JRA Podcast – Episodes 8 & 9 – Avalon Web of Magic Interviews

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If you haven’t had a chance to catch up with our latest podcasts about the Avalon: Web of Magic book series, we definitely wanted to give you a heads up for some great audio listening!

Allison Strom Interview

In our 8th episode, we chatted with Allison Strom, the illustrator for the book series about her artistic inspirations, her work on the books, and her growth as an artist. We may or may not want some Taco Bell haha.

After our chat, Allison was kind enough to send along three pieces of fan art she painted recently of the Avalon Mages if she’s designed them today! So cool to see these fresh new takes on the girls!

Emily and Ozzie

Emily and Ozzie

Adriane and Stormbringer

Adriane and Stormbringer

Kara and the Dragonflies

Kara and the Dragonflies

It was seriously so fun to chat with Allie about the art of the series. If you want to see more of Allie’s awesome art you can check her out on Instagram at @alliebirdseed


Debra Davis Interview

For episode 9 of the podcast, we had the good fortune to chat with Debra Davis, the singer/songwriter behind the Avalon: Web of Magic original songs “Golden” and “Supernatural High.” Debra and her band were also the performers who traveled with author Rachel Roberts on the “Avalon: Music is Magic” book tour in the early 2000s.




Such a time warp to see that Borders Books! (RIP Borders, we loved you!)

Deb couldn’t have been more gracious, and gave some really cool revelations about the series during the interview, which we can’t wait for you to hear!

If you want to find out more about Deb’s music, you can follow her @debradavis_music on Instagram!

Jacquesworth from the Avalon Archive has also written this dissertation on the Music of Avalon. Check it out, it’s a great read!

You can also find Debra’s music on Amazon and other streaming platforms, including a recording of her singing Supernatural High!

Thanks for listening!

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