Welcome to The Jewel Riders Archive!

cropped-Sun-Color-w-burst-2.pngThis website is a dream long fulfilled.

But first, a little history…

Ronnie and I have been friends for twenty years now, and what we bonded over was Jewel Riders.  From terrible doodles we made as kids to the website you see now, our love for this property remains as strong as it was in 1995.

A couple of years ago, Ronnie and I were discussing the show and the then-upcoming 20th anniversary.  For a long time, I have wanted to do a commemorative fanzine for the show.  But knowing that Jewel Riders has lacked a proper fan home on the web galvanized us to try a website instead of a fanzine.  The JRA that exists now is the result of many hours of love put in by both of us to show some love for a property that gave so much to us.  It is also a testament to the power of the fans who have kept the flame burning for our favorite oft-forgotten property.

We’ll be sharing amazing content every month on the 10th – and we’re starting with the oldest material and moving forward in chronological order.  So we’re starting with the Show Bible and first script, but much more is on the way.

So don’t touch that dial!  We’re so glad you’re joining us on our “Amazin’ Adventures” as we travel the roads of Avalon together!

“Friends Together, Friends Forever”

Chris & Ronnie

2 Responses to “Welcome to The Jewel Riders Archive!

  • Hiiiiiii! I just wanted to let you know how excited I am to find this site–it was one of my favourite shows when I was little, I used to rent it from the video store all the time. I recently rewatched it all during a nostalia kick and was pleased to find it still holds its magic for me. 😀

    Thanks so much for starting this!

    • jewelridersarchive
      9 years ago

      Hi Ashley! We’re so delighted you’re here with us to share the ride! I too rented the VHS from the video rental place and share your fond memories of watching them over and over again! And of course the magic holds up for me too. 🙂

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