July Update

Hey Jewel Fans! Hope you’re staying cool and comfortable and enjoying the summer so far. It’s been a crazy busy summer so far for us, and we wanted to share a few of the goings-on here at the Archive.

Pride Month

First off, we wanted to wish everyone a very happy Pride Month! We here at the Jewel Riders Archive celebrate the rainbow of diversity that all humans come in, and want to let everyone who reads know that this is a safe space to be yourself. Gay, Straight, Queer, Trans, Unicorn, whoever you identify as we welcome you to our colorful magic corner of the Web.

And also, how cute are these Pride month art pieces by our friend Hubbabubbagumpop??

Thank you for Being a Friend

In addition to Pride Month, June is also the month that features National Best Friend Day, one of our favorite holidays! This year we made a special version of the opening song to the well-known tune of a favorite sitcom opening as our gift to all of you for being our friends! We hope you enjoy! (Plus, take a peek at some of our recording mishaps from the original National Best Friend Day video from a few years back for a few laughs.)



San Jose Toy Con

L-R: Ami, Stormy, Nuriko, Mandi, Chris

In June, Chris also had the chance to attend the San Jose Super Toy Show along with friends of the site Mandi, Stormy/cupcakedoll, Ami, and Nuriko from Too Old for Toys! It was a great show, and everyone found some very cool vintage toys to come home with them. If you live in the Bay Area or Sacramento area of California, we frequent conventions around there, so don’t be shy! We’d love to have new friends hang out and appreciate vintage toys together!

New Jewel Rider Fan-created Merchandise Available!

Super Exciting news in the world of Jewel Riders fan merch! We stumbled across the wonderful shop from NowaNowii on Storenvy, and were super excited to see she is making acrylic Jewel Riders pins, and a super cute Jewel Riders pencil case! She originally had these items for pre-order ending on July 10th, but has generously offered to extend the pre-order period through July 20th! We hope lots of you will take her up on this opportunity to support a fellow fan with her creative endeavors!

Also, over on the Archive’s Redbubble Shop, we added a new Sun Stone design! You can find everything from shirts to shower curtains with this fun design, and as always, if anyone orders any of these products, please share images with us on our social media handles!

Unicorns of Balinor Part Two

Among all the goings-on, Chris finally had a chance to finish his read-through of Mary Stanton’s Unicorns of Balinor series. For those who don’t know, Mary was one of the script writers for Jewel Riders, and her unicorn series is a fun companion piece to the show. Check out Part One (books 1-4) and Part Two (books 5-8).

Circle of Friends Comic

Speaking of Friendship, last month we also debuted the second page of our “Circle of Friends” comic! This time, we wanted to highlight the Babies! A-chan and Chris are hard at work on the next page, so stay tuned for August!

Fan Fiction Update

Last but not least, we have new (old) Fan Fiction to share with you this month!

This month we’re highlighting Asacat’s short (unfinished, sadly!) series “New Beginnings.” The two chapters explore a world where Gwen is to become the new Wizard of Avalon, and the changes that take place shortly after the defeat of Morgana. It’s a short but tantalizing read! Enjoy!

And that’s all folks! We’ll see you soon with another update from Circle of Friends, and then we’ll celebrate the show’s Twenty-fourth Anniversary (and our site’s fourth anniversary!) in September!

Friends Together, Friends Forever!

Chris & Ronnie


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