November Update

Screenshot - Song of the Rainbow

Hey Jewel Fans!

We hope you all had a magical Halloween (Chris is still using candy for giveaways at his regional NaNoWriMo events!)  Are you ready for Thanksgiving?  It’s finally gotten cold enough to enjoy Pumpkin Spice Lattes here in California!

Bob Kiliban th11-1.jpgWe want to wish a belated Happy Birthday to Bob Kaliban, the voice actor who brought Merlin, King Jared, Josh, Spike, The Travel Trees, The Guardian of the Hall of Wizards, and Ian to life!

In other site news, this month we’re featuring the script for “Song of the Rainbow.”  Like last month’s “Travel Trees Can’t Dance,” this version hails from a time where the show was titled Princess Guinevere and Her Jewel Adventures.   So again, you’ve got Tamara as “Harmony,” Sunstar as “Amber,” and Moondance as “Moonglow.”  A new addition to this version is Max being called “Thomas!”

As Ronnie’s personal favorite episode (and the one most often featured in marketing materials for the show), be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!




Jewel Power!

Chris & Ronnie


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