Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders

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Season One Playlist

Using a powerful Wizard’s Jewel called the Dark Stone, the outlaw, Lady Kale, sends Merlin into the hidden realms of wild magic. With Merlin out of the way, Kale plans to control Merlin’s Seven Crown Jewels of the Kingdom and rule Avalon forever. But Merlin uses his remaining powers to scatter the Seven Crown Jewels throughout the lands. The quest begins to recover the Crown Jewels in order to save Avalon.

Season Two Playlist

After defeating Kale and returning the Crown Jewel to the Jewel Box, the Jewel Riders discover that having the Crown Jewels tuned to the Enchanted Jewels has given them greater powers and new Jewel Armor. Meanwhile, Kale meets the Wizard Morgana in the Wild Magic and the two hatch a plan to collect Wizard Jewels in order to gain enough magic to rule Avalon and the Wild Magic! It’s a race between the Jewel Riders, Kale and Morgana to collect the Wizard Jewels and determine who will control their magic!