The Jewel Riders Archive Podcast: Episode One!

Hey Jewel Fans! We have something really exciting to share with you for our Fourth Anniversary! Recently, Chris and Ronnie had the chance to sit down with three distinguished ladies of the Jewel Riders Fandom for a conversation about childhood memories of Jewel Rider and the Early days of the Fandom. What ensued was a two hour conversation that revealed some really fun memories and remembrances of the early years of Jewel Riders fandom.

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With us were:

Stormy aka cupcakedoll, founder of the Avalon website, the premiere Jewel Riders fansite of the 90s. She can currently be found on hosting episodes of Too Old for Toys on YouTube, on DeviantArt, and writing the longest Winx Club fanfic know to fairy or hero!

Natalie, aka Morning Glory, a prolific fan artist and writer from Avalon. Her Star Stone story was second in length only to Stormy’s Star Stone story, and can be read in full in our fan fiction archive. Her art can be found on DeviantArt, and she uses her musical talents to perform with two bands.

Lisa Dawn, a fantasy author who wrote several stories for the Avalon website and went on to found the jewel_power Livejournal group which formed the seeds for the JRA. She also runs The Princess Blog, a fabulous resource for all things princesses!

We had an absolutely amazing time chatting with them and hearing what they had to say about the nascent years of the Jewel Riders fandom community, and we hope you enjoy the conversation as well!

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