June Update

Screencap - Esmeralda

Hey Jewel Fans! We hope your summer is heating up, and going to be a great one! If you’re lucky enough to have the next few months off, what plans do you have to enjoy the summer? Swimming? Hanging with friends? Watching Jewel Riders?

Or perhaps you’re celebrating this banner year for magical girls at the box office by taking in a showing of Wonder Woman like we did? Gal Gadot was a perfect Diana of Themiscyra, and the movie whetted our appetite for what a Jewel Riders live-action film could be! Hopefully we’ll see more superheroines at the box office! (And if you were wondering if Wonder Woman has a connection to Jewel Riders, we respectfully direct your attention back to our interview with Greg Autore. 🙂

Wonder Woman

In honor of “National Best Friend Day” we put together a small video showcasing our friendship and what Jewel Riders has meant to us over the years. What has Jewel Riders meant to you over time? Is it something that you share with your friends too?

This month we’re featuring the script for “The Fortune Jewel” over in our Season Two Scripts page. This is the first episode where we meet a Wizard other than Merlin and Morgana: Derek, the holder of the Fortune Jewel! After the final battle between Merlin and Morgana in ancient times, he was cast into the Wild Magic with the other evil Wizards and was turned into a cat. Over time, Derek’s Wizard Jewel has become tuned to the fortune teller Esmeralda. She uses the jewel’s power to not only tell people’s fortunes, but partially grant their desires as well!

Screencap - Derek & Jewel

When Derek is given the opportunity to aid the Jewel Riders to help save Merlin, or help Morgana like he did in the old days, he makes the right choice and helps the Jewel Riders!

Screencap - Esmeralda & Derek


The Fortune JewelClick the script to be taken to the page where you can read it in full!

Next month will bring us to the first of the final two episodes of the show.  Can you believe that we’ve come this far? We’ll leave you with this final image from ‘The Fortune Jewel” to whet your appetite for the final battle to come!

Screencap - Morgana's Lair 2

Jewel Power!

~Chris & Ronnie

P.S. Stay tuned this month for a retrospective featuring homemade Jewel Riders toys, costumes, and memorabilia!

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