JRA Podcast Episode 24 – From Cartoons to Careers with Lyssa Chiavari and Jane Watson

Chris sits down with sister authors Lyssa Chiavari and Jane Watson to talk about growing up fans of Jewel Riders, a surprising geographic connection, how fandom influences original creative work, and how their author co-op Snow Wings Publishing might just be a modern Circle of Friends.

Lyssa: https://www.lyssachiavari.com/
Jane: https://www.janewatsonauthor.com/
Snowy Wings Publishing: https://www.snowywingspublishing.com/

* * *

Discover more! Join Chris Kanther, Ronnie Delmar, and the Circle of Friends as they explore the world of the 1995/1996 animated series Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. Subscribe to our PodBean #podcast: https://jewelridersarchive.podbean.com/

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