“Too Old For Toys” talks about Jewel Riders!

Hey Jewel Fans!  Friend of the site Cupcakedoll (who built the first great Jewel Riders webpage), and her friends over at the YouTube Channel “Too Old For Toys” have shared a great video showcasing several pieces of Jewel Riders memorabilia (even managing to sneak in a surprise guest appearance by Tenko & The Guardians of the Magic!).

You can see dolls, the play-a-sound book, VHS tapes, plates, napkins, and trading cards – all of them Jewel Riders!  It’s always a special treat when other Jewel Riders collectors share their love, and we can’t thank them enough for taking the time to think of us and making such a fun video!  Check it out along with all their other great toy-related videos!


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