January Update

Hey Jewel Fans! We hope you all had a magic holiday season filled with the warmth of family and friends.

2020 is the twenty-fifth Anniversary of Jewel Riders, and we have some great stuff planned for this year! But first, we wanted to recap a few Christmas things!

“Home Alone 3” Jewel Riders Swimming Pool

How crazy is this?? I’m truly amazing that there’s something Jewel Riders out there featured in a major Hollywood film, and a piece of merchandise that we didn’t know about! Did any of you ever see this pool in real life? Let us know!

The Jewel Riders Archive Podcast

Greg Autore

Greg Autore, Creative Director for Jewel Riders

First, if y’all haven’t had a chance to go listen to the first half of our podcast interview with designer extraordinaire Greg Autore, we’ll wait.


Good. Now, enjoy Part Two of our interview with Greg!

In all seriousness, it was so great to speak with Greg and pick his brain about Jewel Riders live on the air. He has so many great memories of the show and designing the toys, it’s a treasured time to listen to him speak about our favorite show.  Enjoy!


Kerry Butler Podcast

Speaking of podcasts, did you know that Gwenevere herself, actress Kerry Butler, is hosting her own podcast now? It’s called “Breaking Broadway,” and in it the veteran Broadway actress teaches how to break into the business of being a Broadway performer!

In episode five, “It’s Not Over ‘Til it’s Voiceover!” Kerry and guest Annie Meisels talk about doing voice work, including cartoons. And best of all, Kerry talks briefly around the twenty-minute mark about being Princess Gwenevere (even if she doesn’t quite land “By the Magic of the Sun Stone” 😉

It’s a great listen, and we can’t wait to hear more episodes from Kerry!


Avalon: Web of Magic Book Club


As part of Jewel Rider’s 25th Anniversary Celebration, we wanted to give a little love to Avalon: Web of Magic, the twelve book middle-grade fantasy series (very loosely) based on Jewel Riders. In March, May, and July, we’ll be discussing the one each of three books on the podcast, with special guest host and Avalon expert extraordinaire Jacquesworth from our sister site The Avalon Archive! We hope you read along with us and join the discussion!

Fan Fiction Update

I’ve been busy uploading new fan fiction to our Fanfic section of the site! There’s lots of great stuff to read this time around, including…

As always, we’re so happy to preserve and share the creative talents from Stormy’s Avalon site. These are some really fun reads, so we hope you enjoy! And don’t forget, if you want to submit stories to the Archive, you can either email us, or submit them through the Fan Fiction page!


And that’s it for this update! We’ll see you all in March with a new episode of the podcast discussing Avalon: Web of Magic. Happy reading!

Friends Together, Friends Forever!

Chris & Ronnie

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