September Update


Welcome to Season Two, Jewel Fans!  We have an amazing update for you all this month!

First up is the script to the first episode of the show’s second season: “Morgana.”  The evil Wizard who made her first appearance as a hologram in the season one episode “Revenge of the Dark Stone” reappears in the flesh!  She and Kale discover each other in the Wild Magic, and when Morgana finds her Dark Stone tuned to Kale, the two team up to take down Merlin and the Jewel Riders!  The second season begins the quest for the Wizard Jewels, magic jewels of the ancient Wizards that can return either Morgana or Merlin to Avalon!

Morgana and Kale

Click the image to read the script!

In addition to the script, we are also featuring the storyboard for Jewel Quest: Part One!  This was an amazing find, and to be able to see the hand-drawn artistry that went into the planning of the show is an absolute treat.  It’s 169 pages of visual delight, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have.  Sadly, this is the one and only storyboard we have to share with all of you.  There was a “Wizard’s Peak” one up on Ebay a while back, but we didn’t get it, so if you have it and would be willing to share images, please do get in touch!



We’ve spent many hours using the storyboard to make a beautiful animatic (an animation term where the storyboard is combined with the audio track to get a rough idea of what the show will look like before the full animation process).  We’ve also made a video of the storyboard compared to the final animation.  Both are a fun watch, especially if you are interested in the art and artistry behind animation!



In addition to these videos, we recently discovered a special screener VHS of “Jewel Quest” Parts One and Two.  “Song of the Rainbow” was released as a promotional VHS through Toys R Us, but we had never seen this packaging release for “Jewel Quest” before!


img_0731-watermark jewel-quest-screener-watermarked img_0084


It’s a really neat find, and though there’s not a lot of difference between it and the regular VHS release of Jewel Quest, we decided to rip the video and share it with all of you.  An extra bonus is that it has the “Princess Gwenevere” audio, which we know is a bit rare these days (something that we’re aiming to change!)


 We want to know what version of the show fans watched as kids!  We have a current poll on Twitter that closes in five days, so be sure to register your vote!


Thanks again for all your support, and look forward to lots of great new content in our second year!

Friends Together, Friends Forever!

~Chris & Ronnie

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