Morning Glory – Starstone (V1) – Ch. 6

Summary: Version One of Morning Glory’s “Starstone” series, presenting Anastasia and her bonded unicorn Knight Star.

Archival Note from The Jewel Riders Archive: This story is presented as it was originally published on Stormy’s “Avalon” fan site in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is presented for archival purposes and for the enjoyment of the Jewel Riders fandom. If you are the author of this story and wish to have it removed from the Jewel Riders Archive (or wish to share more!) please email us at Happy Reading!

Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders


Princess Gwenevere- Princess of Avalon, wears the Sun Stone

Fallon- Warrior, wears the Moon Stone

Tamara- Singer, speaks to animals, wears the Heart Stone

Anastasia- teen adventurer, wears the Star Stone

Sunstar- Winged Unicorn, bound to Gwen

Moondance- Unicorn, bound to Fallon

Knight Star- Winged Unicorn, bound to Anastasia

*Guest Stars

Toria- Brave Quicksilver Elf, Twin to Phillip

Phillip- Strong Quicksilver Elf, Twin to Toria

Justin- Wise Quicksilver Elf

Silver Mane- Rainbow Striped Tiger

Dorian- Green Dragon

Pandora- Golden Panda

Spirit of Avalon- strange, melancholy female voice the elves hear when they are bonded to their jewels


Star Stone Saga “Into Anhillia”


(In a beautiful forest valley surrounded by mountains, three elves journey through the winding paths on foot.)

Toria: Man, could this every get any more boring?

( Toria is a beautiful female elf with bright blue eyes and a strange silver scar on her left eye. she has blonde hair with hints of silver.)

Phillip: The villagers said that they saw a burst of light in this direction.

( Phillip is a handsome male elf who is very muscular and strong. He has long bland hair streaked with silver, which is pulled back into a pony tail, and he has bright blue eyes and a strange silver scar on his right eye. He and Toria have a striking resemblance… and guess what.. they’re twins 🙂

Toria: Okay, probably another one of those dragons playing huff and puff again.

Phillip: Oh come on, we’ve already made it this far out here, do you think we’re gonna turn back now?

Justin: Wait a second…

( Justin is also a handsome and muscular elf, and he is very wise. Justin has one green eye, which is his left eyes, and where his right eye used to be, there is the silver marking. Justin has long blue hair with hints of gold and he wears it back in a long braid.)

( Justin picks up a strange noise in his super sensitive elf ears.)

Toria: What now?

Justin: It sounds like an explosion.

Toria: That’s just great… the dragons are exploding.

Phillip: Will you be quiet?

Toria ( Stops and looks up into her brother’s face): Oh shut up you!

Phillip (points his pointer finger at her): Why won’t you?

Toria: I can’t stand it when you try to boss me around.

Phillip: I have the authority.. I’m older.

Toria: By two minutes!!

Justin: Uhh guys…

( Toria and Phillip turn their heads forward toward Justin, and they stop bickering!!)

( They stand gazing at a strange light, a giant burst of magic of all different colors, seeming to make a hole between the atmosphere and the lithosphere.)

Toria (bluntly yet in awe): Wow.

( She turns her eyes to Phillip who is still gazing at it.)

( She elbows him in the side.)

Toria: So what about this, Oh fearless leader.

Phillip: Hmm… Well I can honestly say that I have never seen one of these before.

Justin: I have.

( Justin turns back to the twins.)

Justin: The creature that captured my mother and claimed the sight of my right eye, it came out of one of these.

( The magic begins to glow bright with quick bursts of light.)

Phillip: Stand Back!!

( The three all back away from the portal, and then, three separate branches of the portal appear.)

( Phillip bravely walks up to one and Toria gasps and holds out her hand to call him back, but he still heads for the middle branch portal.)

( He looks into it and sees a beautifully faceted diamond jewel.)

( He reaches his hands in and pulls it out. The middle branch portal disappears.)

Phillip: Would you look at this!

( Toria walks up beside her brother and looks into the branch portal to the right.)

( She reaches in and pulls out another beautifully faceted jewel, which is in the shape of a planet with a sparkling ring around it.)

( Justin looks into the remaining branch portal and he pulls out a golden, leaf shaped faceted jewel.)

Justin: Could these be Enchanted Jewels?

Toria: Enchanted Jewels?

Justin: I read about some magical stones which possessed great power in some ancient scrolls kept by the village elders.

Phillip: So how do these Enchanted Jewels work?

Justin: You must call upon their power with a rhyme… but how are you so sure that they are Enchanted Jewels?`

Phillip: Aw come on, let’s try them out!

( Phillip anxiously holds up the stone.)

Justin: Wait, we don’t even know their powers, let alone how to use them. Also you must know the name of the stone.

Phillip: Perhaps we can rename them… I mean, who’s gonna come out of that magic hole looking for these three rocks?

( Justin turns away and shrugs.)

Justin: Okay, do whatever you want.

( Phillips smirks.)

Phillip: Let’s see… uhh…

Toria: Well… go on.

Phillip: Diamond Stone… um… that shines in the sun, make Toria run!

( The Diamond Stone seems to shine in Phillip’s eyes, but nothing happens.)

Toria: Ooo, I’m very impressed.

( Toria begins to jog to tease Phillip.)

( Suddenly, Toria speeds up into a dead sprint around in circles and she stops herself, almost falling over.)

Toria: Wha..?

Phillip: Ooo.. I’m impressed.

Toria: Whattyda mean? I didn’t intentionally sprint in circles! It just… happened.

Justin: Maybe we should find someone who knows about Enchanted Jewels… um… how about the great wizard Merlin?

Phillip: That oughtta be easy… yeah, he’s only lost in that magic stuff… because of that strange explosion with the crown jewels.

Justin: The crown jewels of Avalon, remember. It affected our land like it did there.

Toria: Yeah well hurry it up… I wanna try this baby out.

Justin: Well, we could try to get hold of those Jewel Rider people. They have Enchanted Jewels and they know how to use these kinds of things. Let’s see, I’ll see if this golden leaf stone will send out a call through this magic.

( Justin holds the Golden Stone up.)

Justin: Golden Stone, a leaf of the fall… send out at magical call!

( The Golden Stone shines.)


Anastasia: Did you hear that?

( Gwen, Tamara. and Fallon turn toward her.)

( Tamara shakes her head “yes”.)

Tamara: It sounds like some kind of magical distress call…

Gwen: Can you tell where it is coming from?

Tamara: No, but maybe if I do this…

( Tamara holds up her Heart Stone.)

Tamara: It’s very distant… but I think my call might go through.

( They suddenly all hear Justin’s voice.)

Justin ( voice only): Heart Stone Rider… can you hear me?

Tamara: Yes, I can, what is it you need?

Justin ( voice only): I am Justin of Wind Whisper, a Quicksilver Elf Knight.

Gwen: Quicksilver Elf?

Justin: Yes, that is our race… but now we have stumbled across three magical stones which I believe to be Enchanted Jewels.

Fallon: New Enchanted Jewels?

Justin: I’m not sure, but we needed some help in trying to figure out how to work them.

Tamara: You should wait for someone who knows how to use Enchanted Jewels to come and take a look at them before you use them…

Justin: Okay.. sorry. When will you come?

Tamara: Come?

Justin: Yes… to Anhillia.. where we live. We’ll wait for you…

( Justin’s voice fades out and Tamara and the others are now struck clueless.)

Gwen: Did he say Anhillia?

Tamara: Yeah, that’s what I heard…

Gwen: Anhillia is the sister colony of Avalon… long ago before my ancestor Arthur, magical people from Avalon traveled the Wild Magic to a far off land, way past the border mists…

they settled there and reported back only once, and then Avalon lost contact with Anhillia altogether…

Fallon: And that’s why no one knows about it.

Gwen: Well, not many. A record of the last report of Anhillia’s colonization is in one of mother’s scrolls, which I have since read.

Stasia: Well, let’s go find it! Maybe it will tell us how to get there.

Gwen: Okay, let’s see now, it should be in the library, encased in the glass, that’s where all the other ancient scrolls are.

Fallon ( under her breath): Yeah about all fifty million of them.


Toria: What’s taking so long!

Justin: Toria calm down. They’re probably looking for a way to get here… I have no clue how to get to Avalon, let alone how to get here from there.

Phillip: Well… why don’t we go find those trolls for the time being.

Toria: Yetch! Not the trolls! They smell awful!

Justin: Why don’t we report back to the village, remember we were supposed to do that after we found out what the light was.

Phillip: Ah ha! Good thing that I thought of that.

Justin: Yeah… right.


( In the library Fallon and Stasia are digging through the fragile old scrolls.)

( One scroll falls out and Gwen slides under it before it has the chance to crumple on the floor.)

Gwen: Hey! Be careful with these! These are the oldest known scrolls in Avalon!

( Fallon bites her bottom lip.)

Fallon: Sorry.

Gwen ( suddenly bright and cheerful again.): That’s okay!

( Out of curiosity, she opens the scroll gently and reads it quickly to spread it out on the reading table.)

( Fallon and Stasia quickly accompany Tamara and Gwen around the table.)

Gwen: The coordinates given to Anhillia are as follows… huh? That’s funny, both are 0 degrees…

Fallon: Shouldn’t be too hard to find.


( Justin, Toria, and Phillip walk out of a hut, which is the Village Hall.)

Justin: I told them.

Toria: So what do we do now?

Phillip: We wait for the Jewel Riders to get here.

Toria: I’m going to go and practice fighting out in the woods.

Phillip: Alone?

Toria: Why, is my big brother worried about me??

Phillip: No, do whatever you want.

( Toria nods and walks off into the forest, out of the village, taking her stone out of the secured pouch that she put it in.)


(Toria is practicing kicking at trees and chopping at branches.)

( As she jumps high and grabs hold of a branch in a tall tree, she hears a small snarl.)

( She looks up into the tree and sees a pack of wolf-bats, snarling and hissing at her.)

Toria: Help!!

( She looks down to the ground and she sees that it is too far down.)

Toria: Help! Please!!


( A large white beast emerges from it’s hiding place in the bushes.)

( As it lifts itself up, we see that it is beautifully rainbow striped, quite rare for any kind of magical tiger.)

Toria (voice heard in the distance): Help, someone, please!

( The tiger’s ears perk up and she goes running in the direction from which she heard the cry for help.)


( Toria is still hanging from the same branch as the wolf-bats screech and begins to swarm

around her.)

Toria: This is it, I’m finished.

Silver Mane: No!

( Toria hears the new voice and turns her head to see who it came from.)

Silver Mane: Get away!

( The wolf-bats still linger and Silver Mane finally has enough.)

Silver Mane: I said GET AWAY!

( She lets out a tremendous roar and the wolf-bats fly back so hard, it seems that her roar had knocked them out of the sky.)

Silver Mane: Jump!

Toria (looks down): I… okay.

( Toria flips around the branch and flings herself off of it.)

( Silver Mane runs over and catches Toria on her back.)

( Toria lands with an “oof” and other than the wind being knocked out of her, she is unharmed.)

Toria: Th… thank you.


(Meanwhile Phillip and Justin are also practicing their superior Elf Knight techniques in the


( As they counter each other’s swinging sticks, they jump off the nearby trees and flip in and out of the paths of the wooden weapons.)

( As they practice their fighting tactics used to defend the village, Justin hears a cry for help and Phillip hears a loud roar.)

( They look at each other and run off into the distance with their sticks and fighting tools in hand.)

( As they track the sound with their great hearing, they come to a clearing where two animals are fighting one another, one is a rare golden panda and the other is a large fierce, yet young dragon.)

Justin: The dragon’s gonna kill that panda if we don’t do something!

Phillip: It’s all up to nature… let’s go.

Justin: Wait! Can’t you feel that something is not right?

(Phillip turns to leave, but he turns back around and is silent for a moment.)

Phillip: What feeling do you have?

Justin: There is something unique about these two animals or they would not have drawn us here.

Phillip: You’re right.

( Justin and Phillip both jump toward the dragon which is clawing at the panda.)

( Justin has a strange feeling as the panda looks up at him with weak eyes.)

( He pushes the dragon out of the way, and the dragon stumbles and falls on Phillip.)

Justin ( petting the panda): Are you alright?

Phillip ( carefully lifting the bruised dragon off of him): What are you talking to it for? It can’t talk to you…

Pandora (Faint at first): Yes I can.

( Justin jumps back.)

Justin: Whoa, did you hear that??

Phillip (examining the hurt dragon): No…

Justin: The panda just talked to me.

Phillip: Yeah whatever you say.

Justin: Truthfully…

( Pandora, the golden panda, looks up at Justin.)

Pandora: I am Pandora, last of the great Golden Pandas, and yes I can talk to you.

Justin: Wow.. hold on a sec…

( Justin pulls a pouch off of his belt and carefully lifts out the Golden Stone.)

Justin: I have this funny feeling, do you suppose…

( He holds it up midway between him and Pandora, and the jewel shines with an incredible golden glow, and splits into two halves, one half appearing in his hand, and the other, on a jewel band around Pandora’s neck.)

( Phillip turns around suddenly.)

( Justin covers his eyes because of the blinding golden light given by the stone.)

( Justin’s eyes open.)

( They widen as he hears a new voice coming through the light.)

Spirit of Avalon: You have chosen well young Elf Knight, you shall be rewarded with an everlasting friendship.

( Justin sees the faint image of a lady with long white hair and a long white dress.)

( He blinks and when he opens his eyes, the golden glow and the lady have both disappeared.)

Justin: Wha??

( He looks around and looks at himself to see that he is covered with magical green and gold jewel armor.)

Justin: How did I get this?

Phillip: Whoa!

( Justin is amazed.)

Justin: This is the Jewel Armor that I read about… it is real!

Phillip: Well, um lets see…

( Phillip turns back to the dragon whom he is actually calming down.)

Phillip: You know, you are a strong guy.

( The dragon looks up at hearing the words.)

( Phillip can tell by the look in his eyes.)

Phillip: You can hear me can’t you!

( Dorian utters a low growl, which Phillip takes as a yes.)

Phillip: Lets see then…

( Phillip takes out the Diamond Stone and holds it between him and the dragon, like Justin did.)

( The jewel glows with a blue and red light and surrounds him and the dragon.)

( Phillip sees the jewel split in half and one side of it flies to him, and the other side flies to the dragon.)

( A bright white light cuts through the red and blue light and Phillip can see the image of a woman, shining with white hair.)

Spirit of Avalon: Greetings Elf Knight, you have been strong and have helped this dragon when it was in need… you will be rewarded by an everlasting friendship.

( Suddenly, the Spirit and the light disappears, and like Justin, Phillip now has on Jewel Armor, only his is blue and silver.)

Phillip: This is pretty cool…

( He looks over to his dragon friend, who now has a golden jewel band around his neck, and “bracelet” like bands around his arms and legs.)


( Silver Mane and Toria walk side by side, until they come to the forest clearing where Phillip and Justin, and their two animals are.)

Toria: Phillip, Justin.. who are these animals?

Justin: Toria! We are Jewel Riders now, and you can be one too!

Toria: What do you mean?

Phillip: You have found your animal friend as we have found ours… take out your stone and hold it between you two.

(Toria looks to Silver Mane.)

( Silver Mane nods and Toria opens the pouch that holds her Enchanted Jewel.)

( Toria holds the jewel out, between her and the white tiger, and a bright green and purple light cascades around them.)

( The Spirit of Avalon appears to Toria as she appeared to Justin and Phillip.)

Spirit of Avalon: You are the brave Elf Knight of Anhillia, you have trusted in someone that you didn’t even know… thus, finding an everlasting friendship with her… your bravery has been rewarded.

( The Spirit disappears and the light fades away.)

( Toria sees the Cosmic Stone split in half and one side appears in her hands, and the other appears on a jewel band around Silver Mane’s neck.)

( Toria sees that she now has sparkling Jewel Armor, which is in the colors of purple, green, and gold.)

Silver Mane: This is incredible.

( Toria hears Silver Mane more plainly now, there is not a shroud over her voice anymore.)

Silver Mane: I do not think we have had the proper greeting, I am Silver Mane.

Toria: I am Toria, and thank you for saving me.

Phillip: Saving you?

Toria: Yes, Silver Mane saved me from some nasty wolf-bats that came out of one of the holes in the trees.

( Toria leans over to Silver Mane.)

Toria (whispers): He is my overprotective twin brother.

( Silver Mane looks up at him and smiles back at Toria.)

Silver Mane: There IS a resemblance…

( Toria just smiles and shakes her head.)

Toria: So who are these fine friends?

( She looks towards Pandora and Dorian.)

Justin: This is Pandora.

Phillip: And this is…

Dorian: I am Dorian.

( Toria smiles and nods.)


( The Jewel Riders appear in Anhillia after a long trip from Avalon.)

Gwen (pulling out a hairbrush as she deactivates her Jewel Armor): That was a long trip, how far is it from Avalon again?

( Tamara motions for the map that Fallon is holding.)

( Fallon hands her the scroll and Tamara unrolls it.)

Tamara: According to this, it is at least 1000 miles away.

Anastasia: Sure felt like it was…

( Anastasia brushes herself off and fixes Knight Star’s mane which has strands flopped to the opposite side it usually lays on.)

( Fallon holds up her Moon Stone.)

( The Moon Stone glows and points a small blue beam towards the east.)

Fallon: My Moon Stone shows that the new Enchanted Jewels are this way.

( Gwen nods and Sunstar leads the way. the other unicorns following behind her.)


( Toria stops a second from talking to Justin, Phillip, and their new animal friends.)

Toria: Did you hear that?

( Justin and Phillip look around.)

Justin and Phillip (together): What?

Toria: Never mind, I don’t know what it was.


( Anastasia looks up from reading a scroll about Anhillia.)

Anastasia: What was that?

( Anastasia hears a soft voice.)

Spirit of Avalon: Welcome young Jewel Rider, you are here to seek the magical Enchanted Jewels that are now bound to the young Elf Knights…

Anastasia ( startled, answers with her unicorn voice): Yeah.

Spirit of Avalon: There is nothing to be afraid of, I am here to aid you. You will become friends with the three Elf Knights and you will be the only one who can persuade them to help you fight against Morgana and Kale.

Anastasia: Okay… why aren’t you asking Gwen though?

Spirit of Avalon ( giggles and then is serious again): The Princess has a clouded mind, she is pure and kind hearted, but her thoughts are filled with distractions… you, on the other hand, have an open heart and mind, and your thoughts are not clouded by these distractions… that is why you must be the one to persuade them… besides, they are your age.

Anastasia: They are?

Spirit of Avalon: Yes, they are all 14… young Elf Knights chosen by the elders of their village to protect the forest and all that lives in it. You must find them now… they grow more anxious to use the jewels. Hurry!

Anastasia: But I am moving with the group…

Spirit of Avalon: You must get away from your group and find the Elf Knights, before it is too late!

Anastasia: Okay… where do I go?

Spirit of Avalon: When you reach the intersection of this path, and another, take the path leading to the North… and you cannot let the others follow you.

Anastasia: Okay.

( The Spirit’s voice fades into the distance and disappears from Anastasia’s head.)

Knight Star: So where is this intersection at?

Anastasia: You heard it too?

Knight Star: Of course… it said that right now, only you and me could hear it, and when you used your unicorn voice, the spirit explained that she blocked it from the other unicorns, and that only it and I could hear you speak.

Anastasia: We had better keep a look out for this intersection.

( Knight Star blinks his dark blue eyes and nods.)


( An echoing whisper lingers in the distance, heard by Toria.)

( Toria stops walking and looks over in the distance, where she can only see an endless row of trees.)

Toria: What is that voice I keep hearing?

( She hears the whispering again, only this time she can make out what it is saying.)

Anastasia ( whispering): I think the intersection is close… the Spirit told us to take the path that leads to the North.

Knight Star ( whispering): We must be getting closer… I can sense another creature.. and it is not a unicorn.

( Toria is startled… are these evil soldiers after her?)

( Toria motions to Silver Mane to hide beneath a nearby brush pile.)

Anastasia ( whispering): Here is the intersection!

( Toria crouches down and is scared half to death.)

( She looks to her belt.)

Toria: Wait a second… Silver Mane, we have our jewels.

( Silver Man remembers.)

Silver Man (whispering): But do we know how to use them?

Toria: That doesn’t matter… we have to protect ourselves.

( Knight Star comes closer to the brushpile.)

( As he is ready to pass it, Toria flips out and lands in front of him, holding her Cosmic Stone high.)

Anastasia: Whoa! Now wait a second here…

( Silver Mane jumps out and runs up behind Toria.)

( Anastasia sees the Cosmic Stone in Toria’s hand, and on Silver Mane’s jewel band.)

Anastasia: You’re the Elf Knight!

( Toria stops, suspicious.)

Anastasia: I am Anastasia, I am a Jewel Rider.

Toria: I am Toria of Moonlight, and this is Silver Mane, my friend.

Anastasia: This is Knight Star… he is my best friend. Like Silver Mane, Knight Star is bonded to me by my Enchanted Jewel.

( Anastasia holds out the Star Stone.)

( Toria looks at the Star Stone, and then offers Anastasia the Cosmic Stone.)

( Anastasia looks the Cosmic Stone over, and cannot remember seeing anything about it in the book of Enchanted Jewels in the castle library.)

Anastasia: Is this one of the new Enchanted Jewels?

Toria: I dunno… but Justin did call you guys didn’t he?

Anastasia: Yes, he did.

Toria: I wanted to find a way to use this jewel so it is good that I found you.

Anastasia: It looks as if you have already found a way to bond with a magical animal.

Toria: Yeah, do you get this really cool armor when you do?

Anastasia: Yes, that is your Jewel Armor, it protects you when riding the Wild Magic, and fighting against evil magic power. Here watch.

( Anastasia holds up her Star Stone and her jewel armor swirls around her.)

( Toria steps back in surprise, and then holds her jewel up.)

Anastasia: Try it!

Toria: By the Magic of the Cosmic Stone!

( The Cosmic Stone emits bursts of sparkling green light and it surrounds Toria and when it disappears, her jewel armor is back.)

Toria: This is the Jewel Armor?

Anastasia: Yeah! Isn’t it cool?

( Toria smiles, and looks to Silver Mane, who also has a bit of Jewel Armor, such as a girth, and bracelets.)

Toria: We have to tell Phillip and Justin!

Anastasia: Okay.

( Toria climbs into Silver Mane’s saddle and Silver Mane leads the way.)

( Knight Star follows quickly.)


( Gwen looks back to do a head count.)

Gwen: Wait a second, Stasia and Knight Star aren’t here!

( Fallon and Tamara also look back.)

Fallon: Where could those two have gotten off to?!

Tamara: I don’t know but we should find them quick.

Gwen: You want to turn around… the magic is getting stronger as we travel this way.

Fallon: Um… I don’t know.

Gwen: She is fourteen, and she has a big black flying unicorn protecting her, don’t you think that we can trust her alone?

Tamara: Well… maybe.

Gwen: Good because she will probably meet up with us sooner or later… it isn’t like we can’t talk to her…

( Gwen reminds them of their Enchanted Jewels.)

( Fallon rolls her eyes and Moondance smirks.)


( Phillip and Justin are riding around the forest, doing nothing at all.)

Phillip: I’m bored, can’t we do something with these jewels??

Justin: We don’t know how… besides, those Jewel Riders should be coming soon.

( They hear the clomp of hooves in the distance.)

( Phillip stops and Dorian looks ahead.)

Dorian: It’s some unicorns.

Justin: Unicorns? There aren’t many unicorns that live around here.

Dorian: No, the unicorns aren’t from around here…

Phillip: Is it the Jewel Riders?

Dorian: I think it is.

Phillip: They are coming this way.

( Phillip then gets an idea.)

Phillip: Let’s show them what we are made of.

Justin: What?

Phillip: If they are going to let us keep these jewels we will have to show them that we know how to use them…

Justin: Yeah I bet… we don’t know how to use them.

Phillip: Just block their path and hold the jewel up, follow my lead.

( Justin just shrugs and takes his Golden Stone out of the pouch that he is storing it in.)

( The Jewel Riders approach and their unicorns skid to a stop at the sight of two muscular Elf Knights holding up unknown jewels and blocking the path.)

Gwen: Um…. Hello. I am Princess Gwenevere from Avalon.

( She holds up her Sun Stone and instantly calls for her Jewel Armor because the two elves look threatening.)

Gwen: I am a Jewel Rider… are you the Elf Knights?

( Justin and Phillip exchange glances.)

Phillip: I am Phillip of Moonlight, Elf Knight, and protector of the great forests.

Justin: I am Justin of Wind Whisper, Elf Knight, and protector of the great forests.

( Moondance walks up to join Sunstar and Gwen.)

Tamara: You are Justin? I am Tamara, I was the one who talked to you.

Justin: Tamara? Yes I remember.

( Gwen figures that all is well and she deactivates her Jewel Armor.)

( Phillip watches as her Jewel Armor fades away, and he will not admit it but he is somewhat impressed.)

Phillip: Hey, how do you do that?

( Gwen turns to him.)

Gwen: What?

Phillip: That magic armor thing. How do you do that?

Gwen: It’s easy!

( Gwen holds up the Sun Stone.)

Gwen: You hold up your Enchanted Jewel and then call on the power of your Jewel.

( She demonstrates.)

Gwen: By the Magic of the Sun Stone!

( Her Jewel Armor appears on her and she looks to Phillip.)

Gwen: You try.

( Phillip is uncertain… but he holds up his jewel.)

Phillip: Um… By the Magic of the Diamond Stone!

( Phillip is surrounded by a bright blue and red light and when it disappears, he has his jewel armor.)

Phillip: This is the Jewel Armor?

( He remembers how it came to him when he and Dorian were bonded.)

Phillip: I remember now.

Justin: I had that too…

( Justin holds up his Golden Stone.)

Justin: By the magic of the Golden Stone!

( A golden glow surrounds Justin and his Jewel Armor appears.)

( The glow disappears.)

Fallon: You do know how to summon your Jewel Armor now…

Gwen: You can also learn how to call the power of your jewels by a rhyme.

Justin: We have already learned how to do that.

Gwen: Have you?

Toria: Yes we have.

( Silver Mane jumps into sight with Toria atop her back.)

(Knight Star soon follows.)

Gwen: Stasia!

Tamara: We were worried about you!

( The Spirit of Avalon’s voice fills Stasia’s head again.)

Spirit of Avalon: Star Stone Rider, you must find a way to overcome this conflict.

Anastasia ( *using her unicorn voice): What conflict?

Spirit of Avalon: There is going to be a conflict between you and the elves that live here… you must find a way to bring peace between this.

Anastasia*: Why?

Spirit of Avalon: The Wild Magic has been pouring out ever since the Elf Knights removed the three jewels from the portal.

Anastasia*: Oh!

Spirit of Avalon: Hurry, you must hurry, they believe that you and the other Jewel Riders brought this wild magic in with you when you entered into Anhillia.

Anastasia*: They are coming now??

Spirit of Avalon: Yes, you… YOU must hurry to make peace, the other Jewel Riders must protect the Elf Knights from the angry villagers.


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