Update Roundup – Peacock, Graphic Novels, Site Update

Hey Jewel Fans! Happy 8th Anniversary of the website, and happy 28th Anniversary of Jewel Riders!



Streaming on Peacock!

We have some amazing news to share with all of you! Jewel Riders has finally been released on NBC’s Peacock streaming platform! Some time ago, the copyright holder 41 Entertainment, owned by Allen Bohbot, reached out to us looking for materials. You may remember that several months ago all the episode videos we had posted on YouTube were taken down – this was in preparation for the official release of the episodes on Peacock. We were hopeful that the company had master tapes of the “Princess Gwenevere” version of the show, but sadly we discovered that the master tapes for the “Gwenevere” version were lost some years ago. Allen Bohbot expressed interest in our audio tracks for the episodes, as we have the only complete version of the North American English version of the show. We provided them our audio track (with warning that some of them actually come from VHS recorded from TV in the ’90s), and now you can hear the Jewel Riders Archive audio on an official release of the show!

This is really big news, because not only has it been years since any official version of the “Princess Gwenevere” audio been available, but it’s been years since Jewel Riders has been on a major streaming platform. Yes, it’s been on Tubi, but only as the “Starla” version of the show (which remains available to watch there). You can also catch the “Starla” version of the show on Amazon Prime.

Comic Reboot!

Can you believe this!? Jewel Riders is going to get a comic book reboot! The folks over at 41 Entertainment have partnered with Mad Cave Studios / Maverick to release graphic novels of Bohbot’s ’90s cartoons, including Jewel Riders! (The company is also going to be releasing comics based on Miraculous Ladybug, Fate: The Winx Saga, and more!)

They recently posted a sell page for their adaptation of “King Arthur and the Knights of Justice.” The art looks really well done, and it definitely fill us with some good hope that they’ll do right by Jewel Riders. We can’t wait to see what awesome comics they make, and we’ll keep you up to date on any news we hear.


Site Updates


It is with mixed emotions that we chat about this final piece of our update. After eight years of updating social media, we are officially ending regular social media updates going forward. Today we end our memory updates and new content updates to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. It has been a huge labor of love to share all of our photo and video content, Fan Fiction, and more on social media over the years; an experience we would never trade! But as we grow in new creative directions, we want to be honest and explore these new sides of ourselves. Fear not though – the site is not going anywhere! It will remain live and available for any who want to enjoy the deep well of materials we have to share. We will also be updating the site with a few more things, as well as an occasional podcast or social media post here and there to celebrate new things like the comics and other developments.

Thank you for being part of the magic; we have loved sharing all these memories with you. If you ever want to share fun Jewel Riders memories, news, or information, you can always reach out to us at our site email address. Our YouTube channel will continue to update with new video content periodically, and of course, the magic is still for sale with on-demand products at our RedBubble Shop. We always appreciate the support from fans – the money we make from any sales goes into paying site hosting fees.

Friends Together, Friends Forever

Chris & Ronnie

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