March Update

Hey Jewel Fans!

We hope you’re enjoying the spring weather and are ready for another great update here at the Jewel Riders Archive! We’ve been busy behind the scenes with several different fun projects.

“Circle of Friends” Comic

Have you seen our new comic yet? We released the first two pages last month, and have started on the next segment starring the Babies! Our resident artist A-chan will continue to provide her beautiful artwork, and Chris will continue to write and color. Let us know your thoughts!

Writer Challenge

We also want to announce the results from our Writer’s Challenge. You can read all the entries in our last post, and the votes are in!

  • First Place was a tie between Hubbabubbagump and Chris!
  • Second Place was a tie between Lisa Dawn and Ronnie!

We can’t thank everyone enough for taking the time to read and vote on these entries. This was a fun contest, and we hope to run more Artist and Writer Challenges in the future!

Fan Fiction

This month we’ve added two more fics to the Fan Fiction section, both from the author Morning Glory.

  • The first is a story called Dark World, where Kale and Morgana create a dark land in the Wild Magic to try and trap the Jewel Riders
  • The second is a series called “Jewel Riders Two,” which stars Gwenevere’s daughter Allura as she re-activates the Jewel Riders when a new threat comes for Avalon.

“Jewel Riders Two” even featured some great artwork by the author that was posted on Stormy’s Avalon site. Sadly, this is all that could be saved from the Web Archive! If you have more of these pieces, please do share for posterity!

That’s all for this update folks! See you next month with the next issue of the the comic!

Friends Together, Friends Forever!

Chris & Ronnie

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