Wildfire Ch. 2 – Beware the Wildfire

Summary: Wildfire’s sequel to “By the Magic of the Flame Stone.”

Archival Note from The Jewel Riders Archive: This story is presented as it was originally published on Stormy’s “Avalon” fan site in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is presented for archival purposes and for the enjoyment of the Jewel Riders fandom. If you are the author of this story and wish to have it removed from the Jewel Riders Archive (or wish to share more!) please email us at archivist@jewelridersarchive.com. Happy Reading!

Author’s Note
I saw the swordfight from ‘Fashion Fever’ and just had to work some swords
in. 🙂 Enjoy. Oh yeah, and (I forgot to mention this in the last story but
I’m mentioning it now so there :P) Kimmy, Blackflame, Kipper, and Aren are
my characters, originally created by me. Nellicant is a bit of a Morgana
copy, and everything else is from the series (including all of the stones so
far…oh except for Nell’s wizard stone…well, no, that’s kinda only half
my idea too)


People were screaming and running all over the place to flee the burning
city. The menace ran wild in the streets, setting fire to buildings,
frightening women and children, expertly fighting off the city’s protectors.

“That is enough,” a voice told her, it was the wizard, “Gwenevere is coming,
you are not strong enough yet to fight her and her Jewel Riders off.” And
then the voice was gone, she couldn’t feel the presence of the wizard any

“Blackflame!” she called, and the black panther came roaring down the
street. The girl jumped on her friend’s back, riding out, but she stopped,
turning to the few villiagers still in the village, “Beware the Wildfire!”
and she rode off, dissapearing into the Wild Magic with Aren, just as Gwen
and the others arrived.

“We’re too late!” the princess cried, as she surveyed the burning village.
*Gwen, we can still put out the fire.* Sunstar suggested
“Right, take us up!” and Sunstar flew over the village, looking for a source
of water to douse the fire with.

“We should make sure no one’s hurt.” Tamara told Shadowsong. Without another
word, the unicorn ran into the chaos of burning houses and screaming people.

*I guess that leaves us to help find water.*
“Right, Moondance, let’s go!” the two sped off, letting their Moon Stone
guide them to a nearby river.


*You had to add a little flourish at the end?*

“Of course. I can’t very well have people shudder at the mention of my name
if they don’t know what to call me.”

Nellicant had been watching the goings on in a swirl of  magic smoke.
“Excellent, my student. You have shown you know just how to use your power.”

“Yea, great.” Kimmy spoke with no enthusiasm, sounding almost bored as she
removed her Jewel Armor, “So what do you teach next?”

The wizzard ginned, “Swordfighting.”


“At least the fire’s out now.” Gwen said, smiling as Sunstar landed them
next to their friends.
“Yea, but Tamara’s still in there, taking care of the casualties.” Fallon
commented, no more words were needed to get the Jewel Riders and the
unicorns rushing into the village, helping people to their feet, treating

“Who did this?” Tamara asked one of the women she had just helped out from
under some fallen wood.
“It was a girl. A teen girl, I think. She said ‘Beware the Wildfire'”
Tamara gasped, “Wildfire?” she had heard the story from Drake and Gwen,
about the girl with the Flame Stone.


Kimmy was in her Jewel Armor, fighting Aren with a red sword. Hers had the
Flame Stone for a hilt, and his was a normal sword. That didn’t seem to make
it any easier. She was gasping and grunting, as he fought hard, but the
instant Nell raised a hand, his follower stopped.

“She isn’t strong enough to handle the sword yet, Nell.” The wizard glared
at Aren, until the boy added, “Master Nell.” With a hidden sneer.

Aren was no longer the shadowy stranger she met in the woods. He didn’t wear
his hood in the wizard’s lair. Though he still wore the cloak, his face was
shown clearly. His hair was short and black, and he had dark, black eyes
that one could get lost in. Kimmy, of course, tried her best to keep her
gaze as far from those eyes as possible. He stood a head taller than the
girl, but she still tried to maintain her superiority over him. After all,
she was the pupil of the wizard, while Aren was only a servant.

“I was strong enough to hold you off, wasn’t I!” Kimmy almost spat at Aren
as she spoke.

“Do not worry, Wildfire.” The Wizard spoke comfortingly, “You just need more
practice, that’s all.”

“Maybe.” The sword shimmered until it was just the Flame Stone in her hand,
“But you can’t expect me to get better if I don’t have a worthy challenger.”

The wizard grinned, this was turning out exactly as he hoped it would.
“Later, Wildfire. Perfect your techniques against Aren, and I shall give you
someone more challenging to battle against.”

Kimmy took on an evil grin, growing her jewel into a sword again, “The
sooner the better.” She charged at Aren, catching him off guard. He didn’t
have time to block, so he simply jumped out of the way, “Come on, Aren! Just
try!” she dared him.

They fought on for what could have been hours, but they couldn’t tell. All
they knew was that they were fighting, and Kim was getting better. The Wild
Magic seemed to slow time at some points, so there was really no telling how
long one has been in it until they left. Eventually, though, Kimmy disarmed
Aren, leaving him on his back on the floor, with the sword pointed at his
neck. He was gasping for breath, with fear in his eyes, it looked as though
Kimmy had acctually tried to kill him. Maybe she had.

“Well done!” Nell clapped in hands, and Kimmy withdrew her sword, “Now, you
are ready to take on one of the Pack.”

The girl grinned, “And it will be easier with him,” Blackflame trotted up
beside her, recieving a hug, “because I will have my friend with me.”

Nell shook his head, “Fire-eyes will have her paws full trying to fight off
the wolf.”

Blackflame, who Kimmy had told Nell was named Fire-eyes, had been training
in the use of her half of the jewel as well. Sometimes she had been allowed
to assist Kimmy in her practice fights, but only occasionally. Kimmy had
helped Blackflame only occasionally as well. The wizard Nellicant had done
this on purpose, for he knew how strong the Flame Stone could be if both
parts were used together correctly. He couldn’t take the risk that this girl
might turn on him, and be strong enough to destroy him with that power.

“So, where is my opponent? Let me see this knight of the Pack.” Kimmy was
eager to get started.

Nell turned to his servant, “Aren, guide her to the place in the Riverdells
that I showed you.”

Aren bowed, “Yes Master Nell.” He spoke with another hidden sneer.


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