Ronnie Delmar – Jewel Riders Third Season Concept

Written as part of of the Third Season Synopsis Writing Challenge

Author: Ronnie Delmar

Ronnie Delmar – Jewel Riders Third Season Concept

Our story begins with a fairytale wedding – Princess Gwenevere and Ian are finally tying the knot! Tamara and Fallon are Gwen‘s best gal friends so of course there are to be the maids of honor. But the ceremony is cut short when Arienda, the fairy wraith, appears with urgent news of a cry from help from a distant land. It seems a nomadic child fell into the wild magic, and landed in the forest of Arden. She is a wryly little thing! Tara is her name.

At this news, Merlin becomes very concerned. He and Archie retreat to his secluded house where they begin a scholarly search. Not wanting to disturb the newlyweds, Tamara, Fallon, and the Pack head out on an adventure to locate and rescue the foundling. When the team arrives they notice something quite peculiar, a large blanket of snow has covered the landscape of the forest of Arden. Try as they might, they cannot control the snowfall. But haven’t they encountered something like this before? Remember when the eighth land of Avalon was changed due to the wild magic outbreak, not to mention the rest of Avalon itself when the Crown Jewels went missing? But we know of one jewel that can control the icy weather! The snowflake jewel from Glimmer Glenn helps Tamra to control the snowy outbreak, in addition giving her a new wardrobe. But there is still no sign of Tara…
Drake, Josh, and Max try to communicate with the trees, but all of the inhabitants seem to be in a state of confusion! No one can quite agree on where they last saw the child. Fallon uses a newly acquired magic trick, from the twister jewel, that gives her superhuman speed. She zooms around the forest looking for Tara, but to no avail.
The team returns to New Camelot to counsel with Merlin. Princess Gwenevere and Ian decide to travel with the team; especially since Ian knows those forests best! But there is another weird happening in the forest. This time there is eternal night! We know of another wild jewel that can help brighten these shadows – the bat jewel! Channeling her inner sun power, and with the help of the wild jewel, Gwen radiates a burst of sunlight to chase away the shadows and bring sunshine to the forest once again.
But there is still no sign of Tara… But that’s because she isn’t there. Unbeknownst to the Jewel Riders, Morgana has escaped the would-be final destruction of the other wizards, and we find Tara sitting alongside her on Morgana’s flying throne.
… The adventure has just begun! Why is Merlin so interested in Tara? How did Morgana escape? And why is the Forest of Arden experiencing such dramatic shifts? Don’t miss the thrilling adventures of Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders: season three; filled with music, friendship, more mermaids and unicorns, a mystical land of flower fairies that use bubble magic, and not to mention a missing princess from the future, the one and only heir to the royal throne.

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