Trading Cards

Produced in 1995 by Upper Deck, Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders Trading Cards were broken into several different subsections. Main Cards contained character and power information, Stick-Ums Sticker cards were stickers you could apply to the surface of your choosing, the Map Cards formed a map of Avalon and gave lore about the world, and the Jewel Secret cards gave “hidden” information about the world, which could only be revealed by using the rare Jewel Reader cards, which could reveal the hidden information

For me (Chris), the cards were so important to keeping my fandom alive. My parents didn’t like me owning dolls, but cards were okay. Back in the days before the internet was widespread and before we had every episode on VHS, the cards were a way for me to reconnect with my favorite characters from the show. They were also one of the earliest tastes I got of the seductive worldbuilding that went into the show. It was only years later when I was finally able to read the Show Bible that I realized so much of the tantalizing information on the cards came directly from that document!

Many thanks to Friend of the Archive, Kate (Crystalheart) for the card scans and translations of the Secret Cards!

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Main Cards (1-30)

Stick-Ums Sticker Cards (31-45)

Map Cards (46-55)

The Assembled Map from the Cards

Jewel Secret Cards (PS1-PS15)

Reader Cards (JR1-JR3)

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