Tamara, Shadowsong, Babies, Heart Stone


  • Age: 15
  • Height: 5′ 7″ (170 cm)
  • Hair: Pink, worn long
  • Eyes: Green
  • Family: Doc (Father), Charity (Mother)
  • Favorite colors: Greens, pinks, and white.
  • Favorite foods: Fresh fruit and veggie salads, lots of bubble berry, peanut butter
  • Pet peeves: Mistreatment of animals, off key instruments, people who lose patience with themselves or their friends.

Practical, wise, and gorgeous, Tamara is a musician and songwriter who works in tune with the music of nature and animals. Tamara wears a very special Enchanted Jewel, the ruby red Heart Stone, a stone of healing. With Tamara’s sensitivity and natural empathetic connection with animals, she is able to use the Heart Stone in extraordinary ways. However, it also makes her vulnerable to Wild Magic. Tamara comes from Heartland Farms in the Great Plains. She is the youngest child of the caring farmers Doc and Charity, and was raised with a farm full of animals—which makes her connection with them that much more natural and comfortable. She visits her parents often, usually with an armful of baby animals for her mother to love and cuddle. 

Tamara has an adventurous spirit and her good-natured, well-mannered ways and irresistibly winsome character make her very easy to like. She is sensitive, compassionate, perceptive and capable of intense concentration, exactly the temperament and personality to learn the crafts of music and magic. She is straight-forward, honest and expresses herself eloquently through her music and other artistic endeavors. But when Tamara is involved in her music and magic, she gets dreamy and tends to forget everything else, becoming caught in the music’s spell.

Tamara is very wise and spiritual, yet sensible and down-to-earth, and possesses a homespun philosophy that gives her a practical wisdom and perceptive instinct—she is the one the others can go to for advice and kind words of reassurance. Friendly animals just seem to sense Tamara’s love for all good living beings. She loves to talk to her parents, and is always excited to share her constant activities that includes studying, writing music, performing, exploring, and baby animal wrangling.



In the second season, Tamara eventually shares the Heart Stone with the special ‘zebracorn’ unicorn whom she names Shadowsong after they rescue each other and become bonded in his titular episode. Shadowsong and Tamara are a unique Jewel Riders pair in the show as they are the only among them to be paired male-with-female. With his special ability of entering the Wild Magic at will, Shadowsong can be summoned by Tamara at any moment from any location in Avalon and elsewhere.


Cleo, Sugar, Spike

The baby animals have been chosen because they resonate strong vibes when near the Heart Stone. When one of the Enchanted Jewels is ready to be passed on to a new youngster and animal, Tamara senses which animal is ready to bond with a human. Each baby in Tamara’s care has potential to bond with a student of Merlin and give them the emotional strength to become a Jewel Rider.

  • Cleo cannot wait to join the Jewel Riders and admires Princess Gwenevere. In addition to singing back-up to Tamara’s vocals, the prissy and spoiled Cleo likes to help Tamara in her duties – as long as it does not involve getting dirty.
  • Sugar is an aqua dragon who loves to play and have fun all day, between all the eating and sleeping.
  • Spike likes to think he is ferocious and hates to be treated like a baby. Along with the other baby animals, Spike likes to dance and sing to Tamara’s music, but he is also fearless and already ready to do everything to protect her.

Heart Stone

The Heart Stone is heart-shaped in a shimmering range of reds. The magic of the Heart Stone pulses ruby red waves of light, like a heartbeat. It has the powers of healing and communication with animals. The stone focuses and strengthens the effects of the other Enchanted Jewels, which is why most people who wear it have strong musical abilities. Good music makes good magic!

The Heart Stone is a “wild crystal” which makes it unpredictable but very strong on emotional levels. It must be used with great care and the choice of the young girl to wield it is a delicate one; someone with very strong natural empathic abilities is preferred. This person is also responsible for selecting, raising and training those baby animals chosen for one day bonding with a person.