January Update

Hey Jewel Fans!

Did you have a good holiday season? We hope so, because we did! Both Chris and Ronnie got Jewel Riders goodies for Christmas!

Ronnie was gifted with the Jewel Riders sleeping bag from family and a beautiful handmade resin Heart Stone from Stormy!

While Chris was gifted with the Jewel Riders Play-a-Sound book and handmade resin Moon Stone from Stormy!

Artist Challenge Results

In other news, we wanted to celebrate all the amazing artists who contributed pieces to our latest Artist Challenge: designing a unicorn based on an enchanted jewel either from the show or of your own creation! Our six submission were as follows:

“Greenleaf” by Charlottle Whaley

Artist Challenge Unicorn - Grasstail - Charlotte Whaley

“Misty Rose and Dreamfields” by Kathleen

Artist Challenge Unicorn - Misty Rose and Dreamfields - Kathleen

“Shadowsong” by Stormy

Artist Challenge Unicorn - Shadowsong - Stormy

“Minion Unicorn” by Daniel Magana

Artist Challenge Unicorn - Daniel Magana

“Burning Ice” by A-Chan

Artist Challenge Unicorn - Burning Ice - A-chan

“Moon Stone” by Emily Fry

Artist Challenge Unicorn - Emily Park (emi_fry)

After submissions were closed, voting took place on Twitter. And the winner are…

Artist Challenge - First PlaceArtist Challenge - Second PlaceHuge, huge thank you to all the talented artists who took time to submit their unicorn designs! We absolutely love seeing fans’ talent on display and showcasing your work! Please keep your pencils sharpened and look forward to another Artist Challenge coming sometime in 2018! Any suggestions for the next Artist Challenge? Let us know!

The Future of the Archive

As we start 2018, we wanted to take a minute to recap where we’ve been over the last two-and-a-half years. This site has been a true labor, born of true love for Princess Gwenevere and her magical friends. The site itself was born in July of 2015, and we launched in September of the same year. Consistently, we have updated at least once a month with new Jewel Riders content. In total we’ve had 58 blog posts over that time!

Just a quick list of some of the highlights we’ve done since opening our virtual doors two and a half years ago:

  • Releasing the entire series in best-quality video with English, International English, and French tracks to our YouTube
  • Interviews with Kerry Butler, the voice of Gwen in S1, and Greg Autore, the show’s Art Director
  • Scanning and posting the Enchanted Jewel Riders Series Bible
  • Scanning and posting the Official Style Guide
  • Scanning and Posting the 13 Season One scripts
  • Scanning and Posting the 12 Season Two scripts
  • Compiling a Show Guide with sections for Characters, Episodes, Jewels, & Avalon
  • Scanning and sharing Storyboards from Jewel Quest: Part One, and Wizard’s Peak
  • Compiling those storyboards with the audio from the episodes to make animatic story reels
  • Shared photos of prototypes and test shots
  • Shared photos of the production toys, VHS tapes, and memorabilia
  • Shared production artwork, clip art, coloring pages, and wallpapers
  • Sharing fan art and fan fiction
  • Shared 1,223 photos on Instagram
  • Shared 2.449 tweets on Twitter
  • Countless posts on 11 social media platforms

This is just a sampling of the things we’ve been able to share with the fan community monthly. We love doing this, but we are also realistic that our current pace cannot continue ad infinitum. We are both independently creative people. Chris has been trying to revise his novel in order to submit to publishers, and Ronnie has had several irons in the fire for long-running creative projects. The last two and a half years, while incredibly rewarding, have also left us little time for our own passion projects. Which is why we are planning on doing a little bit of restructuring of our releases going forward.

We still plan to bring out a lot a great Jewel Riders content in 2018, but are going to switch our updates to bimonthly. Our current plan is to do updates every other month, so January, March, May, July, September, and November. We will – of course – still be on our social media platforms regularly, so please say hello and comment there! We love to hear from you!

We want to reassure you that the site is not in any danger of closing, and that this new release schedules allows for us to work on not only our own creative endeavors, but on some original Jewel Riders content as well. Thank you for another amazing year and all your love and support!

Friends Together, Friends Forever

~Chris & Ronnie

Screencap - Relaxed Gwen

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