National Best Friend Day

Hey Jewel Fans! Perhaps of all the fun holidays that crop up throughout the year, nothing quite meshes with Jewel Riders as well as “National Best Friend Day.” In a show who’s main tagline is “Friends Together, Friends Forever!” we think this holiday is something worth celebrating. What better way than sharing the music video for “Circle of Friends?”

Speaking of Circle of Friends, have you joined our Circle of Friends yet? You can get a special shout-out from us on your birthday via your social media of choice, or if you’re more private, via email. 🙂

We wanted to make special note that today is Fandom Fairy Godmother Stormy’s birthday, and we’re wishing her the very best!

Ronnie, Stormy, Chris

Ronnie, Stormy, Chris

Happy Birthday, Stormy!

What do you enjoy doing with your friends? Do you enjoy seeing movies, making music, telling stories, or maybe something just relaxing like coloring together? We have coloring pages you can print out and color with friends, a great activity for lazy summer days!

Jewel Riders Group

The girls share a special bond with their animal friends and each other. This bond allows them to work together as a team to save the day time and time again from Lady Kale. So we want to thank you for being a friend, y’all, and see you in a few days for the next update!

Friends Together, Friends Forever!

~Chris & Ronnie

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