Morning Glory – Starstone (V1) – Ch. 2

Summary: Version One of Morning Glory’s “Starstone” series, presenting Anastasia and her bonded unicorn Knight Star.

Archival Note from The Jewel Riders Archive: This story is presented as it was originally published on Stormy’s “Avalon” fan site in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is presented for archival purposes and for the enjoyment of the Jewel Riders fandom. If you are the author of this story and wish to have it removed from the Jewel Riders Archive (or wish to share more!) please email us at Happy Reading!

By Morning Glory,


Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders


Jewel Riders Girls

Princess Gwenevere Princess of Avalon, wearer of the Sun Stone

Fallon Warrior, wearer of the Moon Stone

Tamara Speaks to animals, sings, wearer of the Heart Stone

Anastasia Adventurer, teen, wearer of the Star Stone

Jewel Riders (Animals)

Sunstar Winged Unicorn (girl), bonded to Gwenevere

Moondance Unicorn (girl), bonded to Fallon

Shadowsong Zebracorn (boy), bonded to Tamara

Knight Star Winged Unicorn (boy), bonded to Anastasia



Kale Outlaw Princess

Morgana Evil Sorceress

Queen Anya Queen of Avalon, Gwenevere’s mother

Guest Characters

Silver Slope Unicorn, Knight Star’s father

Flora Blossom Unicorn, Knight Star’s mother

Travel Tree Old Tree which links Avalon with the Wild Magic


Episode Title Light of the Star Stone

( Sunstar swoops after the Dragon Wagon.)

Sunstar (jewel glows as she speaks, this goes for every time she speaks):

She’s headed for the Travel Trees!

( Sunstar looks up to Knight Star.)

Knight Star ( horn glows as he speaks, this goes for every time he speaks *unless

indicated*) You know you are very brave…

Sunstar: All in a day’s work for today’s Jewel Rider…

Knight Star: You’re a Jewel Rider?

Sunstar: Yes I am… and if I can predict the future, you are soon to be one too… if I can just get you out of that cage…

Knight Star: Well, that seems to be the only problem… I can’t get it either.

( Kale looks back and sees the two.)

Kale: Blast! The unicorn is following me!

( Kale turns around and sees the Travel Trees.)

Kale: The Travel Trees!

( Kale looks back at Sunstar.)

Kale: I’ve got an idea that just might work.

( Gwenevere and Fallon ride atop of Moondance, Tamara and Anastasia

ride along on Shadowsong.)

Anastasia: They went this way…

( Gwen turns to look back at her.)

Gwenevere: How do you know?

( Anastasia blinks and shakes her head.)

Anastasia: I just do…

( Fallon lightly elbows Gwen.)

Fallon: Looks like we have a second Jewel Quest…

Gwenevere: This is really weird… I felt almost the same thing about Sunstar…

Anastasia: Is that bad?

Tamara: Not really, it shows that you and Knight Star *should* be together

as Jewel Riders and now, your heart will not accept any other.

( Anastasia sits back in the saddle.)

Anastasia: I guess I got a lot to learn about this… *if* I’m gonna be a Jewel Rider… if that Star Stone likes me.

( Kale looks back again at Sunstar, who is now absorbed in Knight Star’s conversation.)

( She turns quickly and whips a beam into the middle of the Travel Tree ring.)

Kale: This outta show her not to follow me!

( She signals to Grimm to fly into the portal, which has opened in the middle

of the Travel Tree Ring.)

( As the Dragon Wagon swoops into the portal, she waves her Dark Stone and

wild magic begins to pour out, surrounding Sunstar.)

Sunstar: (screams)

Kale: (laughs)

(Knight Star looks at Sunstar with wide eyes and is shocked.)

Knight Star: Sunstar!

( The Dragon Wagon tilts as it disappears into the portal, and Knight Star

slams against the side of the cage.)

( With this, he falls down, with the wind knocked out of him.)

( Sunstar, holding her eyes closed tightly and with an unbearable pain expression on her face, is suspended in midair, with the Wild Magic rushing and stinging at her sides.)

Sunstar: (cry of pain)

( Sunstar then beats her wings, although even more painful and begins to turn herself and the Wild Magic bubble around.)

( She slowly flies down toward the ground.)

( The bubble bursts and she plummets to the ground, looking like there is no life left in her.)

( Moondance and Shadowsong walk up through the forest to the clearing when Sunstar was last chasing Kale.)

( Gwenevere suddenly spies Sunstar.)

Gwenevere: Sunstar!!

( She jumps off Moondance and rushes to her.)

Gwenevere: Sunstar! No!

( Gwenevere breaks down right then and there and cries.)

Gwenevere (wiping the tears away): Kale is going to pay for what she’s


( Moondance and Shadowsong gallop to her, their riders dropping from their backs to Gwen’s side.)

Tamara: Ohhh… Gwen.

( She turns to Sunstar.)

Tamara (fighting the tears): Heart Stone, hear my call, help me heal Sunstar

from the fall…

( The Heart Stone glows bright, and shines on Sunstar.)

( Fallon looks up at Anastasia, who doesn’t know what to think…)

( Fallon, with her arms wrapped around Gwen, turns back to Sunstar.)

Fallon: Look!

( Sunstar’s legs begin to stretch.)

( Gwenevere at first looks away and then turns back, wiping away more tears.)

Gwenevere: Sunstar…

( Sunstar opens her eyes.)

Gwenevere: Sunstar!

( She wraps her arms around her.)

Gwenevere: Sunstar… I thought you were…

Sunstar: Well, aren’t you happy to see me!

( Sunstar begins to pick herself up from the ground.)

( A still clinging Gwenevere finally lets go from Sunstar’s neck.)

( Sunstar shakes, like a horse after it rolls, and she spreads her wings, flapping them.)

( She folds her wings to her sides and shivers.)

Sunstar: Since when would you be glad that you felt cold?

Gwenevere: I think after a life and death experience.

( Anastasia runs over to Sunstar.)

Anastasia: Sunstar! You’re okay!

Sunstar: Well, I hate to tell you, I couldn’t free Knight Star.

Anastasia: Where did she take him?

Sunstar: You heard what I said?

( Anastasia blinks and shakes her head again.)

Anastasia: Yes… I did… no, I didn’t, no… I don’t know! This is driving me crazy!

Tamara: Easy…

( She catches Anastasia as she suddenly falls down.)

Anastasia: Tamara… why can I hear Sunstar… and Moondance, and Shadowsong…

Tamara: I don’t know…

Anastasia: This is almost scaring me. I don’t know what to think…

Tamara: I don’t either… it must be a gift.

Anastasia: A gift?

Fallon: A gift is something that you are born with or acquire in your early years of life… your gift must have come from your love of unicorns, and somehow you can now talk to them.

Gwenevere: So the sooner we find Knight Star, the better!

Sunstar: Kale took Knight Star into the wild magic.

Tamara: Okay, lets go to the Travel Trees.

( Soon, Moondance, Shadowsong, and Sunstar gallop to the nearest Travel Tree ring. *The girls are riding the unicorns again, this time, Gwen on Sunstar,

Fallon on Moondance, and Tamara and Anastasia on Shadowsong.)

( Sunstar leads the others to the center.)

Gwenevere (holding up her Sun Stone): We call on the mighty Trees of Merlin.

( The Travel Trees sparkle and become crystalline.)

Travel Tree ( tree sparkles as it speaks): We are pleased to serve the students

of Merlin… Where do you wish to go?

Gwenevere: We wish to follow Kale to where she has traveled to. Will you take us?

Travel Tree: We will try.

( All but Anastasia are covered with their Jewel Armor.)

Tamara: Hang on!

( A portal opens and the unicorns dive into it.)

( They are soon in the Travel Tree tunnel where they are surrounded by the mysterious and mystical Wild Magic.)

( Anastasia holds on to Tamara, with eyes closed tightly.)

Anastasia: I don’t think I want to do this again…

Tamara: When you become a Jewel Rider your Jewel Armor protects you from the Wild Magic.

Anastasia: I sure hope so…

(The unicorns gallop on through the tunnel.)

( Finally, they jump out of the portal at the end of the tunnel, now they are at

Kale’s Thornwood Castle.)

( Kale, who is sitting in her thorn throne, looks up.)

Kale: Well, well, well… if it isn’t the Jewel Riders, and their little friend.

(Gwenevere and Tamara dismount and walk forward.)

Gwenevere: Let the unicorn go Kale.

Tamara: Capturing animals is illegal in Avalon…

Kale: Oh, is it?… I wasn’t aware… I just know that my horrid sister seems to make all the rules around here…

( Anastasia runs up between Tamara and Gwenevere.)

Anastasia: Let Knight Star go! He hasn’t done anything to you!

Kale: You… you’re the little tramp I met in town the other day!

( Anastasia begins to lunge forward at her, but Gwenevere and Tamara grab her arms and hold her back.)

Kale: We have a bargain to make.

Gwenevere: You aren’t going to bargain with anyone, Kale…

Kale: Oh, but I am… it seems that this little tramp has promised me that she would make a fair trade for a unicorn…

Tamara: Did you?

Anastasia: Yes.

Kale: (laughs)

( Gwenevere looks at Anastasia.)

Gwenevere: You shouldn’t have bargained with Kale! She never keep her word…

Kale: I don’t?

( Kale jumps from her throne and holds out her hand.)

( In it appears a chain, and then, more and more of the chain appears until

the chain runs from her hand to a halter.)

( The halter seems to float in mid-air, until, suddenly, Knight Star appears

and the halter is around his muzzle.)

( Knight Star rears to break free.)

Kale: Here he is… this must bring back memories Princess…

( Gwenevere steps back, and remembers when Kale held Sunstar prisoner against her own will.)

( Faint images of that time *in the second episode- Jewel Quest part two* begin to flash in front of her.)

(Gwenevere shakes her head.)

Gwenevere: No!

Kale: Yes! you do remember!

Gwenevere: How could I forget.

Kale: If you want your unicorn friend back, bring me the Star Stone.

Gwenevere: Never!

Kale: Fine, but if you change your mind, you have until sunset tomorrow

to deliver the Star Stone to me, or the unicorn’s wings are mounted on my throne.

Anastasia: Lets get out of here…

Kale: And one more thing… you may want to bring a dispel potion…

Anastasia: If you hurt Knight Star…

Kale: Bring it!

( Gwenevere looks at Anastasia, and mounts Sunstar, pulling Anastasia up

into the saddle also.)

( Tamara jumps onto Shadowsong’s back and the three unicorns gallop out of the


( Sunstar, Moondance, and Shadowsong all walk through the miserable Thornwoods.)

Gwenevere: I still can’t believe that you bargained with Kale…

Anastasia: Gwen… I didn’t know! I didn’t know she was evil! I never heard of her until you brought her up…

Tamara: Gwen, it’s not her fault… she didn’t know.

Fallon: Kale is most likely going to try to trick us and put a spell on him like she did to Sunstar.

Gwenevere: This seems all to much like the time I first met Sunstar…

Tamara: History repeats itself Gwen.

Gwenevere: I guess so.

Anastasia: You’ll find a way to get Knight Star *and* the Star Stone back won’t you?

Fallon: I don’t think we can this time. Knight Star is bound to you now, since you have the gift and the love for him, and the only way for you to become a Jewel Rider is through the Star Stone.

Anastasia: So we have to give the Star Stone up?

Tamara: We’ll try everything we can to free Knight Star and keep the Star Stone, I promise.

Fallon: So do I.

Gwenevere: I do too.

Fallon: Now, let’s go find someone who knows how to make a dispel potion.

( The unicorns gallop away, into the deep, dark forest.)

( The unicorns soon arrive at the Crystal Palace.)

( Gwenevere, Fallon, Tamara, and Anastasia rush inside.)

Gwenevere: Mother!

( Queen Anya turns to look as Gwen and the others run into the doorway.)

Queen Anya: What is it?

Gwenevere: We need to know how to make a dispel potion.

Queen Anya: A dispel potion… hmmmm…

( Queen Anya rests her chin in her upraised hand.)

Queen Anya: I think Merlin is the only person to talk to… I would check his scrolls.

( Gwenevere nods and runs out the doorway, the others follow.)

( The unicorns, with their riders, gallop to Merlin’s cottage.)

( Tamara jumps from Shadowsong and lands on the porch-like patio in front of the house.)

( She opens the door and the others run in, she soon follows.)

( Gwenevere pulls out a box of old scrolls, which look almost like they are going to

crumble in her hands.)

Gwenevere: Do you think it would be in here?

( Fallon runs to her side and sits beside her.)

Fallon (helping her dig through the scrolls): I don’t know… he has so many…

Tamara ( voice only- in another room): I think I found it! There’s also

a scroll about the Star Stone here!

( Gwenevere and Fallon run into the room.)

( There, Anastasia is sitting on the floor with the Star Stone scroll spread across her lap.)

Tamara (holding up a scroll): This is the one about the dispel potion.

Some of the ingredients will take days to get!

Gwenevere: But we hardly have two hours!

( Tamara hands the Dispel Potion scroll to Fallon.)

( Anastasia stands up and scoots to Gwen’s side.)

( She points out a line of the reading part of the scroll.)

Gwenevere (reading aloud): The Star Stone with each of it’s powers

of protection and guidance will choose it’s new owner, and the wizards must

respect it’s power to reflect evil and to accept goodness.

Tamara (to Anastasia): That means you *must* try it to see if you are the owner before Kale gets it! Because it will not accept Kale as it’s owner!

Anastasia: Does this mean that I can keep the Star Stone *and* get Knight Star back?

Fallon: We still don’t know… Kale might hurt the unicorn if the Star

Stone doesn’t obey her… because now we know that it detects the feelings of your heart…

Anastasia: I’d better not try it then… it may choose me, and the we’d have a lot of trouble.

Gwenevere: But you have to! It’s your only chance to save Knight Star!

Anastasia: What do you mean?

Gwenevere: Don’t you see? If you don’t, there will be absolutely no way to

save Knight Star. If the Star Stone grants protection and guidance to the

pair of which it feels worthy of, then it just might protect Knight Star.

Tamara: That’s right!

Fallon: Does that mean that we don’t need this stupid Dispel Potion?

Tamara: I think that it does.

Fallon: Good!

( She tosses the scroll to the floor.)

Fallon: I wasn’t fond of going on some big journey for stuff like that anyways.

Gwenevere: We’d better get back to the castle.

( Gwenevere, Tamara, Fallon, and Anastasia run out the door of the cottage.)

(The four girls run into the Jewel Keep where Queen Anya is still looking over maps and such.)

Gwenevere: Mother, we’re ready for the Star Stone.

( Queen Anya nods and walks away.)

( She soon walks back, bringing the pillow holding the precious jewel.)

( The diamond Star Stone flickers with white light.)

( The light reflects in Anastasia’s eyes as she glances at it.)

Queen Anya: This is the Star Stone, with great power of guidance and protection.

( Anastasia nods as Queen Anya walks over to her, holding the pillow out to her.)

( Anastasia picks up the Star Stone and holds it high into the air.)

Anastasia: What do I do now?

Gwenevere: Well, try it!

( Anastasia laughs at the thought.)

Anastasia: Well, here goes nothing… By the Magic of the Star Stone!

( White magic begins to spiral out of the Star Stone and it circles around

Anastasia from her head to the floor.)

( Then Anastasia is surrounded by the white magic, and as it disappears, it shows her new, and beautiful Jewel Armor on her.)

Tamara: Look at that Jewel Armor! It’s beautiful!

( The other three Jewel Riders rush to her side and start pointing out everything new on her Jewel Armor.)

Anastasia: Wow! It worked!

( Anastasia twirls around and joins in a chorus of laughter with the others.)

( Tamara looks out the window.)

Tamara: Gwen, we’ll have to save the party for later!

( Anastasia, Fallon, and Gwenevere rush to the window, beside Tamara.)

Anastasia: Oh no! It’s almost Sunset!

Gwenevere: How could we have forgotten?

Fallon: Never mind that… we have to get to the Travel Trees!

( Gwenevere, Tamara, Fallon, and Anastasia sprint out the door.)

( In the Thornwoods, a Travel Tree tunnel opens and the three unicorns leap out of it and gallop as fast as they can to the castle.)

( Kale watches as they quickly gallop into the castle courtyard.)

Kale: Jewel Riders! And not a moment too soon.

( Gwenevere jumps off Sunstar.)

Gwenevere: We have the Star Stone Kale, show us Knight Star.

( Kale shakes her head “no” and then shrugs.)

( She raises her hand into the air and beside her is Knight Star.)

( He is haltered and the lead rope which is hooked to his halter is locked in

a magical bind.)

( The bind is a stone circle slab with carved indentations of the Star Stone…

one in the middle and six on the outside.)

Kale: Now, little tramp… I see that you have already used the Star Stone

and made yourself a Jewel Rider. Give the Star Stone to me.

Anastasia: It won’t work for you! It says so in the scrolls!

Kale: Well, if it won’t work for me, your little winged friend will never be returned to you.

( Anastasia bows her head and knows that she now has no choice, except to

free Knight Star.)

Anastasia: What do I do.

Kale: Place the Star Stone in the middle carving, until every facet fits perfectly into it.

( Gwenevere, Fallon, and Tamara watch as she does so.)

Tamara: Isn’t there anything we can do?

Gwenevere: I’m afraid not. The Star Stone must be placed in the middle

of the bind in order for the lock to be broken.

( Anastasia moves up to the stone.)

( She grasps the Star Stone from her Jewel Belt.)

( She carefully places it into the middle carving, and turns it until it suddenly glows with a blinding white light.)

( Anastasia covers her eyes.)

( As the light dies down, the Star Stone begins to glow with the six (no indigo) colors of the rainbow.)

( Above it appears a red Star Stone.)

( Moving counter-clockwise, to the left of the red Star Stone appears an orange Star Stone.)

( To it’s left appears a yellow Star Stone.)

( To it’s left, under the original Star Stone appears a green Star Stone.)

( To it’s left. appears a blue Star Stone.)

( To it’s left and beside the red Star Stone appears a purple Star Stone.)

( The diamond Star Stone suddenly stops glowing.)

Anastasia: What now?

Kale: You should have known not to come here without anything except your jewels! The unicorn is mine!

( Gwenevere steps back.)

( She faints and falls and Tamara and Fallon reach back and catch her.)

( Gwen opens her eyes.)

Gwenevere: No! this is too much like when I became a Jewel Rider…

Tamara: Gwen… what is wrong!

Gwenevere: I don’t know! Whenever someone does something the same as what happened to me, I get this painful feeling…

( Gwenevere puts her hand over her forehead.)

Gwenevere: I think that somehow, Anastasia and I are linked…

Fallon: How?

Gwenevere: I don’t know… for some strange reason I think that she is

a relation.

Tamara: She’s your cousin isn’t she!

Gwenevere: How? Kale is mother’s only sister…

( Gwenevere stares up at Kale and Anastasia.)

Gwenevere: Tamara… Fallon… look…

( Tamara and Fallon both turn to see Kale and Anastasia.)

( They both have haunting similarities.)

Fallon: Anastasia is Kale’s daughter?

Tamara: That can’t be… she’s too kind hearted and…

Fallon: That’s why Anastasia never knew her parents! Kale did not want

a child, so she left her… and the reason she is not all like Kale is because…

Tamara: Fallon! Look!

( Tamara points to Anastasia, who is lying on the ground, struggling to get up.)

( Anastasia lifts up her head to glance at Knight Star one last time.)

Kale: (evil laughter) Now I have the unicorn and the Star Stone!

( Knight Star stares wide eyed at Anastasia, lying almost lifeless on the ground,

glancing up into his clear, dark eyes.)

Knight Star: No!

( He suddenly rears and kicks the stone binding slab.)

( The Star Stone shudders and falls out of it’s place.)

Kale: No! That can’t happen!

( The stone slab begins to crack, cracking between the six carvings with the six

Rainbow Star Stones in them.)

( As the cracks reach the middle where the carving for the original Star Stone

was placed, white light bursts everywhere.)

( The six cracked pieces, each containing one of the six Rainbow Star Stones,

burst out of the castle and beyond the depths of the border mist, all flying different directions.)

Kale: No! I was to close!

( Suddenly, Kale is surrounded by Wild Magic and she disappears.)

Gwenevere: Looks like Morgana was mad.

( She turns to Anastasia, who is now lying on the ground, still and lifeless.)

( Knight Star is kneeled beside her, with one wing over her body, as a cover.)

( Fallon turns away… and begins to cry.)

( Gwenevere puts a hand on Fallon’s shoulder.)

( Knight Star reaches his head over to his side and scoots the Star Stone over to Anastasia’s side.)

( He looks up as Tamara bends down and picks up the Star Stone.)

Tamara: She came to save you, you know…

Knight Star (bows his head, closing his eyes): I know.

Tamara: She was very brave, and she would have made a strong, bold Jewel Rider. You were going to be her partner.

( Knight Star nods.)

Tamara: And yet, I am still curious about this…

( She examines the Star Stone.)

( She reaches down, and pulls Anastasia’s hand out from under Knight Star’s


( She places the Star Stone in it, and wraps each of Anastasia’s fingers around it,

like the first time she (Anastasia) held the stone.)

( Tamara steps back and walks over to Gwenevere and Fallon, who are wiping tears from their eyes.)

( The Star Stone begins to glow with it’s white colored magic light.)

( Gwenevere looks up from crying on Tamara’s shoulder.)

( The white light spirals up from the ground into the clouds.)

( Knight Star opens his eyes and looks down at Anastasia.)

( As the white light almost makes Anastasia and Knight Star look invisible, Anastasia clinches her hand.)

( Knight Star suddenly flaps his wing up to his side.)

( Tamara sees this and turns to Knight Star.)

Tamara: What is it Knight Star?

( Anastasia opens her eyes partially.)

Tamara: Anastasia!

( Tamara runs over to her.)

( Anastasia looks up at Tamara.)

Anastasia: Tamara…

( Tamara turns to Gwen and Fallon.)

Tamara: Anastasia’s alive!

( Fallon and Gwenevere rush to Tamara’s side and see Anastasia moving.)

Fallon: I can’t believe it, she’s alive!

( Anastasia bends her knees and sits up.)

( She stretches her arms and find herself grasping the Star Stone.)

Anastasia: Am I a Jewel Rider yet?

Gwenevere: Ask your friend…

( Knight Star looks down to his neck and a sparkling Star Stone half rests on a Jewel Band around his neck.)

( Anastasia wraps her arms around Knight Star.)

Knight Star (* now whenever he speaks, his jewel glows): I’ll always be by your side.

( Knight Star looks up at his fellow Jewel Riders.)

Knight Star: I’ve got some business to tend to.

(Anastasia climbs onto Knight Star’s back and holds on tight with her arms around his neck.)

( Knight Star gallops and flaps his wings, and he soars up into the sky.)

( Knight Star flies into the Arden Forests with Anastasia clinging to his neck.)

Knight Star: This is where my family lives…

( Knight Star lands and trots slowly down a short path, into a clearing.)

Knight Star: My mother is so nice, but my father is too strict because I have


Anastasia: Well, he should be pleased when they see what you’ve become.

Knight Star: Mother! Father! I’ve come home!

( Distant trotting is heard, and then, Silver Slope and Flora Blossom trot out of the leaves.)

( Flora Blossom quickly rushes to Knight Star’s side.)

Flora Blossom (horn glows as she speaks): Knight Star! You’ve come home!

( Silver Slope glances over to see his son, now a Jewel Rider.)

Knight Star: This is Anastasia, my best friend, and fellow Jewel Rider.

Flora Blossom (horn glows): I’m so pleased to meet you.

( Silver Slope, for once agrees with a friendly nod.)

Knight Star: This is my mother, Flora Blossom… she said…

( Anastasia nods.)

Anastasia: I heard her. Somehow, I can hear what all unicorns have to say.

Knight Star: And that is my father, Silver Slope.

( Knight Star paws the ground.)

Knight Star: I came back to…

Silver Slope: Son, I never should have treated you like that. Some of the best Jewel Rider unicorns are ones that have wings. I’m sorry.

Knight Star: I forgive you. We’d better be off, we have a ceremony to get ready for.

( Knight Star flies up and Anastasia looks back and waves.)

( Gwenevere looks up in the sky for Knight Star.)

Gwenevere: Do you think they’ll be back tonight?

Fallon: They’ll be back… Gwen… I think she’s your cousin… Kale’s daughter…and that gift she has, maybe it’s not really a gift…

Gwenevere: What do you mean?

Fallon: The way she arose from stillness proves one thing…

Gwenevere: What?

Fallon: I think she’s the daughter of a wizard also.

The End



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