Morning Glory – Starstone (V1) – Ch. 3

Summary: Version One of Morning Glory’s “Starstone” series, presenting Anastasia and her bonded unicorn Knight Star.

Archival Note from The Jewel Riders Archive: This story is presented as it was originally published on Stormy’s “Avalon” fan site in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is presented for archival purposes and for the enjoyment of the Jewel Riders fandom. If you are the author of this story and wish to have it removed from the Jewel Riders Archive (or wish to share more!) please email us at Happy Reading!

Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders, by Morning Glory,

Jewel Riders

Princess Gwenevere Princess of Avalon, wearer of the Sun Stone

Fallon Warrior, wearer of the Moon Stone

Tamara Singer, Speaks to animals, wearer of the Heart Stone

Anastasia Adventurer, Teen, wearer of the Star Stone

Jewel Rider Animals

Sunstar Winged Unicorn, bound to Gwenevere

Moondance Unicorn, bound to Fallon

Shadowsong Zebracorn, bound to Tamara

Knight Star Winged Unicorn, bound to Anastasia


Kale Outlaw Princess

Morgana Evil Sorceress

Guest Characters

Golden Mist Griffon, young female

Thornleaf Griffon, Golden Mist’s father_

Peaks Griffon, Golden Mist’s Mother

Quickshadow Evil Wolf


Episode Title: “Morning of Mist” Star Stone Saga #3

* * * * *

( As the sun rises above the Arden Forest, a griffon bounds at top speed through the forest, tearing anything in her path to her side.)

( This is the young and beautiful griffon Golden Mist, who has yet to learn how to

fly. )

( Behind her is Quickshadow, her stalker, who is almost nipping at her heels.)

( Golden Mist beats her wings to her sides, but cannot f ly.)

( Quickshadow gains speed again and nips at her heels again, and Golden Mist, like a horse, raises her back leg and kicks him.)

( Quickshadow falls back from the hard blow, and has to wait to recover.)

( Golden Mist looks back and sees him begin to regain his balance and pursue

her again.)

Golden Mist: Someone! Please help!


( The Jewel Riders are sitting around the Friendship Ring.)

Gwenevere: So, do you want to have a ceremony and a reception?

(Anastasia, puzzled, shrugs.)

Anastasia: I don’t know… probably not.

Gwenevere: Are you sure?! I mean, that’s the fun of it, meeting new people

and dancing with cute guys…

(Tamara leans over to Anastasia.)

Tamara (whispering): If you don’t want to you don’t have to. A party is all she thinks about.

Anastasia: (Giggles)

( Gwenevere smirks.)

Gwenevere: I heard that.

( Girls join is a chorus of laughter.)

( Tamara suddenly stops.)

( Fallon sees her and quits her laughing also.)

Fallon: Tamara, what’s wrong?

( Tamara’s Heart Stone f lashes rapidly and Tamara grasps it.)

Tamara: There’s so much Wild Magic, where it’s coming from… I can’t tell!

( Tamara shines it around, and then the Heart Stone begins flashing when only pointed to the east.)

Tamara: It seems to be from the Arden Forest!

(Gwenevere jumps to her feet.)

Gwenevere: Jewel Riders, let’s ride!

( Tamara and Gwenevere already begin to run to the Crystal Palace.)

( Fallon winks at Anastasia and they follow.)


( Golden Mist is again running through the forest as fast as her paws will take

her… she doesn’t dare turn around and face the Great Wolf, for he would rip

her to shreds.)

( She comes upon a cave and makes a screaming, griffon call sort of sound.)

( Two more griffons, much larger than she, walk out of the cave.)

( Peaks and Thornleaf jump to their daughter’s side.)

( Quickshadow bounds into the mouth of the cave and falls down at the sight of the two large griffons staring straight into his eyes.)

( He quickly turns and leaps off, as quick as he came.)

( Thornleaf looks down at his daughter.)

Thornleaf: What could you have done that is so much as to have a Great Wolf biting at your heels?

Golden Mist: I found something which is very magical at the lake.

(Peaks raises her head and sniffs the air.)

Peaks: Is it a Jewel?

Golden Mist: Yes, one with strong Wild Magic, I could smell it from here.

( Peaks shakes her head.)

Peaks: We had better find someone who knows how to deal with this situation.


( Sunstar and Knight Star soar neck and neck through the air with almost simultaneous beats of their wings.)

( Shadowsong and Moondance gallop under them.)

( Tamara’s Heart Stone flashes rapidly again.)

Tamara: Gwen! It’s calling again! This time it’s clearer.

Gwenevere: What is it?

Tamara: It’s a cry for help!

Gwenevere: Then we’d better take the Travel Trees.

( Sunstar and Knight Star look at each other and swerve around with their wings outspread, and then after they turn, they beat then again.)


( Peaks is calling with the same kind of noise that Golden Mist made earlier, but this time it is deeper and more mature.)

Peaks: I think I reached the Jewel Riders…

Golden Mist: Are you sure? I sense that Quickshadow is hiding over there in those shadows…

Thornleaf: Just go back in the cave, and I’ll go and try to find the Jewel.

Peaks: Be careful Thornleaf.

(Thornleaf jumps into the air and f lies off, towards the direction Golden Mist came from.)


( A Travel Tree portal opens and the Jewel Rider Unicorns, with their Jewel Armor on, jump out of the tunnel, with each girl on her unicorn.)

Fallon: Here we are…

( She points to a small lake, but it is not the one in the heart of the forest.)

Anastasia: Look!

( The girls all turn to look and they see a great creature standing on the bank

of the lake.)

Tamara: That’s a griffon! They are very rare in Avalon, but beyond the mist…

(Thornleaf looks up from where he was taking a short drink.)

Thornleaf: Are you the Jewel Rider called Tamara?

(Tamara nods.)

Tamara: Yes I am…

Thornleaf: I am Thornleaf, father of the last family of Woodland Griffons.

(Tamara jumps off Shadowsong and approaches Thornleaf.)

( Thornleaf just watches her, not suspicious of anything, as she approaches.)

Tamara: I am pleased to meet you Thornleaf. These are the other Jewel Riders,

( Thornleaf looks back and sees Gwen, Fallon, and Anastasia.)

Anastasia: Are you the one who was calling for help?

Thornleaf: No, that was my daughter, Golden Mist. I can take you to meet them if you want.

Gwenevere: We would be very honored.

(Thornleaf jumps into the air and f laps his wings as he talks to Tamara.)

Thornleaf: This way.

( He f lies off, and Tamara jumps onto Shadowsong, and the unicorns follow.)


( Morgana watches the unicorns gallop away in a magical cloud like image

above a crystal ball.)

( She waves her hands and the image disappears.)

Morgana: Kale! There is something I need to ask you…

(Kale rolls her eyes and walks over to Morgana.)

Kale: What is it now?

( Morgana waves her hands above the crystal ball and the image appears again.)

( She points at Anastasia’s image.)

Morgana: Who is that?

Kale: I don’t know who she is! She’s some new Jewel Rider.

Morgana: I want you to take a look into a mirror and come back.

( Kale sighs hard and deeply and marches over to a mirror in Morgana’s


( She primps her hair and walks back over.)

( She stares into the crystal ball’s image and does a double take.)

( She stares back at it with wide eyes.)

Kale (shocked): She looks like me!

Morgana: You have no other sisters do you?

Kale: No, I don’t!

Morgana: Then how does this little Jewel brat resemble you so much?

Kale: This can’t be… my daughter?

Morgana: What?!


( The Jewel Riders come to a brush pile and stop.)

(Tamara looks at Gwen and Fallon and then turns to Thornleaf.)

Tamara: Thornleaf, how can we get over this?

(Thornleaf looks down at her and back up at the brush.)

Thornleaf: Jump I guess… It’s not that high.

( Gwenevere turns to Tamara and smiles and shrugs.)

( Sunstar and Knight Star f ly over it.)

( Moondance backs up and breaks into a gallop.)

( She soars over the brush pile, with plenty of room to spare when she lands.0

( Shadowsong looks at Tamara, unsure.)

( He begins to back up and then closes his eyes.)

( Suddenly, he disappears.)

( He reappears on the other side of the brush pile.)

* Refer to the second episode of the second series “Shadowsong”*

( Thornleaf blinks and soars over.)

Thornleaf: This is it…

( Tamara jumps off Shadowsong and looks around.)

Tamara: This is where you live?

Thornleaf (smirking): Home sweet home.

( Golden Mist and Peaks peek out of the cave.)

Peaks: Jewel Riders! We’re are so grateful to see you!

( Gwenevere smiles and nods.)

Gwenevere: We are pleased to met you.

Thornleaf: It seems that nearby, there is a lake in which an enchanted jewel is


Anastasia: An enchanted jewel?

Thornleaf: Yes, Golden Mist found it, and when you met up with me I was out searching for it.

( Golden Mist walks up to them and edges beside Thornleaf.)

Golden Mist: It’s… It’s at the Great Lake… in the heart of the forest.

Thornleaf: I tired to follow the strong Wild Magic paths that it created, but the

jewel is so wild, it has spread Wild Magic all over the forest and I couldn’t find it!

Fallon: Don’t worry, we’ll find it.

Golden Mist: There is one small problem…

Gwenevere: What is that?

Golden Mist: The stone must be retrieved by the one who found it… that it me.

Thornleaf: But you know you don’t like to swim…

Golden Mist: The jewel is the Wish Stone, and it helps to make your wishes come true…, and because I found it, it has to make my wish, but I must retrieve it first.

Gwenevere: How do you know all that?

Golden Mist: The Wild Magic from any jewel tells it’s powers through the magic it creates… you just need the right griffon to understand it…

Thornleaf: Ha, I taught you everything you know.


( Kale is stunned, she never realized that her daughter still lives.)

Kale: Morgana, we have to get rid of her! Who knows what kind of goes reputation she’ll set for me?!

Morgana: She must have evil in her somewhere, she’s your daughter…

Kale: But that was before I found the Dark Stone… that was years before, I thought that I got rid of her then!

Morgana: Well, you didn’t! And so now we face the problem now!

Kale: She is also the daughter of a wizard that I met after I was banished…

that must be where she gets her goodness from… he wasn’t an evil wizard…

Morgana: Quit whining about her roots! Right now we have to get rid of her…

( Kale suddenly shapes up and gets an evil idea.)

Kale: We’ll take her Star Stone away! Since she has wizard blood in her, she

must have an Enchanted Jewel now, and we can dump her into the wild Magic!

Morgana: Take this with you…

(Morgana holds out a locket.)

Morgana: This will put her in a spell long enough for you to take the jewel and

dispose of her.

( Kale snatches the locket and grasps her Dark Stone, and soon, she fades away.)


( Knight Star paws the ground furiously, shaking his head and closing his eyes tight as if her were fighting it.)

( Anastasia turns and runs over to him.)

Anastasia: Knight Star, what’s wrong?

( Knight Star shakes his head and bursts his eyes open.)

Anastasia: Knight Star, What’s wrong?!

Knight Star: I can’t fight it…

Anastasia (throwing her arms around his neck): Can’t fight what?

Knight Star: Something awful is about to happen! I just know it…

Anastasia ( still clinging rubs his neck): Now calm down… it hasn’t happened yet…

( Anastasia turns to the other Jewel Riders.)

Anastasia: Gwen, Tamara, Fallon! Come quick!

Knight Star: No, they can’t know!

Anastasia: Why not?

Knight Star: They won’t believe it… there is something I can sense… it’s the protection powers of the Star Stone… it’s protecting us from something…

Anastasia: What?

Knight Star: I don’t know, I can just feel it…

( Gwen, Tamara, and Fallon seem to have not heard Anastasia, for they are deep in conversation with the griffons.)

( Something rustles in the brush pile behind Anastasia and Knight Star.)

Anastasia (quickly turning ): What was that?

Knight Star ( turning his head to look back): I don’t know…


( Behind the brush pile, hide Kale and Quickshadow.)

Kale: Are you sure this is the place?

Quickshadow (Kale’s Dark Stone glows as he speaks): I’m sure of it… I can smell

the delightful scent of the Star Stone’s magic.

Kale: Okay, now jump out there and create a diversion while I slip this on that little tramp…

( Quickshadow nods as Kale grasps the locket in her fist.)

( Quickshadow lunges up and bounds over the brush pile.)

( He lands snarling on the other side, where the Jewel Riders and the griffons are.)

( Gwen, Tamara, Fallon, and the griffons turn.)

Golden Mist: That’s the wolf, Quickshadow!

( Thornleaf and Peaks leap in front of their daughter and scream their

ear-piercing, banshee-like griffon screams.)

( Quickshadow falls to the ground and howls.)

( Kale sneaks over the brush pile.)

( She sneaks up behind Anastasia and Knight Star, who are calling for their Jewel Armor.)

( She quickly reaches her hands up to Anastasia’s neck.)

( Knight Star glances back.)

Knight Star: Anastasia, look out!

( Anastasia quickly turns her head and Kale swings the locket around her neck.)

( Anastasia grabs hold of it and tugs, but Kale is holding onto the fastener.)

Anastasia: Let go!

( Kale grits her teeth and fastens the locket, and runs off.)

( Anastasia jerks as she feels a sudden jolt from her head to her toes.)

Anastasia: No! It’s to strong!

( Anastasia grasps the locket and falls to her knees.)

( Tamara, Gwen, and Fallon rush over to her, leaving two screaming griffons behind them.)

Fallon: Anastasia!

( She quickly drops to her knees and shakes Anastasia, who has her face cupped in her hands.)

( She shakes her again, and this time, Anastasia drops her head and hands to the ground.)

Gwenevere: What’s happened to her?

Fallon: I don’t know… Knight Star?

( Knight Star lowers his eyebrows and his eyes darken slightly.)

Knight Star: Kale.

( The griffons turn, rush over to the action, leaving a still howling Quickshadow lying on the ground.)

( Quickshadow painfully opens his eyes and glances over to Anastasia.)

( Anastasia lifts her head and quickly stands up.)

Tamara: Anastasia… are you okay…

( Anastasia looks forward, past Tamara, she has a very distant, faraway look in her eyes.)

Gwenevere ( jumping in front of her.): Anastasia, what is wrong with you?

( Anastasia calmly bends sideways and looks over Gwen’s shoulder.)

( Quickshadow smirks and lifts himself up.)

( Anastasia looks into his eyes, seeming to read his mind.)

( She slowly grasps her Star Stone and lifts it from her belt, cupping it in her hands.)

( Quickshadow, judging his moments, jumps into a dead run at Anastasia.)

( As he growls, all turn and he jumps up, snatching Anastasia’s Star Stone in his mouth.)

( He quickly bounds over the brush pile.)

( Thornleaf soars up and looks over the brush pile.)

Thornleaf: He’s gone…

To Be Continued…


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