another… perhaps the

griffon, or the lion, or even my son.”

Allura looked up to Theia.  A smile crossed her unhappy face.

“I’m sorry about this, I don’t think it’s the best way to meet, but I

can’t control my emotions anymore.”

Theia brushed it off and gave the Princess a smile.

“It’s alright, I can’t wait to become good friends with you.”

Allura thought on that a second.

Theia could see that the Princess was confused.

“I am the one chosen by the Moon Stone.” she replied.

“OH!” Allura said.

“It’s alright,” Theia giggled.

Allura turned back to Sunstar.

“I guess we will see what happens,” she answered.

Suddenly, there was a quick knock at the door.

Allura looked to Sunstar and Theia, and then she walked to the door.  As

she opened it, a blue haired girl slowly peeked in.

“Haliae!” Allura said and hugged her friend.

The Lady smiled and she hugged the Princess back.  She saw who had been

talking in the room next to her’s and she saw Allura’s visitors.

“Hello…” Haliae said bashfully, “My name is Haliae.”

Theia smiled at the new arrival and she introduced herself.

“I am Theia, and I was the one chosen by the Moon Stone.”

Haliae nodded.

“I was chosen by the Heart Stone!” Haliae added.

The girls exchanged adventures and stories of their past through the


Sunstar quietly slipped out after the girls had went to sleep.

The next day, the girls spent the entire day with the previous owners of

the Enchanted Jewels, learning small bits of information of basic spells and at

the end of the day the future Jewel Riders got to spend time together by picking

out dresses and getting them tailored.

Then, it was the big day, the day each had been waiting for… the night

of the full moon, the Friendship Ceremony!

Each of the girls was dressed up in her  beautiful dress, awaiting the

Queen of Avalon to speak for the opening of the ceremony.

Gwenevere stepped forward from standing between Fallon and Tamara.

“Greetings friends.  Tonight we present the future of the Circle of

Friendship as a new generation of Jewel Riders .”

She stepped back with the other two Jewel Riders of the past generation,

and each of them held out their hands.  The Enchanted Jewels each appeared in

the hands of the old owners.

Gwen, Fallon, and Tamara each walked over to the three girls who were

waiting to have the new power of the Enchanted Jewels.  Gwenevere slowly handed

her daughter the Sun Stone, Fallon handed Theia the Moon Stone, and lastly,

Tamara handed Lady Haliae the Heart Stone.

The three girls spun around to face their choices in animal friends which

were just now walking into the Friendship Ring.

Theia and Haliae both gasped as they saw the unicorns that they had met up

with earlier.

Allura saw the griffon, the lion, and baby Helios, Sunstar’s son, just as

the winged unicorn had said.

The crowd pointed at the pure white winged unicorn, for he was the second

winged unicorn to walk in Avalon.

Theia and Haliae walked to their line up of animals.  Each held out their

Enchanted Jewels to the animals that were standing in front of them.

As Theia held the Moon Stone out to each animal, the second animal was

Sunstar’s daughter, Selene, the little unicorn that she had met in the forest.

The Moon Stone glowed with a bright blue light and split in two, flying to

Selene and back to Theia.

As Haliae came to the first animal lined up in front of her, she held out

the Heart Stone to the small blue unicorn, Cytherea, which had helped her in the

forest.  The Heart Stone began to glow with a fluorescent pink glow and it split

in two, for the unicorn and Haliae.

Allura looked up and she then moved down the middle of the two lineups,

where her line of possible animal friends was waiting… and she held up the Sun

Stone… first to the griffon… next to the lion.  She looked over to Sunstar

who was standing with the Queen.

A black shadow began to cover the entire Friendship Ring, the crowds of

people looked around for thunder clouds, but not a cloud was in sight.  The

black shadow came closer and it appeared to block out the sun.

Allura looked up and then to her mother and father who were gasping as

they looked into the sky.

Gwenevere then turned to Allura.

“ALLURA!” she gasped, as the Princess looked up just in time to see the

Black Dragon soaring straight towards her.

The Princess screamed and held out the Sun Stone, which lit up with the

sunlight and shocked the dragon as he brushed right over her.  She was knocked

unconscious during the commotion.

Theia jumped into action.  She held up the Moon Stone and quickly chanted

what Fallon had told her.


Theia was surrounded by a warm blue light and she twisted around as

ribbons swirled around making her outfit.

When she stopped twirling, she saw that she had a blue and purple bikini

like costume with beautiful feathery wings outstretching from her back.

In an instant she took to the skies and began to blast the dragon with the

Moon Stone.

Haliae watched Theia for a moment and quickly followed her lead.


The Lady was surrounded in sparkling ribbons and glowing pink light.  She

twirled around like Theia had, and when the ribbons had formed her outfit, she

saw that it was a aqua bikini outfit with a chiffon skirt and a aqua and pink


Haliae then started trying to communicate with the dragon by the Heart

Stone, like Tamara had shown her.

“I’m trying to talk to it…” she told Theia.

The dragon blocked out Haliae’s magical calls and swung for Theia as she

quickly flew around him.

“I don’t think it’s working!” the Tree Nymph yelled as she dodged the

dragon’s black tail.

The great beast then took an unusual turn… he landed in front of the

princess.  He began to spout flames from his mouth and he blew them around the

Friendship Ring… engulfing the stadium seats.

The spectators quickly jumped from their seats and ran out of the

Friendship Ring, which was not being destroyed by the evil force.

The dragon spit flames farther away, making brush fires in the nearby

forest.  Animals quickly tried to escape, but some were trapped within the

burning, fallen trees.

The King and Queen, and Fallon and Tamara were all in the center of the

ring, lying on the ground, holding their hands over their heads in protection of

flying objects, frightened of what the dragon might do to them if they moved.

Theia spun around the dragon, trying to get his attention away from the

Princess and the Friendship Ring, while Haliae and Sunstar kept the animals


Helios then jumped out from the huddle of scared animals.

“I have to help Allura!” he declared.

Sunstar shot up.

“NO Helios, it’s too dangerous for you, I will go.”

“No mother I’m going!” he said without reasoning.

The little winged unicorn galloped right under the dragon as everyone held

their breath.

Theia’s efforts failed when the dragon spun around to see Helios making

way towards the fallen Princess.

“NO YOU CAN’T HAVE HER!!!” His voice clapped like thunder.

“HELIOS!” Sunstar screamed and she quickly flew up into the sky and down past the dragon to revert his attention.

The black beast swatted at the winged unicorn as she turned in and out from his reach.

“HELIOS!  GET OUT NOW!” she called to her son.

The little unicorn was shaken, but he was not afraid.

“Sunstar…” Theia called.

Sunstar flew toward Theia, dodging the dragon’s swatting arms.

“Go get Helios, I have an idea.” the Moon Stone Rider told her.

Sunstar shook her head and flew down towards her son.

“HEY YOU!” Theia yelled at the dragon.

There was a moment of silence.

“Oh MAN, I hope I do this right…” she thought to herself.

Theia held the Moon Stone high above her head and she began to twirl.


The Moon Stone sent out blue lightning bolts towards the black dragon.

Most of the bolts pierced his skin, making him growl in pain, giving Sunstar

just enough time to reach Allura and Helios.

The winged unicorn landed beside the Princess and her son.  She bent down

to Allura and nudged her arm.

“Come on Allura, get up…”

Allura’s eyes fluttered open as she began to get up.

Sunstar and Helios were overjoyed.

The Princess staggered to her feet and saw the Sun Stone rapidly flashing

a bright, warm yellow.  She bent to pick it up and as soon as she touched it, it

split into three.  One of the pieces appeared back in Allura’s hands, and the

other two pieces flew to both Helios and Sunstar.

Mother and son both looked at each other, and then to the Princess.

Allura smiled and lowered her eyebrows.

“Let’s get down to business.”




The Princess turned and saw the battle for the Friendship Ring which was

taking place… and it seemed like evil was winning.

“HEY DRAGON!” she yelled.

The dragon turned to see the Princess at her feet.  Furious, he began to


“BY THE MAGIC OF THE SUN STONE!” Allura screamed.

The Princess was surrounded in a warm, yellow and orange light.  The Sun

Stone emitted bright rays of sunshine which swirled around Allura like the

ribbons of the other two Jewel Rider’s transformations.  Allura spun around as

the ribbons formed her Jewel Armor which consisted of a pink bikini top,

shoulder guards, chiffon sleeves, chiffon leg wraps with opal knee guards, and a

long skirt covering most of her bikini bottom.

Her blonde hair blew in the wind as she held up the Sun Stone, and

remembering her mother’s words that night when the dragon first came to attack,

she screamed:


The Sun Stone lit up again, this time even more brighter than before.  It

began to shoot beams of sunlight and lightning straight at the dragon.  It

pushed him backwards with the giant force.

Allura began to struggle keeping the blast of energy flowing.

“HELP ME!” she called to the other two Jewel Riders.

Theia and Haliae quickly rushed to her side and held up their Enchanted




The three sent out great blasts of energy which shot the dragon all at

once, which caused him to disintegrate.




“NNNOOOOO!!!” Vesta screamed as she watched the dragon’s final movements.

She bowed her head and with a clinched fist, she hit her table which held

the crystal ball with such force that it broke in half.

She looked up and opened her eyes, seeing a magical potion.

“That’s it!” she said joyfully.

She quickly grabbed the potion and drank it’s contents.  She picked her

crystal ball back up and began chanting an ancient language and a misty image of

a dark haired and dark skinned man appeared in the crystal ball.

“VESTA!” the dragon’s voice boomed from the crystal ball.

Vesta had succeeded.

“Don’t worry, I will find you a new body to inhabit…” she said to the

man’s soul which was trapped in her crystal ball.




The sun began to shine at the Friendship Ring.  The three girls shared a

group hug for defeating the dragon, the threat to the kingdom on the first day.

Merlin, who was nearly forgotten, appeared to the girls and the past Jewel


“You have done well for your first time with the Enchanted Jewels, but

beware, more evils will come.”

The wizard looked over to the twins who were still young.

“Tell you what… I will do this just once for you, so you don’t have to

walk everywhere you go…”

Merlin put his hand on Helios and Selene’s backs and they began to grow.

They  grew taller and leaner, and Helios even gained a deeper unicorn voice.

The twins looked at themselves and at each other, and then to their


Theia petted Selene’s white fur, while Allura saw how muscular Helios had


Merlin smiled and began to disappear.

Allura looked up.

“Thank you Merlin!” she said, as she hugged both Helios and Sunstar.



As Queen Gwenevere had planned, Sunstar was the heritage of the Sun Stone… yet

the Princess might acquire other things that only her mother knew about the Sun

Stone in the days ahead.


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