Morning Glory – Starstone (V2) – Ch. 3 A Circle Completed

Summary: Morning Glory’s second take on telling the Star Stone story starring Anastasia and Knight Star!

Archival Note from The Jewel Riders Archive: This story is presented as it was originally published on Stormy’s “Avalon” fan site in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is presented for archival purposes and for the enjoyment of the Jewel Riders fandom. If you are the author of this story and wish to have it removed from the Jewel Riders Archive (or wish to share more!) please email us at Happy Reading!

Jewel Riders:  Star Stone Saga


Chapter  3:  A Circle Completed





“Are you there?”

“Yeah, I’m here…” a soft whispering voice answered.

A small foot covered in a blue boot stepped into a pool of cold water and the rings began to branch off of each other and caused small ripples in the water.

A pair of haunting purple eyes searched the pool’s reflection for answers to her unanswered questions.  All she saw was a face staring back up at her.  As a small breeze swept across the water, the young lady’s black and silver hair blew around her face and the winds caused ripples to shatter the reflections, but they always reappeared when the small breezes stopped.

“Who are you…” the girl’s soft voice whispered.

When there was no answer, she held her hand out in front of her and a blue star shaped jewel appeared floating above her hand.

“What are the answers…” she thought, “this stone will reveal everything to me…”

The blue jewel began to glow bright blue and as it reflected in the water, the water began to bubble up and another girl rose out of the water.


“It’s you…”

The Unicorn Maiden smiled and nodded.

Anastasia tried to say something, but the beautiful young maiden gestured to silence her from asking more questions, and she took her hands.

As clouds of mist swirled around the two, the Unicorn Maiden opened her hands, a green star jewel appeared.

“The Emerald Star Stone represents the lands that you walk on. Wherever you go, the land will do its best to protect you.  You must find this stone soon, for it is the basis of the three protection stars.”

“The three protection stars?” Anastasia asked.

The Unicorn Maiden smiled sadly and she released the green Star Stone into the air and it disappeared.

“Find the five other Star Stones and the Sapphire will reveal everything to you…” the maiden trailed off as she disappeared back into the water.

“The Emerald Star Stone?”  Anastasia looked down and saw the Sapphire floating in her hands as a white light wrapped around her, making her disappear back to reality.




“Knight Star…”


“Knight Star, bring me the book… please…”

The black unicorn saw the young lady asleep in her bed.

“She has had a rough night the past week.  All she has done is read that book.”

Even though he complained about it, he still scooted the book over beside the bed where Anastasia lay.

He watched her for a moment and he smiled.  He didn’t understand why, but he could always sense a strong good aura from her, even when she was asleep.




“Okay, there will be a surprise party afterward, in the ballroom… Tamara, Fallon, make sure everyone knows…” the princess was reviewing last minute party preparations.

Fallon and Tamara smiled and nodded.  They both knew how exciting the Circle of Friendship Ceremony was.

Just after they were discussing various last minute decorations that had to be put up before the crowds started coming in at sunset, they heard footsteps coming closer.

“Shh!” Tamara gestured and the three girls scurried around until they found different seats and poses that looked most un-suspicious.

They watched as the black and silver-haired girl and a black onyx unicorn walked by the doorway.  The girl smiled and gestured with her hands as if she was talking, but no words came from her mouth.

Tamara’s heart stone flickered occasionally and as they walked out of sight it stopped.

“What was that?” asked Gwenevere.

Fallon shrugged, but Tamara was still trying to figure out why her Heart Stone was reacting.

“Where do you think they might be going?” she asked.

“Who knows.  They should stick around here for today… with the ceremony being tonight…” Gwen replied.

Fallon had a soft spot for the girl.  She seemed to care about her more than the other two Jewel Riders did, in this point in time anyway.

“How about I go and see what she is up to.,” the Moon Stone Rider suggested.  “I was never really one for decorating… you guys can manage alright, right?”

Tamara and Gwen nodded.

“Make sure she is back here before the ceremony, if you guys go anywhere.” added Gwen.




“I had another dream.  It said something about the Emerald Star Stone…” Anastasia said as she walked beside Knight Star.

“Emerald Star Stone?  But isn’t your jewel the Star Stone?” the unicorn questioned.

“Yes, it is… but when Kale made me put this stone in the rock, it made six other star stones, and then the rock broke and the stones flew everywhere.”

“Oh.  What’s so special about those stones?”

“Right now, I have the Diamond Star Stone, and it only has the power to make me transform.  That’s all I can get it to do.  As we find the other six stones, they will come together to make the Star Stone from before, with all the right powers.”

“Ok, it’s all clearer to me now.” said the black unicorn.  “So is that blue star one of the Star Stones too?”

Anastasia reached into her pocket and pulled it out.

“Yeah… this one is the Sapphire.” she told him.

“Where do you propose we look for the Emerald Star Stone?” asked Knight Star.

“Somewhere very green.  Like a field or a forest.”

“There are plenty of them…” answered the unicorn.

“Any special ones?”

“The greenest forest I have ever seen is the jungle.”

“Of course!  The jungle!  We’ll start there.”

Anastasia mounted the unicorn and he jumped up into the air and gently turned and flew south.

A dark skinned rider with a silver and purple unicorn watched the two soar high above.

“Looks like we have to turn around, Moondance.”



The black and silver unicorn landed lightly on the grounds outside of the jungle.  As suggested by his rider, he slowly pushed his way through thick ferns and vines, to try and reach a clearer path.

“This is the thickest jungle I’ve ever seen!” Anastasia said.

“This is probably the only one you’ve seen.  Its the only one in Avalon…” Knight Star said with a smile.

Anastasia blushed.

“Oh yeah,” she replied with an embarrassed smile.

“But even for not getting enough sunlight, there are still a lot of ferns and vines on the forest floor.  Its almost abnormal.”

“It probably has something to do with all the magic around here.” Stasia said as they ventured deeper and deeper into the jungle.




“I don’t remember the jungle ever being this thick, do you?”

“No,” replied the silver roan unicorn.

“Do you suppose there is another outbreak of wild magic around here?  You know what it did last time when the Crown Jewels were missing.”

“I don’t sense any wild magic… at least not enough to worry about,” the unicorn replied.

“Alright.  I’m just afraid we’ll lose them!”  the Moon Stone rider said.




In a deep, dark area of the Thornwoods, Lady Kale sat on her stone throne plotting her next move against the Jewel Riders.  Something always came back when she thought of them… ever since the Star Stone rider came into play… something was not right, and something actually scared her.

She shook her head and then tried to think of a reason the Star Stone rider sent chills up her spine.  She held up her amethyst Dark Stone and conjured up the image of the young lady.

“After all these years… it’s her?  Why didn’t I ever see her before?” the witch thought to herself.

She had a strange feeling that she knew where the Star Stone rider was… and that there was powerful magic nearby.




Anastasia noticed her Star Stone flashing.

“Do you feel something strange?” she asked her unicorn companion.

Knight Star shook his head at first, but then he realized that there was something.

“What do you think it is?” he asked.

“I’m not sure.” Stasia answered.

As Knight Star came to a somewhat clearer path, Anastasia quickly dismounted.

She jogged ahead of the unicorn and stopped suddenly in front of a wall of vines and giant ferns.

“Is there something behind there?” the black unicorn questioned.

Anastasia turned around and motioned for the unicorn to join her.

“There is something behind this… it’s making my jewel react.” She said quietly as she tried to push he leaves out of the way.

“They are like a wall!” Knight Star said as he also tried to push them.

Stasia reached for her Star Stone and held it up.


After a burst of sparkles, the Star Stone riders were covered in their magical armor.

Soon after, the girl and the unicorn disappeared into the leafy wall.




“Stasia?” Fallon called out as Moondance tried to pick up the Star Stone.

“It’s no good…” Moondance replied.

“Where could they have gone that quick?” Fallon said as she looked at the ground.

Moondance came on to a barrier of leaves and branches, and stopped in front of it.

“Their tracks end here… and there aren’t anymore leading out…” the Moon Stone rider said as she tried to think it through.

“You don’t suppose they got captured, do you?” Moondance suggested.

“Knight Star can fly, can’t he?  I’m sure they took off somewhere.  That’s why there aren’t any more tracks.” Fallon put two and two together.

Moondance didn’t argue, but she felt as if there were something in this picture that they weren’t seeing.  She shrugged it off and turned around to find another possible path.




“Knight Star??” a worried voice asked.

There was no answer.

Suddenly after much shuffling, a diamond star lit up and made a small stream of white light.  It flashed in different directions, but finally it stopped.

“It’s pitch black here…” Anastasia thought to herself.

She held the Star Stone high and the darkness began to fade until everything was dimmed, as if lit by the night stars.  She saw small, white moonflowers creeping up the trees and green leaves under her feet.  No light reached any of this area, yet it was still lush and green, as if protected by something.

Suddenly, small yellow lights began to rise up out of the ground.  The lights danced and flashed rapidly.

“Who’s there?” Anastasia asked aloud.

Yet again, there was no answer.

As a light flew by, Stasia realized that they were fireflies coming out after the light created by her Star Stone.

She smiled for a moment, but then returned to her priorities.  She knew that the first thing she had to do was find Knight Star.

After a couple steps, all of the fireflies scattered.

“Stasia?” a familiar voice called.

“Knight Star?” Anastasia answered.

Soon, the black unicorn came into sight.  It was rather hard to see him because everything was so dim, but Anastasia could sense him there.

“This whole place is preserved by some kind of magic.” The unicorn replied.

Anastasia put her hand out and caught Knight Star’s mane.  She slowly moved over until she felt his fur and stayed at his side.

Something suddenly flashed in front of them.  It was the same lush green color of the leaves and the jungle.

“Knight Star, it’s the Emerald!” Stasia said and she took off in the direction of the flash.

She slid to her knees and picked up the sparkling green jewel, dusting off the leaves and unraveling the vines that had intertwined around it.

“Knight Star!  It IS it!” she said happily as she held it up.

The Star Stone flashed again and showed a path to another floral barrier, like the one the two had entered in.

The girl and the unicorn did not hesitate to walk through it.




Lady Kale stood in front of one of the leafy barricades.  Try as she might, she could not untangle the mass of ferns, vines, and branches, blocking her from the other side.

“Blast the stupid shrubbery!” she cursed and held up her Dark Stone.

She shot sparks of Wild Magic around in circles, trying to eat away at the plants, but as soon as the leaves began to wilt and brown, fresh, new leaves began to bud in their place.

“What is this?” she asked aloud as she turned to the Dragon Wagon sitting behind her.

Grimm the dragon heard what she said and just shrugged.  He wasn’t smart enough to figure it out.

Soon, two figures emerged from inside the wall.

Kale heard the noise of rustling leaves and quickly turned around.  She saw the black haired girl and the black unicorn!

“You?!” she said, half surprised and half angry.

Anastasia and Knight Star both looked up and realized that there was going to be trouble.

Kale stared into the young girl’s purple eyes.

“Who are you, really?” She asked.

Stasia was absolutely shocked at the question.  She didn’t know what to say.

Kale stepped down from the Dragon Wagon, not once taking her eyes off the girl.  She noticed something green flashing in the Star Stone rider’s hands.

“Why won’t you answer me.” The witch more stated than questioned as she began to move closer to the girl.

Knight Star jumped in front of his companion and spread his wings.

“This is between the girl and me.” Kale said to the unicorn, but he still would not move.

“Kale…” Stasia stammered, “I am Anastasia.”

“I know that much.” The dark lady stated.  “Who are you, really?” She asked once again.

“I am Anastasia!  I don’t know why I am, and I don’t know where I even came from.  Is that what you want?  I don’t know a mother or father… I don’t know!”

The evil witch snickered.

“Good.” She said.

Anastasia stepped back with a questioning look on her face.

“Why?!” the black and silver haired girl asked.

“Because I don’t feel obligated to tell you.” Kale smiled as something heavy lifted off her shoulders.

“You know who my parents are??” Anastasia asked in shock.

Kale didn’t answer, but she slowly moved closer to the girl.

“You are just like I was at your age… so innocent and naïve.” Kale said, as she looked straight into Stasia’s eyes.

“What does she mean?” was the question running through the girl’s mind.

Knight Star was very leery of the situation, and he stayed at Stasia’s side, but he did not get between the two women because he did not sense any evil in Kale at that moment.

Kale slowly reached for the Emerald in Anastasia’s hands.  Anastasia was so shocked and scared, she was frozen stiff.

Knight Star finally realized what Kale was doing.

“STASIA!” he screamed at the girl.

Kale quickly snatched the Emerald from the girl’s grasp.  Anastasia snapped out of her shock and held up her Star Stone.

“That won’t do you any good!  The powers are all in this stone!” Kale laughed.

“How do you know that?” Stasia was confused.

“That doesn’t matter.  I have this stone now.  I am one step ahead of you.”

Stasia still held up her stone.  The stone began to flicker.

“It’s reacting to something…” Anastasia thought to herself.

Kale held the stone up and pointed it directly at the girl.

“Put the Star Stone down.”

The young girl was reluctant, but finally she sat the diamond Star down on the ground.

Knight Star knew that something bad was about to happen.  He lunged forward with his wings spread.

Kale was tired of the foolish game they were playing, and she whipped a beam of Wild Magic out of her Dark Stone at the unicorn.

“KNIGHT STAR!” Stasia jumped out in front of him.

Knight Star’s Star Stone flashed and the Wild Magic beam swirled around the Star Stone riders.

Kale was surprised at what had happened, and then an electrifying pain ran up through her arm from her hand.  She dropped the Emerald Stone, which was now emitting green sparks, burning the evil witch’s hands.  As soon as the stone hit the ground, a swirl of roots, vines, and leaves all swept up from the soil, tangling around her.

“What is this?!”

Kale began to blast her way out of the brush that grew around her, but vines began tangling up her arms and legs.




“Fallon, there’s a serious outbreak of Wild Magic!  It’s not far away!” Moondance was alarmed.

“Alright!  We’ll go check it out.” Fallon answered.

Fallon knew Moondance seemed upset about something.




“You knew that would happen!” Kale screamed in a blind rage as she shot various blasts out between the vines and roots.

Stasia and Knight Star slid under the Wild Magic beam circling around them to dodge the new ones.  Knight Star shielded the girl with his wings.

“No, I didn’t!” Anastasia cried out.

Kale shook her head and kicked at the roots, which finally began to give way.

Anastasia looked up and then realized what had really happened.  She remembered the words of the Unicorn Maiden, telling her about the Emerald Star Stone.

“Wherever you go, the land will do its best to protect you…” the words played over in Stasia’s head.

“Knight Star,” Anastasia said, “The Emerald was protecting us!”

Knight Star didn’t know exactly what Stasia meant, but he nodded anyway.

“We have to get out of here, Stasia.” The black unicorn stated.

Anastasia gasped.

“The Friendship Circle… that’s today!  I forgot all about it!”

Kale overheard.

“I can’t stand you.” She said.

For some reason the words sliced into Anastasia like a knife.

“Wha..?” the Star Stone rider questioned.

“You heard me.  I can’t stand you!” Kale said as she pointed the Dark Stone at the pair.

“NOT SO FAST!” Fallon cried as Moondance leaped over a large barricade of branches and vines.

“You Jewel Riders ruin everything!” Kale screamed as Fallon reflected a Wild Magic blast directed at her.

Fallon had a questioning look on her face as Kale finally retreated and headed toward her Dragon Wagon.

She motioned to Grimm and the large dragon quickly rose up into the sky and disappeared over the treetops.

Moondance walked over to the Star Stone riders and Fallon dismounted.

“Why didn’t you guys drive her away, she’s really a pushover…” Fallon said, teasingly.

“Something about that lady is so strange.” Was Stasia’s answer.  “She’s not afraid of us like she is of you.”

“It’s not that she’s afraid of me, or Gwen, or Tamara…” Fallon stated, “She knows that her Dark Stone isn’t powerful enough to stand up against all three of our Jewels.”

Anastasia nodded her head.  She understood what Fallon was saying, but there was more to the fact that Kale would run away as soon as the other Jewel Riders came.

“The Circle of Friendship Ceremony is about to begin…” Moondance received a message from Sunstar.

“Oh no Stasia, we have to get you guys back… you guys can fly, we’ll meet you there.” Fallon said.

“No, we’ll stick together, it doesn’t matter what time we get there.” Stasia disagreed.

Fallon nodded and smiled.




“Where are they??” Gwen was pacing back and forth as people began to come into the Friendship Ring.

“I’m sure they are on their way.” Tamara tried to calm her friend down.

Gwen was always so high strung about everything, but Tamara knew that she just wanted everything to be perfect.

Soon, everyone was seated in the stadium-like seats and Gwen, Tamara, and their magical animals stood in the center.

“Um… due to technical difficulties…” Gwen gave a look of panic toward Tamara as she addressed the audience, “Our Moon Stone and Star Stone riders will be running somewhat late…”

“No, we’re here.” Fallon said as she and Moondance walked up.  Fallon was dressed in her purple and blue gown and Moondance had her fancy light blue Jewel Band around her neck.

“Are Stasia and Knight Star here??” Tamara inquired.

“Yes they are in the back, ready for you to introduce them…” Fallon whispered as she pointed to Gwen.

“The Moon Stone riders have now arrived… so we shall begin the ceremony!” Gwen announced.  “This ceremony will be conducted a little differently this time.  The Star Stone has already chosen a pair of graceful, young Jewel Riders, Anastasia and Knight Star!”

That was the pair’s cue.  The young, black and silver haired girl walked out.  She had her hair all tied back in a blue bow, and her long, dark blue gown swished as she walked.  The large but beautiful black unicorn followed closely behind her.  He tucked his wings to his sides, but the audience could see that he was a winged unicorn.

Various surprised comments ran through the crown about Knight Star having wings, just like the princess’ unicorn.

Fallon had taken the two halves of the Star Stone and placed the two on the pedestal in the center of the Ring.

Anastasia and Knight Star walked up the steps to the center and picked up the two halves.  She placed one on Knight Star’s neck and held the other up in her hand.  The Star Stones flashed and the two were covered in their magical armor.

The crowd cheered as they saw the faces of the new Star Stone riders, the new addition to the group that protected their kingdom.




Later on that evening, there was a surprise reception for the two new Jewel Riders.  Of course Gwen was her old, flirty self, talking and laughing with all the boys there… Tamara was watching after her babies, so she didn’t get a break very often… and Fallon, Stasia, and their unicorns sat and talked.

“This party is for you…” Fallon reminded.

“I know, I’m just not much of a party person… besides, something Kale said today keeps bothering me.”

“What did she say?” Fallon asked.

“She knows who my parents are.  But I don’t know whether to believe her or not.”

Fallon sat back.

“Well this is the time to have fun.” The dark skinned girl recommended.

“I know.” Stasia said as she smiled and rubbed Knight Star’s neck.  “The Circle is completed now…”


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