November Update


Hey Jewel Fans!

Hope you’re having an amazing November and enjoying all the good things that come this time of year: friends, family, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes! Chris is also enjoying his fifth year of doing NaNoWriMo and wishes well to all the other writers out there attempting this collective yearly insanity.

Bob Kiliban th11-1.jpgWe want to wish a very Happy Birthday to  a wizard with words, Bob Kaliban! Bob breathed life into Merlin, King Jared, Ian, Spike, and many other in the show! Check out our behind-the-scenes recording session video for a chance to see Bob and the other voice actors working in the studio!

Are you keeping an eye on our YouTube channel? We hope you’ve been enjoying our weekly uploads of the Princess Gwenevere, Princess Starla, and French Starla episodes from Season One! Let us know which one is your favorite so far!

This month we’re feature the script to the Second Season episode “Fashion Fever,” but you’ll notice that the working script draft we have actually titles the episode as “Vogue”! (We assume the title changed due to copyright reasons, or the fear of the wrath of Anna Wintour) It’s a classic-style farce with gags galore, but also features the one and only sword fight in the series!

Fashion FeverThat’s all for this month! We hope our American friends enjoy a restful and filling Thanksgiving. See you all next month!

Friends Together, Friends Forever!

~Chris & Ronnie

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