May Update

Screencap - Snowball and Friends

Hey Jewel Fans!

As the weather turns warmer and the sun stays out a bit longer, we know Gwen is having a good time making use of her Sun Stone!

May usually brings the end of school for many in the United States, which always makes us think back on the lazy summer days of youth. During school breaks, we had more time to watch and play Jewel Riders. Did you know that we at one point had a veritable treasure trove of homemade jewels?

Homeade toys 1 Homeade toys
Ronnie’s grandfather was a wizard with wood and paint, and made us a complete set of life-size jewels from the series. (He also made us the Crystal Carriage, which you can see above!) Sadly, they were lost to the time stone, but it got us thinking about what other fans might have made, either in childhood or more recently? Did you craft a plush Archie? Or make a jewel of your own? We’d love it if you shared it with the community!

In other news, please enjoy our interview with none other than Princess Gwenevere herself, Kerry Butler!



Screencap - Time Stone Array

This months featured script is “Mystery Island,” the twenty-third episode of the show, and the episode that has the distinction for both Ronnie and I of being the last episode that we saw in broadcast syndication. (We didn’t see the final three episodes until many years later when Stormy sent us a VHS tape containing them.)

Screencap - Time Stone 2

Mystery Island is the story of the Jewel Riders finding the Time Stone and a lost creature they name “Snowball,” that the script refers to as a giant Totoro (a reference to Hayao Miyazaki’s famous animated movie “My Neighbor Totoro”). Interestingly, though the portals the Time Stone controls from the Sundial Island allow the Jewel Riders to visit the Jurrasic, the stone itself is never referred to as the Time Stone in the episode! It isn’t given a name until the final two-parter.

Screencap - Black Knight

That’s all for this update, folks! We haven’t forgotten about the upcoming interview with Greg Autore. (Read Part One here!) Unfortunately, both of us have gone through moves in the last three months, and things have been a bit wild (magic) on our end. But as things smooth out, we’re looking forward to sharing a fantastic interview with you!

Friends Together, Friends Forever!

~Chris & Ronnie

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