Richard – Tale of the Twin Riders, Ch. 2

Summary: Anora and her twin sister Elaine join the Jewel Riders.

Archival Note from The Jewel Riders Archive: This story is presented as it was originally published on Stormy’s “Avalon” fan site in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is presented for archival purposes and for the enjoyment of the Jewel Riders fandom. If you are the author of this story and wish to have it removed from the Jewel Riders Archive (or wish to share more!) please email us at Happy Reading!

Fallon: “Oh my, she says as she looks at the unicorn.” (Fallon happened to have a container of water and a towle with her): “Let me take a look at that cut.” (She kneels down beside the unicorn, it looks at her, it’s warm eyes show no fear. She cleans the cut on it’s leg, luckly the cut was only a scrape): “Can you stand?”


The unicorn looks at her for a moment, it tried to get up, but falls back down


Fallon: “Come on, I know you can.” She said trying to incurage the unicorn.


The unicorn tried agian and feel back down, but finally got up.


Fallon: “Yes I knew you could do it.” (She said hugging the unicorn. The unicorn put it’s nose on her sholder returning the hug): “If I only knew your name.”


A voice came from know were saying “Moondance.”


Fallon: “Huh?” (she looked around): “Moondance?” (She looked at the unicorn): “Did you say something, no that’s silly.”


The unicorn seemed to nod in responce.


Fallon: “So you name is Moondance. It fits you like a glove.” She said with a smile. “I need to get back to the others.”


Moondance stood next to her and nelt down.


Fallon: “Are you trying to tell me I can ride you?”


Moondance nodded. Fallon hoped on. They were off, back to were the others were.


Gwen: “You found her, how is she?”


Fallon: “Moondance is okay. She said to everone.”


Tamra: “Moondance? So that’s her name.”


Fallon: “Yes it is.”


Rainshower: “I’m gald your okay Moondance, thank you for your help.” (She turned to the others) “Silvermoon must be found. The two stones must become one.”


Fallon: “They are Inchanted Jewels aren’t they?”


Rainshower: “Yes they are.”


Fallon: “They are Inchanted Jewels” (She told the others): “Then the Friendship Ring, may help.”


Anora: “Good thinking. We can do it tonight.”


Fallon looked at them): “I’m also in the friendship ring as well.” (Fallon got down off Moondance): “I’ll never forget you, Moondance.”


“Nor I Fallon”


Fallon had a tear in her eye as she looked at Moondance.


Gwen: “We need to get going.” She said as she led the group away form the forest. Shadowsong used his horn to open a wild magic doorway. They were back in Avalon in no time.


King Darid and Queen Onya were awiating them in the Friendship Ring saramony. The five intered the flower door way covered roses. Everyone in the surrounding kingdoms was there. They was shocked to see Anora and Elaine.


Queen Onya: “I see we have some new friends.” She said greating them.


Gwen: “There is an Inchanted Jewel Stone we half to heal.” Elaine held the stones out, Anora stood beisde her.


Queen Onya: “Step forward Elaine. Anora you as well.”


Anora: “Why me?? She asked with a puzzled look on her face.


Queen Onya: “The stones Elaine holds are called the Twin Stone.” She took the white stone and put it in Anora’s hand. Elaine and Anora looked at each other.


Fallon: “So that’s why they look identical.”


Gwen: “Yes I read about them in the book.”


Elaine and Anora held there stones up for all to see): “Lets heal the Twin Stone.” (They said together): “Twin Stone that is now two return to your stone of one. They looked at the stones, nothing happened.”


Elaine: “What’s going on?”


Anora: “Oh no. They looked at each other in disbeleaf.”


Gwen: “I don’t get it, why dosen’t it work.”


Rainshower: “Mabey we can answer that question.” Rainshower walked up to them, Silvermoon was right beisde her.


All together: “Silvermoon!!!!!”


Elaine: “Silvermoon, you’re back!”


Silvermoon: “Yes the Twin Stones are now in the hands of good. Now we can heel them.” Sivlermoon stood beside Elaine, as Rainshower stood next to Anora. Elaine and Anora smiled at each other. Then looked to Silvermoon and Rainshower.


Rainshower: “Let the circle of friends turn agian…..”


Silvermoon: “As the two stones become one.”


Silvermoon and Rainshower tuched noses.


Gwen: “Awww, hearts that were broken, are now one agian.” She said with a smile.


Tamra: “Let love bind them now and forever.” Tamra said as she hugged her babies animals.


Elaine/Anora smiling at each othe, and at Slivermoon and Rainshowerr: “By the magic of the Twin Stone!” They said as a ray of blue and white light shot out from the stones as they spun around them. The two stones floted over head and joined as Anora and Elaine were coverd in the light. When it faided, Elaine and Silvermoon each had twin blue stones. Anora and Rainshower both had white stones. They were each wearing jewel armor.


Eliane: “We did it!!”


Anora: “Wow! I can’t beleave it!”


Gwen and the others were in total shock.


Gwen: “Wow! What a desplay of magic!”


Fallon: “Yes, truly magical.” She said. She was happyf for them, yet sad. The Moonstone for her was awaiting her on the ceter pedistel.


Anora: “Don’t worry the Moonstone will work for you.” She said with a smile to her friend.


Fallon walked over to it as three animals were waiting for her, she held her stone infront of each of them. They all bowed in front of her. The moonstone did nothing.


Fallon: “No……why……won’t it work?” (She returned the Moonstone returned to were it had been. She had tears in her eyes, as she ran from the friendship ring.)


Anora: “Fallon wait! Come back!” She almost cried herself as she watched Fallon ranaway.


Fallon ran until she couldn’t run any further. She had ran to a beautifull river. She sat down next to a river, it’s crystal clear water made a melody.


Fallon: “I don’t understand?” She said tyring to dry her tears.


Back with the othes:


Anora: “Let’s go after her.”


Rainshower: “It won’t help.”


Anora: “Why not? She needs someone now.”


Rainshower: “She has someone my child.” Rainshower said turning to the doorway. The audiance was in shock as another unicorn appeared, this one was pale blue in color with a purple main and tail. With a moon shaped stone on her hind legs with four other stones with it, like a birth mark.


Anora: “Moondance!”


Tamra: “Moondance, Fallon has runaway, please find her.”


Moondance: “I will.” She said as she galloped off from the friendship ring.


Fallon was at the river, she was watching the clouds move and the water turn): “I shouldn’t have ranaway like that.” She said to herself.


“Fallon, are you okay”


Fallon: “Huh?” (She spun arond to see Moondance standing beside a tree): “Moondance!” (She cried as she ran up to her) “I can here you.”


Moondance: “Everone is sad that you ranaway.”


Fallon: “The Moonstone didn’t work for me.” She said hanging her head down.


Moondance: “Come back with me, and try it again.” She said as she nelt down infront of Fallon.


Fallon: “Lets go.” Fallon said as she got on Moondance. They road off threw the grass. The cool night air was on there back side as they made it back to the friendship ring. A full moon was shining over them as they entered


A roar of clapping arose from the crowed as they saw them walk in side by side.


Anora: “Fallon you back! Moondance found you.”


Fallon: “Yes she did.” (She looked at Moondacnce with tears in her eys, as she gave Moondance a hug): “I love you Moondance.”


Moondance: “I love you as well Fallon.”


Fallon/Moondance: “Friends forever.”


A spark of blue light spun around the Moonstone. As it lifted up into the air.


Fallon: “The Moonstone!”


All the people looked on as the Moonstone floated over to Fallon and Moondance. It split into two stones. One went to Moondance and the other went to Fallon.


Fallon: “By the magic of the Moonstone!” She said as a shimering light surrouded Fallon and Moondance. When it faided Fallon and Moondance were wearing jewel armor.


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