July Update

Screencap - Center of the Wild Magic 1

Hey Jewel Fans!

We hope your summer is going swimmingly, and that you’re staying cool! For our US fans, did you enjoy the fireworks for July 4th? We hope that the holiday was less, ah, traumatic than the fashion show’s fireworks display from “Fashion Fever.”


If nothing else, we hope you got to enjoy a hot dog. 🙂

We also wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who shared memories of homemade Jewel Riders fun – it was so interesting for us to see the different play patterns and the myriad ways Jewel Riders fans used their own creativity to live out their favorite heroes’ adventures!

We also want to let you know that we’ve recently updated our YouTube with playlists especially designed to help you find exactly what you’re looking for – from commercials to season episode playlists. Check it out!

Screencap - Lady of the Lake boat

Can you believe that we’re approaching our 2nd anniversary in two months? We’re down to the final two scripts for season two, and we’re so please this month to feature “The Spirit of Avalon.” You can find the script over in our Season Two Scripts section!

Screencap - Lady of the Lake 2

Did you know that originally this episode was titled “The Lady of the Lake”? It’s the title that shows up on the working draft of the script that we have, and in the character section of the script, the titular Lady of the Lake is referred to as the Spirit of Avalon. There are interesting parallels between the Spirit and the Lady of Legend, most notably the gift of a weapon to fight evil. In the myth, the Lady of the Lake gives King Arthur the sword Excalibur, and in Jewel Riders, she gives Gwenevere the Staff of Avalon atop which to forge the One Jewel.

Screencap - Spirit of Avalon

Other fun tidbits to look out for: Arienda is noted to be “Queen of the Fairy Wraiths,” a title she didn’t have in “Prince of the Forest.” Also, the song “Spirit of Avalon” was originally a musical number titled “Heart of the Magic.” We wonder what that would have sounded like!

That’s it for this month’s update, friends! Of special note, be sure to check back on the 25th of this month for a very special “Christmas in July” surprise gift from us to you! We hope you’ll enjoy it!

And be sure to tune in next month on the 10th for the final script release “The One Jewel!”

Jewel Power!

~Chris & Ronnie

P.S. If you have more questions for Greg Autore, he is still very willing to answer them! Please send in any questions and we will be happy to pass them along.

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