June Update

Screenshot - Dreamfields

Hey Jewel Fans!

Can you believe that summer is already here?  Gwen must be really busy using the Sun Stone to warm up the land!

We’ve got another great update for you this month!

Screenshot - King Jared

First, remember that June 19th is Father’s day – be sure to tell the special fathers in your life how much they mean to you!  In Avalon, the father figure we know best is Gwen’s father King Jared.  He is  the Commander-in-Chief of the Knights of Avalon (aka The Pack), and once held a Forest Stone that bonded him with his giant black wolf Goliath.  He believes in the destiny of the Crystal Palace to spread goodness across the land.

Next, we wanted to wish a belated Happy Birthday to Laura Dean, best known for being the voice of Tamara!  Laura is a Broadway and film actress perhaps best known for her roles in the movie Fame (1980), and for appearing in a string of episodes of the television comedy Friends.

Laura D

Fun facts: she voiced the G1 Twilight in the 1980s My Little Pony series, and did voice work on Robert Mandell’s Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers as Nikko alongside fellow Jewel Riders actress Corinne Orr!


Screenshot - Song of the Rainbow Pride

We also wanted to mention that June is Pride Month, and that all across the world people are gathering to celebrate their uniqueness in festivals not unlike the Craft Fairs seen in the show.  We love the diversity of our little fandom, with people from all over the globe tuning in to see the adventures of their favorite magical princess and her friends.  So however you identify, know that The Jewel Riders Archive welcomes you with open arms and jewels held high!  🙂

We celebrated National Best Friends Day by recording a short video talking a bit about the history of our friendship and some upcoming things on the site, and by meeting fandom legend Stormy (which you can find a more detailed account of over in this post!)



Ronnie, Stormy, Chris

Ronnie, Stormy, Chris

Our feature this month for the update is the script for “Dreamfields,” the 11th episode of the show.

Screenshot - Dramfields 2

In this episode, the Jewel Riders must track down the missing Crown Jewel of the Dreamfields by chasing it through a series of dreams.  In the dreams, we get to see what it might have been like for Gwen to hold the Dark Stone, and Kale the Sun Stone.  The episode features several interesting tidbits: it marks the only appearance of the Sun Power Gwenevere toy’s outfit in the show; Lord Batton returns as Gwen’s date for the Harvesting Party in his largest speaking role; and during one of the dream sequences Gwen runs through the Crystal Mall complete with overhead announcers, cash registers, and conveyer-belt check stands!  It’s a very modern thing to slip into an ostensibly medieval show.

Finally, we’ll leave you with Merlin’s words about the Crown Jewel of the Dreamfields.  “The Jewel of the Dreamfields is a very special Crown Jewel.  It represents the magic of love, something so fragile yet strong as all time.  My children, if you have love in your hearts, you have the power to accomplish your dreams.”

Screenshot - Dreamfields 1

Friends Together, Friends Forever!

~ Chris & Ronnie

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