Morning Glory – Starstone (V1) – Ch. 1

Summary: Version One of Morning Glory’s “Starstone” series, presenting Anastasia and her bonded unicorn Knight Star.

Archival Note from The Jewel Riders Archive: This story is presented as it was originally published on Stormy’s “Avalon” fan site in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is presented for archival purposes and for the enjoyment of the Jewel Riders fandom. If you are the author of this story and wish to have it removed from the Jewel Riders Archive (or wish to share more!) please email us at Happy Reading!

By Morning Glory,

Princess Gwenevere And The Jewel Riders


Jewel Riders (Girls)

Princess Gwenevere Princess of Avalon, wears the Sunstone

Fallon Warrior, wears the Moonstone

Tamara Speaks to Animals, Sings, wears the Heartstone

Jewel Riders (Unicorns)

Sunstar Winged Unicorn, bonded to Gwenevere

Moondance Unicorn, bonded to Fallon

Shadowsong Zebracorn, bonded to Tamara


Kale Outlaw Princess

Morgana Sorceress

Queen Anya Queen of Avalon

Guest Star Characters

Anastasia Young teen, future wearer of the Starstone

Knight Star Boy Winged Unicorn, in the future: bonded to Anastasia

Benji Elf boy, tells Kale the location of a Unicorn family

Fairy Wraiths (1, 2, 3) Dancing fairies without wings

Ian ( from “Prince of the Forest) Beast/Boy, Prince of the Forest

Silver Slope Unicorn, Knight Star’s father

Flora Blossom Unicorn, Knight Star’s Mother


Episode Title: Anastasia

( Moondance gallops onto a path and jumps a small stream.)

( Fallon, who is riding, climbs off.)

Fallon: Wow! That was great Moondance!

( Fallon brushes some leaves off of Moondance’s back.)

( Something rustles in the trees.)

Moondance (Moon Stone glows as she talks): Fallon…

( Fallon looks but sees nothing.)

Fallon: Probably just a bird or something.

( Fallon climbs back up into the saddle.)

( Moondance hears the rustle again.)

Moondance (jewel glows): Fallon, there’s something there…

( Fallon holds up her Moon Stone.)

Fallon: We should be alert…

( Suddenly, a horse bursts through the trees with a teen girl on it’s back.)

( The horse gallops right beside Moondance and Fallon falls off.)

( Fallon lands on the ground.)

Moondance(jewel glows): Fallon! Are you all right?

Fallon (Getting up): That girl should watch were she’s going!

Moondance(jewel glows): Did you say something Fallon…

( Fallon starts to brush herself off and she notices that her Moon Stone is gone.)

Fallon: Oh no!

( Fallon motions to Moondance that her Moon Stone is missing.)

( Moondance shines her Moon Stone to try to find it.)

( The Moon Stone is over in a shady place.)

( Someone picks it up.)

( The girl who was riding the horse walks out of the trees holding Fallon’s Moon Stone.)

Anastasia: I think you dropped this…

( Fallon turns around and sees the girl holding her Moon Stone.)

Fallon: Yes I did drop this… Did you take it?

Anastasia: No… I found it over there.

( She points to the shady spot.)

( Anastasia hands the jewel back to Fallon.)

Fallon: You were riding the horse. You should be careful. You could get hurt… are you lost?

Anastasia: Sort of… What is your name?

Fallon: I am Fallon. This is Moondance.

( She pats Moondance.)

Fallon: Do you need a ride home?

Anastasia: I don’t have a home anymore. My mother and father…

Fallon: I see. Do you want a ride back to town?

Anastasia: I guess. Is that a unicorn?

Fallon: Yes.

Anastasia: Could I ride her?

Fallon: Well, I was going to take you back to town, wasn’t I?

Anastasia: No… I mean ride her by myself.

Fallon: Well, I think that after she saw how you were riding that horse I don’t know if she would trust you…

Anastasia: Oh… okay.

( Fallon climbs up into the saddle and she pulls Anastasia up.)

( Moondance walks into the town in front of the Crystal Palace.)

Fallon: We’re here in town…

Anastasia: Thank you… Oh I didn’t tell you my name… it’s Anastasia.

( Anastasia climbs off.)

( She strokes Moondance.)

Anastasia (Waving): Thank you and goodbye!

( Fallon waves.)

( Anastasia walks down the town path and out of the town.)

Anastasia: I didn’t really want to go to town, but to just ride a unicorn. I’d give anything for a unicorn.

( Kale walks up behind her.)

( Anastasia turns around.)

Kale: I couldn’t help but overhearing that you wanted a unicorn.

Anastasia: Are you following me?

Kale: I could get you a unicorn.

Anastasia: I don’t even know who you are, my mother taught me not to talk to strangers.

( Anastasia runs away.)

Kale: Morgana! Stop her!

( Fire rises up in front of Anastasia.)

Anastasia: (Screams)

Kale (Walking up to her): You see, you shouldn’t escape a deal like this…

Anastasia: What price do I pay?

Kale: Come when I have the unicorn and I will tell you the price.

Anastasia: All right.

Kale: Ha Ha Ha! Wise decision. I will contact you when I have it.

( Anastasia runs past Kale, back into town.)

( Sunstar swoops across the sky with Gwenevere on her back.)

Sunstar(jewel glows as she talks): Were are we going again?

Gwenevere: Home. Mother said that something very magical was delivered to her.

( Sunstar nods.)

( Soon, they come to the Crystal Palace.)

( Sunstar lands in the courtyard and Gwenevere jumps off and runs into the palace door.)

( Queen Anya walks up to her, holding a pillow with a beautiful

star jewel on it.)

Queen Anya: The messenger said that this jewel was found near

a Wild Magic doorway.

( Gwenevere picks it up.)

Gwenevere: It’s beautiful… why did you want me to see it?

Queen Anya: The messenger said that it was an Enchanted Jewel.

Gwenevere: With powers?

Queen Anya: I’d think so. I don’t know if we could tune it to be

a new jewel for a fourth Jewel Rider.

Gwenevere: We could call it the Star Stone.

Queen Anya: If you can get Fallon and Tamara, we might be able to tune the jewel.

( Gwenevere runs out.)

( The Jewel Riders meet in the Jewel Keep.)

( With their jewels ready, they stand around in a circle where Queen Anya places the “Star Stone” on the floor.)

( Gwenevere and Sunstar shoot out beams from their Sun Stones.)

( They hit the Star Stone and it slowly lifts.)

( Fallon and Moondance add beams from their Moon Stones.)

( The Star Stone floats higher.)

( Tamara and Shadowsong add beams from their Heart Stones.)

( The Star Stone floats up right above their heads and then a rainbow of the beams circles around it.)

Gwenevere: Do you think it worked?

Tamara: We can’t tell, if we touch it, it will be tuned to one of us.

Queen Anya: I’ll leave it here.

( She walks under it and the Star Stone floats down to the pillow.)

Fallon: I met a girl who was kind and knew about magic.

I took her into town. We could have her try it!

Gwenevere: Well… I think we could see.

( The girls and the unicorns run out the door.)

( Anastasia walks by the town and stares at everything.)

Anastasia: Wow, I’ve never seen New Camelot before.

( She comes to a high wall with beautiful silver gates.)

( She gazes up and sees the sparkling Crystal Palace.)

Anastasia: This is amazing! The Crystal Palace.

( There is a scream behind her and she suddenly turn to look.)

( Kale has hold of a small elf and is holding him in a ball of wild magic from her Dark Stone.)

Anastasia: Oh… it’s her again. I’d better get out of here.

( Anastasia runs down another street, and out of the town walls: into the forest.)

( Kale still holds the Elf boy in the magic.)

Kale: So, where is this family of unicorns?

Benji (struggling): I don’t know… they are in the Arden Forest.

( Kale swings him around and glares at him again.)

Kale: Are you sure?

( Benji pounds on the magic bubble, but it will not burst.)

Benji: I’m sure! I saw them!

( Kale lowers her Dark Stone and the bubble bursts.)

( Benji falls to the ground and jumps up.)

( He quickly runs away.)

( Anastasia walks through a sunlit forest.)

( She follows a path down to a lake were sparkling little Fariy Wraiths dance in the water.)

Anastasia: Hello?

( The Fairy Wraiths look up.)

Fairy Wraith #1: It’s a human…

Fairy Wraith #2: The Princess must have sent her…

( Fairy Wraith #3 flips and flies into the bushes.)

( Soon after, Ian (Beast form) walks out of the bushes.)

Ian: I am Ian, prince of the forest. What is your business here?

( Anastasia stands shocked, ready to flee at any time.)

Anastasia: I… I am Anastasia and I think I’m lost (under her breath) again.

Ian: Then you must find your way out at once… I will not tolerate ones who will harm the forest by wondering through it…

Anastasia: No, no… I was… looking for a unicorn family…

Ian: There are many unicorns in the forest.

Anastasia: Please, help me find one.

Ian: I… all right.

( Ian walks up to the Fairy Wraiths.)

Ian: You and you (pointing to Fairy Wraiths #1 and #3), go with her.

( Fairy Wraiths #1 and #3 bow and fly up along side Anastasia.)

(Anastasia waves to Ian and walks back into the forest.)

(A winged unicorn (not Sunstar) flies upward, into the almost blinding sunlight… he appears as a black shadow in the sun)

( He swoops down and lands on a forest path.)

( He flaps his wings one last time before folding them against his side.)

( Knight Star is an almost majestic black winged unicorn with

a golden horn and a silver mane and tail.)

( His wing feathers are gold, as are his hooves.)

( Running up the front of his nose and head is a white stripe, ending at the base of his horn.)

( Be blinks his dark blue eyes as Silver Slope, a regular unicorn

which is white with silver mane, tail, and hooves, and a blue topaz horn, walks out from the bushes.)

( Soon another unicorn, Flora Blossom, follows after him.)

( Flora Blossom is a light lavender unicorn with a marine blue

mane and tail, deep purple hooves, an amethyst horn, and a white star surrounding her horn.)

Silver Slope (horn glows when he talks): You’ve come home.

Knight Star (horn glows as he talks): Yes, aren’t you glad to see me?

Flora Blossom (horn glows as she talks): Yes… we…

( Silver Slope glares into her eyes.)

Silver Slope (horn glows) (interrupting): No. You are a misfit.

Flora Blossom (horn glows): What! What are you saying?!

Silver Slope (horn glows): He is not my son Flora. He is not your son either.

Flora Blossom (horn glows): What! You know that isn’t true…

Silver Slope (horn glows) (interrupting): He has WINGS Flora!

I can’t have a son that has wings! It is an embarrassment!

( Knight Star watches them fight with wide eyes.)

Flora Blossom (horn glows): Please Silver Slope… don’t do this…

Knight Star (horn glows): You don’t want me! Well, that’s just fine.

( Knight Star spreads his wings and shoots upward into the sky, instantly disappearing.)

( Flora Blossom looks up.)

Flora Blossom (horn glows): He’s gone… because of you.

( The Jewel Riders walk through the Forests of Arden.)

Fallon (holding up he Moon Stone and pointing it several different directions): My Moon Stone shows that she is here.

Gwenevere: Maybe Ian will know!

(Gwen holds up her Sun Stone.)

Gwenevere: Sun Stone, jewel of the light, will you guide us to Ian tonight?

( The Sun Stone glows and beams shoot straight down the path that the Jewel Riders are taking.)

Fallon: Well that wasn’t easy or anything…

Gwenevere: Quickly…

( Sunstar flies up and Moondance and Shadowsong gallop along on the ground.)

( Anastasia walks along while the Fairy Wraiths fly by her side.)

Anastasia: Are there any around here?

Fairy Wraith #1: We are getting closer…

Fairy Wraith #3: I think it’s getting closer…

(Anastasia looks up.)

( Knight Star flies up above with his beautiful wings outspread, beating to his sides as he flies by.)

Anastasia: Look at it! It’s such a beautiful one!

Fairy Wraith #1: Well… there he is.

( Fairy Wraiths #1 and #3 fly away.)

( Anastasia continues to look up at the sky.)

( Knight Star soars upward again and the wind rustles his wing feathers.)

Knight Star (horn glows): I can’t believe my own parents would do this to me!

( Knight Star looks down.)

( Below, Anastasia is running after him in his shadow.)

Anastasia: Wait!

( Knight Star does a double take and glances back down at her.)

Knight Star (horn glows): Who is that?

( Anastasia still follows him in his shadow.)

( She stops, out of breath.)

( She looks up.)

Anastasia (cupping her hands to her mouth): LOOK OUT!!!

( Knight Star looks down at her again and looks forward.)

Knight Star : (gasps)

( Coming directly at him is Kale in the Dragon Wagon.)

( Morgana appears (holographic) and she whips up a net by waving her hands.)

( Kale grabs the net and Morgana disappears.)

Kale: (laughs) Now I will rule Avalon!

( Kale holds the net and throws it over Knight Star.)

(Anastasia watches him struggle to break free while Kale magically flips the net to the side of the Dragon Wagon, and then into the cage in the back.)

Anastasia: Noooo!!!

( Knight Star (now tangled in the net) lurches and jerks to break free from it, but it is no use.)

Knight Star (horn glows): Why are you doing this!

Kale: You are now held for ransom for the throne of Avalon!

Knight Star (horn glows): You can talk to me?

Kale: Of course. My Dark stone has many powers, and talking to animals is one of them.

Knight Star (to himself, horn does not glow: a thought): I never knew that I was worth the throne of Avalon…

( The Dragon Wagon disappears into the sky.)

( Anastasia continues to look up.)

Anastasia: I’ve got to find Fallon!

( Anastasia runs off, back the trail she followed.)

( The Jewel Riders finally come to the magical lake in the heart of the Arden Forest, where Ian stays.)

Gwenevere: Ian! Ian! Are you here?

( She climbs down from Sunstar’s saddle.)

( Fairy Wraith #2 flies up to her.)

Fairy Wraith #2: Greeting Princess of Avalon. Ian is busy right now.

(Fallon climbs down from Moondance.)

Fallon: What is he doing?

Fairy Wraith #2: He is following a flying dragon in the sky, holding a creature captive.

( Fallon turns to the others.)

Tamara: Do you think it’s Kale?

Gwenevere: Oh no… what could she be up to this time…

Fallon (climbing back into Moondance’s saddle): We’d better get going and find her!

( Gwenevere climbs onto Sunstar, and her Jewel Armor appears, just before she soars up into the sky…)

( Moondance nods at Fallon, whose Jewel Armor appears also, and gallops after her on the ground.)

( Tamara stays behind.)

Tamara (holding her Heart Stone): Did you hear something Shadow?

( The Heart Stone begins to flash rapidly.)

Shadowsong (Heart Stone jewel glows when he speaks): I did that time!

Tamara: It’s coming from that way!

( Tamara turns and points the other direction.)

Shadowsong (jewel glows): What about the others?

Tamara: Tell Sunstar that we’ll go after the unicorn while they find the girl.

(Shadowsong nods.)

Shadowsong (jewel glows): She says OK.

Tamara: All right. Let’s go! By the Magic of the Heart Stone!

( Tamara’s Jewel Armor appears.)

(Shadowsong turns around and gallops back the path.)

( Ian runs along the ground.)

Ian: (roars)

(He looks up and sees the Dragon Wagon.)

( Knight Star looks out of the woven stick cage door.)

Knight Star (horn glows): Looks like the Prince of the Forest is here…

Kale: Blast! His failure to cooperate last time will destroy him this time.

Knight Star (horn glows): Don’t come any closer! She’ll destroy you!

( Kale shoots her Dark Stone into the cage and the blast shocks

Knight Star.)

Kale: Now you can’t warn your friend!

( Moondance and Sunstar walk along the forest path.)

Gwenevere: Just think… a fourth Jewel Rider…

Fallon (laughing): Quit daydreaming and get up so we can find her!

Gwenevere: Oh… sorry. I just can’t help but think what it will be like after two whole years without one, and then…

( Fallon points to a shaded dark spot.)

Fallon (interrupting): Look!

( A shadow quickly races out from the darkness.)

( Anastasia runs out to see Fallon and Gwenevere atop their


Anastasia (out of breath): Fallon! Moondance!

( She walks closer and collapses at Moondance’s feet.)

( Fallon looks at Gwen and turn back to Anastasia.)

Fallon: I think we found her…

( Shadowsong gallops swiftly down the path with Tamara clinging to her Heart Stone and the Saddle horn.)

Tamara (lifting her Heart Stone): I think it’s this way…

( The Heart Stone flashes rapidly again.)

Tamara: In fact, I’m certain it’s this way!

Shadowsong (jewel glows: It’s a unicorn Tamara!

Tamara: What would Kale want with a unicorn?

Shadowsong (jewel glows): We’d better hurry before we find out the hard way!

( Shadowsong gallops down the path a little more.)

( Ian races after the Dragon Wagon after hearing Knight Star’s

warning, but not following his orders.)

Ian: Hang on!

( Ian suddenly jumps and soars upward into the sky.)

( The dragon wagon tilts sideways and when he reaches his apex, he suddenly clings onto the side wing.)

Kale: Blast! How did you do that?!

( Ian begins to climb up.)

Kale: No you don’t…

( She raises her Dark Stone and wild magic pours out of it.)

( The magic surrounds Ian and incases him in a giant bubble.)

( Ian slips from the side by the tremendous force of the wild magic and he falls down toward the ground.)

(Shadowsong bursts from the trail and gallops directly under the Dragon Wagon.)

Tamara: Hang on!

Knight Star (horn glows): Hurry!

( Ian falls quickly to the ground.)

( Tamara looks up.)

Tamara: Jump Shadow!

( Shadowsong jumps into the air and catches Ian.)

( Ian opens his eyes, to see Tamara and Shadowsong staring at him.)

Ian: Heart Stone rider?…

Tamara: Yes… we’ll take it from here.

( Ian nods and jumps off Shadowsong.)

( He looks back and runs into the bushes to return to the lake.)

(Shadowsong resumes galloping.)

( Tamara touches one hand to her Heart Stone and her Magic Glider Wings appear.)

( Tamara slowly stands up, almost perfectly balances in Shadowsong’s saddle.)

Tamara: Shadow, when I tell you, throw me up into the air.

( Shadowsong nods and remains galloping.)

( Tamara judges her timing with Shadowsong’s steady galloping beat.)

Tamara: Now!

( Shadowsong bucks like a Rodeo bronc and with only one

kick, he throws Tamara up high enough to get the altitude to

glide with her glider wings.)

( Tamara spreads out her arms~ as if they were another pair of wings~ and she suddenly curves upward.)

( She manages to flip and grab on to the bars of the Dragon Wagon cage.)

Tamara (to Knight Star): I’ve come to save you…

( Kale glares back at Tamara and she holds on to the side with one hand and points her Dark Stone at Tamara with the other.)

Kale: No you won’t!

( Dark Stone glows and shoots a purple beam directly at Tamara.)

Knight Star (horn glows): Look out!

( Tamara looks up and sees the purple blast streaking directly at her.)

Tamara: (screams)

( Knight Star rams against the cage door and the bars begin to crack.)

Knight Star (horn glows): Just a little more…

( He tries to break the bars completely but cannot.)

( The beam surges at them and it hits Knight Star, who suddenly threw himself against the bars in front of Tamara.)

(Tamara falls backwards and plummets off the side of the Dragon Wagon.)

Shadowsong (jewel glows): Tamara!

(Tamara plunges down more and more, faster and faster to the ground.)

Tamara: (Screams)

( Shadowsong gasps and quickly gallops under Tamara.)

( Tamara lands directly on his saddle.)

Tamara: Hurry! We have to save him!

( Sunstar and Moondance both walk down another path.)

( Anastasia is atop of Moondance, in the saddle with Fallon.)

Anastasia: So you say that you want me to check the Starstone out?!

Fallon: Yeah, well, that’s what we were planning…

Gwenevere: All we have to do now is rescue that unicorn…

Anastasia: You know, ever since I saw him, there was something special about him… I could feel it.

Fallon: What do you mean?

Anastasia: It’s kinda hard to explain… the way he looked down from the sky at me, and I could see the way he looked, so sad…

so angry… and so lonely…

( Gwenevere’s Sun Stone begins to flash rapidly.)

Anastasia: What’s wrong?

Gwenevere: It’s my Sun Stone…

( Sunstar looks up at the sky and then back at Gwen.)

Sunstar (Jewel glows): Gwen… it’s Shadowsong!

Gwenevere: What does he want?

Sunstar (jewel glows): He says that they are chasing after Kale! She has the unicorn!

Gwenevere: Is Tamara there with him?

Sunstar (jewel glows): Yes…

Gwenevere: Hurry! We’ve got to go help them!

( Sunstar rears and flies into the air and Moondance breaks into a gallop down the trail.)

( Tamara clings to Shadowsong’s neck as he rushes to get under the Dragon Wagon again.)

Tamara: Shadow… I don’t think that we’ll be able to save him…

( Shadowsong, stunned, turns and looks back into Tamara’s eyes.)

Shadowsong (jewel glows): Tamara… you have never given up so easily… and I trust that you haven’t yet…

( Tamara listens to Shadowsong’s words and straightens up, now sitting instead of crouched over against Shadow’s neck.)

Tamara: Shadow, you’re right! I don’t know what I was thinking, but Gwen and Fallon should be here anytime and they will help us.

Shadowsong (jewel glows): Now that’s the old Jewel Rider spirit!

( Sunstar flies overhead and Tamara looks up.)

( Moondance bursts out from the trail and gallops up to Shadow, now matching him stride for stride.)

Gwenevere (from in the air: on Sunstar): Tamara!

( Tamara waves and points to Kale’s Dragon Wagon.)

( Gwenevere nods and Sunstar soars towards it.)

( Kale looks back and sees Gwen and Sunstar flying straight at her.)

Kale: No!! Not now!!

( Knight Star looks up through the cage door and sees the majestic Sunstar swooping towards him.)

( He seems to be stunned by her beauty.)

( Sunstar gazes into the cage.)

Sunstar (jewel glows): Gwen! He’s a winged unicorn!

Gwenevere: Tell him to hang on!

( Sunstar nods and does so in silent talk.)

( Kale, now really steamed at the Jewel Riders’ efforts, jumps to the side wing of the Dragon Wagon and shoots purple energy blasts back at Gwen.)

( The beams surge toward Gwen and Sunstar.)

Gwenevere: (screams)

( The beams knock Gwen from Sunstar’s back and she plummets down to the ground.)

( Sunstar turns back and tries to swoop under Gwen.)

( But Kale sends another surge back at her and it wraps around her neck like a collar, and the beam stays connected with the Dark Stone, like a leash.)

( Gwenevere falls down and Shadowsong jumps up to catch her.)

( He lands safely back down with Gwen now on his back.)

Shadowsong (jewel glows): Please… no more of this…

Fallon: Gwen, it’s too dangerous for us to go up there…

Tamara: Maybe Sunstar could free him…

Gwenevere: But we have to get her away from that Wild Magic Kale has!

Fallon: I have an idea… form a Jewel Circle and combine our magic to turn Kale’s!

Gwenevere: Hurry!

( The three hold up their Enchanted Jewels.)

Tamara: By the Magic of the Heart Stone!

Fallon: By the Magic of the Moon Stone!

Gwenevere: By the Magic of the Sun Stone!

( Combined beams twist in a rainbow of the primary colors and surge up toward Sunstar.)

( They surround Sunstar and the Wild Magic collar bursts, freeing her from Kale.)

Gwenevere: Sunstar! It’s up to you now! Save the unicorn!

( Sunstar looks down and flies upward towards the Dragon Wagon.)


To Be Continued…


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