The Fourth Wolf

Written as part of of the Brand and Blazer Writer Challenge

Author: Elizabeth Joachim

Title: The Fourth Wolf

Deep in the forest of Avalon a young red wolf runs for the Jeweled palace to seek help from the Jewel Riders.
As she bounded through the trees the wolf failed to see a cleverly laid trap and was swooped up in a net. Howling her frustration it unfortunatly alerted the trapsman.

Her howls also reached a traveler on the way to the palace. As the greatest acrobat of Avalon, he was invited to perform in the great celebration of Merlin being rescued from Morgana. Brand heard the distressed howls and left the trail to find it’s source. He comes across the band of trapmen and bandits as they managed to silence the howls, and loading the giant unconscious red wolf into the large covered wagon that holds several other cages of illegally caught Avalon creatures that he sees through the curtains.

There was no time – he jumps into action to take out as many of them as possible. He sees that they had injured the wolf on getting her in the carriage. He takes the carriage of caged animals that include a jeweled egg and a small purple dragon . He bound up the poachers to tow along.

At the palace,Tamara heals the injured wolf with her heart stone, and Fallon helps comfort the small purple dragon, while Princess Gwenevere takes the jeweled egg to the animal nursery in the palace, and the red wolf tells them of the poachers that turned her mother the alpha into stone and now her puppies are no where to be found. The wolves need the help of the jewel riders to find which portal the pirate that took the puppies through.

As Brand and the wolf Blazer bond in part due to Brand saving her, and aiding in the puppy rescue, the pack wants them to join even if they are a bit showy and arrogant. They see Brand still has compassion and a thirst to protect his pack even down to an egg. Blazer is very agile and fierce. And Blazer seems to bond with Brand along with their similar passion for being the best part of the action, she has taken on trying keep him out of trouble- a little. By joining this pack Blazer gets some much needed space from her mother(with love)makes them a good fit for each other ..

The Jewel riders and the part of the pack Drake, Max and Brand set off to the Deep forest to turn the alpha back and learn what happened to the puppies.
Leaving it open for a new season to save the puppies
The egg is a jeweled tortoise that must be returned to the Avalon desert. And Lilikoi the purple dragon bonds with Fallon and Moon Dance.

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