School Supplies

Back to School

Jewel Riders actually has more to do with back to school than many may know. Firstly, the show premiered September 10th, right in the thick of the beginning of a new school year. For both of us, the show brought color, fun, and fandom to the 1995/1996 school year, and many more to come.

Binders and Folders

On every back to school shopping list were binders, folders, and notebooks for assignments. Once again, the folks behind Jewel Riders had us covered with not one, but two different binder and matching folder designs. They also produced a notebook, complete with a listing of the school products!



Lunchbox and Thermos

Any child of the 80s and 90s can tell you how important it was to not only have a proper lunch, but carry it in the most rad lunchbox you could find. Lunchboxes were an opportunity to show your fandom at a tender age, and licensed characters were all the rage for adorning your hard plastic box.



And of course, aspiring young Jewel Riders needed a calendar to pencil in play dates and other ~serious~ business.  Bizarrely, this calendar wasn’t released until 1997, after the show had gone off the air.